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IPvanish is a service that offers everything you need regarding VPNs, and at the same time is known to be one of the most secure VPN service worldwide. It is among the handful available true tier-1 VPN networks, it keeps no logs, giving the users speeds and security benefits. This unbiased review will show you why it will be a smart choice to select them as your provider and which types of users need to stay away from this VPN provider.

IPVanish has a huge network of international servers and a huge base of satisfied customers that chose one of their subscription plans. One of the best value adding propositions that IPVanish offers is the VOIP over VPN service. When comparing IPVanish vs HideMyAss and other VPN providers, you’ll find that this particular service is not so common in the industry.

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The NAT Firewall is one feature that we need to mention because it’s a great second security layer compared to your regular firewall provided by your antivirus. The thing is that this is a common option present with many other providers.

No Logging of the information that you provide. IPVanish has no memory of the things you share while working through their network. All of the usernames and passwords that you enter will be quickly forgotten.

Kill switch – IPvanish client automatically stops all network activity if your VPN connection is lost.

IPVanish is uTorrent friendly, so it is great that you can use unlimited internet bandwidth. You can surf the web, find your favorite movies, download them using torrents and not worry about how many bytes have you spent till the 1st of the month.

You’ll probably use the VPN service from your laptop in a public spot. That’s where mobile devices and laptops are the most vulnerable elements in the security chain. That’s why IPVanish provides a free Wi-Fi Hotspot protection.


IPVanish has a simple and clean interface that is really easy to navigate through. You can find everything you need in four tabs titled File, Preferences, Connection and Support. You can change the IP periodically, users can select favorite IP locations and create their personalized sortable lists, can choose the location by map to whom they want to connect, you have the ability to change IP randomly based on the selected interval and get multi city-selection because of IPvanish optimized city level selection feature.

Server Locations

IPVanish has 500+ servers on all populated continents including Africa. To be a bit more specific, the company spans 40’000 IPs on 500+ servers in over 60+ countries all over the world. Most of these servers are owned and operated by the company, no third parties involved. I said most, remember that.IPvanish Servers

Compatible Devices

You can connect your cell phone, desktop computer, tablet or laptop if it runs on one of the operating systems listed below. IPvanish Compatibility

Installation and Setup

You will find tutorials for any operating system and device on the official IPVanish site. Basically, you first need to subscribe to one of their subscription plans and then install the software pack that you have previously downloaded on all the devices that you want to use. Below you can see an example of how to setup IPVanish on Windows 8.


IPVanish uses L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, Ikev2 (for iOS only) and PPTP. If you are able to and your device supports it, you should always use OpenVPN protocol for any kind of service you’re trying to reach. One of the main reasons why you should prefer OpenVPN at IPVanish is that it uses 256-bit AES CBC encryption that is supported by an SHA256 data authentication and has a 2048-bit RSA handshake.

Prices, Subscription Plans and Payment Options

There are three basic subscription plans: monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can pick from a wide range of payment options available.IPvanish plans pricing

Help and Support

The customer support team at IPVanish is available 24/7. You can contact them through their live chat option or just fill in a contact form and wait in the line. You can also check out their forum filled with customers and knowledgeable workers that will answer all of your questions. Still, lots of those question will be answered after you visit the blog or the FAQs section.

Other Services

IPVanish is not just an average looking VPN provider, you get a number of good things not just tons of international servers that provide great speeds. The fact that they are one of the only Teir-1 VPN providers with a strict no logs policy make IPvanish stand out as the top VPN provider. When we say tier-1, we mean that IPvanish actually own and manage all of their network and servers. Nearly all other VPN providers just rent rack space and servers and also outsource the management f the hardware and even the software to other companies. This is not a good practice for a VPN company as if you are trying to promote security and anonymity then how can they guarantee that there are no logs or surveillance if they are not in control and not even there? They can’t. That is why IPVanish is way ahead of the rest in this area.

Pros in a nutshell:

  • Great speed.
  • Large number of servers.
  • No logs.
  • Tier 1 provider.
  • Easy to use.

Cons in a nutshell:

  • They dont offer a SmartDNS.

As a result of testing tons of the best VPN’s on the market, we can report back to you that our IPVanish Review showed IPVanish to be the best VPN provider on the market at the moment. It provides its users with one of the biggest selections of servers, very fast speeds, the best encryption, and provides excellent privacy that you require in a VPN. The mobile app is also one of the best out there so there are not really much to complain about with IPVanish. They have a 7-day refund policy as well, so you can try them out for a week and if you are not satisfied then just get a refund. Feel free to share in the comment section.

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9.1 Overall Rating
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Highlighted Pros
  • Great speed.
  • Large number of servers.
  • No logs.
  • Tier 1 provider.
  • Easy to use.
Highlighted Cons
  • They don't offer a SmartDNS
Review Summary
IPVanish is a quality VPN server provider and it will satisfy the needs of all users with its lightning quick speeds, top-notch encryption, the best privacy and easy to use software.
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IPvanish Review

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