5 Best Security Software of 2014 for PC

The security software is often consisted of various elements divided into different packages. You can expect that the best security suites for PC will have more than an antivirus program and a firewall. This package is actually considered as basic level and companies usually offer it for free after you subscribe to their webpage, and download the installation file.

After that you can choose to select the internet security package, which is a combination of the basic pack plus couple of other add-ons like anti-spam and parental control. The professional suite, which is logically the most expensive one, adds very useful features like online backup, identity protection and PC tune-up.

This article will try to help you chose the right package for your needs by reviewing some popular PC security apps of 2014 that we tested. We tested different factors, but we kept our main focus on the product efficacy and its ability to remove malware. Some second tier factors that we also included in the testing process were price, efficiency and the level of user friendliness of the software.

Why is Your PC so important?

The Internet surrounding is changing every day and no matter if we want to accept that or not, security is becoming a big concern. You can’t even imagine the ways that hackers use to access your personal information. That’s why Google has become a part of the campaign that promotes the TLS protocol as a must have for each website. It is a huge step for websites to implement the SSL security protocol, but it will protect the information users share on the Internet even more.

Your PC is a big part of this game as you, the user, provide the most invaluable information to the online world. Your personal information, demographics and bank information don’t have a price tag to professionals in many fields. That’s why you should always keep up to date with current happenings in the internet security industry and only use the best security software for your PC. The operating system on which you work is also important. Did you know that Windows doesn’t support Windows XP users since 2014? This means that even a white hat hacker can access your computer with ease if you’re using this OS.

Imagine the consequences that companies can suffer because they still use an outdated operating system. Do you know how many people and companies still use Windows XP?

Bitdefender Total Security 2014

The Bitdefender Total Security 2014 package is a better version of the Bitdefender Internet Security and the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus packages, which are characterized with fewer features available for use and normally lower pricing plans. The thing that аre common for all three versions is the way they reflect the current security status using a red, yellow and green banner.

Bitdefender Total Security twelve different panels that each represent a single feature that you can take advantage of. The things in which this antivirus package excels include tough spam and phishing protection and a firewall that cannot be breached. The team that created one of the best security apps 2014 circa also considered things like facebook privacy control, private data protection and password management.

Bullguard Internet Security 2014

For the price tag that Bullguard Internet Security 2014 has it is one of the most affordable packages out there, but it’s still a part of the best security suits for PC. It has a very precise spam filter and firewall that will protect you from exploits. One of the things why people tend towards this software company is because it doesn’t impact the performance of your computer at all.

Although it has a top of the line backup system that is really easy to use, not all of the features that are a part of the suite can be considered top-notch. It’s good to evaluate what you are looking to get from a security system before you even consider purchasing the Bullguard Internet Security 2014 pack.

Symantec Norton 360 2014

Not just SecurityGladiators, many top lists on the web include the Symantec Norton 360 2014 pack in their top five choices, and there are couple of good reasons for that. While testing this Norton edition we were surprised from the AV-Test results that it provided us with.

This internet security suite had an astonishing 17/18 AV-Test result, which means that it scored 5.5/6 in Protection; it repeated the same result for Usability testing, and scored a perfect 6 out of 6 in Performance. Nevertheless some users and professionals have experienced minor problems when using Norton 360 2014 in terms of recognizing malware from specific webpages.

F-Secure Safe 2014

This is one of the priciest security software suits that you will come across with, but there is a catch. You will get three licenses for the price of $60, which is a big plus. When opening the home screen of the antivirus you will immediately notice four different tabs named: computer security, online safety, safe profile and F-Secure. Here you will find everything that you need in order to keep your PC secure. You might find our F-Secure antivirus review quite helpful, if you find yourself interested in learning about it further.

ESET Smart Security 6

The ESET Smart Security 6 suit features a very rare anti-theft option that allows recovery of stolen and lost computers. It has low impact on computer performance while keeping anti-spam protection at high level, detecting even possibilities of phishing. It is also interesting to state that ESET SS 6 tracks possible spam alerts from POP3 and IMAP accounts. When testing the malware security scan of this antivirus software it scores slightly above the average compared to other products in the industry.


It ends our list of the 5 best PC security suites and we hope that it will help you when choosing the right fit for your personal computer. You should always know that keeping your computer safe is very important not only because you want to keep the performance level of your PC very high, but you also need to think about the safety of your personal information. The internet surrounding is changing every day, so keeping your internet security software up to date is of huge importance.

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