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Can’t Find YTS Group on 1337x Anymore? That’s Because 1337x Banned It

BitTorrent veterans know torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and 1337x like the back of their hand. 1337x is a particularly famous torrent site if we discount The Pirate Bay for a bit. This torrent site has given rise to an active torrent community that takes care of the site in more ways than one. With a decade of experience in serving the torrenting community, 1337x is no stranger to the tricks of the trade that keep a torrent site afloat.

Some torrent sites are able to attract millions of users in a relatively short amount of time thanks to good marketing, rare content and a user-friendly interface. 1337x isn’t one of them.

The people behind the site had to work hard to help it become one of the most visited torrent sites in the world. Based on the number of unique visitors, 1337x is the most popular torrent site behind YTS.mx and The Pirate Bay.

An image featuring the homepage of the 1337x website with a banned logo on top of it representing 1337x ban on YTS group

Generally speaking, torrent sites are friendly to each other and support each other’s work. However, 1337x broke away from that tradition in the second half of 2020 and banned YTS. That’s the primary reason why you’re now unable to find any YTS uploads on 1337x. The YTS bot is unlikely to ever return to the site.

The YTS bot is how YTS.mx connects to different torrent sites and uploads content to them almost every day.

Needless to say, up to the point of YTS getting banned on 1337x, the torrent community always respected the group for the fresh content it delivered on a regular basis. Of course, that isn’t the case anymore. So what happened?

1337x Banned YTS For Sharing User Information With Copyright Holders

An image featuring a library with a scale and a copyright stand representing sharing user information with copyright holders

YTS shared user data with content producers like movie studios which damaged the group’s reputation in the torrent community. No matter which angle one takes, it’s baffling to see a torrent group like YTS sharing email addresses and IP addresses with movie studios. 

We should mention here that YTS only shared data that it had collected in its database. In other words, 1337x had little to do with the event. 1337x, in an effort to preserve its own brand, cut off all association with the group.

1337x told TorrentFreak that in the light of the owner of YTS submitting user data to movie studios, the site had decided to ban them after a staff vote in a unanimous decision.


Whether or not YTS is able to jump back from this setback and get its uploading rights restored on 1337x is a difficult question to answer. YTS still hasn’t shown that it’s willing to make up for its blunder which should give a pretty strong indication about the future of YTS as an uploader on 1337x.

However, stranger things have happened in the torrenting community. Only time will tell what’s to come of the relationship between 1337x and YTS.

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