5 Top Online Password Protection Programs Helping Shield Passwords Online

There are literally hundreds of websites requiring login information on your behalf, in order to grant you access. Not only the companies providing you with email accounts, but many other sites advise users to specify their password and username. They often do this to get a far more personalized presence and enjoy a greater user experience. All at once, there is the phenomenon of hacking such login information that has been spreading like a heavy virus all over the Internet.

Hackers have become way too sophisticated to be ignored, and therefore, there is the persistent need of finding out a fruitful method to deal with them. Using different passwords that are really strong and require more than just common sense to decrypt is undoubtedly the best way towards accomplishing your goal of being kept safe online. The only tricky thing about that is to figure out how you are going to keep track of all these login details!

Using a Password Manager

Password managers are programs that have been created, in the aim of storing all the different passwords that users have for email accounts, online stores and many other websites (for instance, gambling sites or even online banking options). They use advanced encryption and this makes them really hard to penetrate.

As a result, an Internet user is not obliged to memorize countless different passwords, or keep everything written at a notebook – or even in a word document on his computer. Instead of relying at the lenience of hackers and others who wish to intercept personal and valuable info, there is the alternative of putting a reliable password manager into effect. This is the reason why online password protection options have become so popular and trusted over time.

How a Password Manager Works

As its name suggests, this is a program that includes the storage and safeguarding of all your passwords. Whenever you wish to register to a new website, you are welcome to come up with the most difficult and hardest to guess password. The only requirement is that you write it down to your password manager. In this way, you can rest assured that you never forget about the combination of both upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers that you have used.

On the contrary, the password manager ensures that everything is neatly stored and that you can access the content of your account everywhere, with instant synchronization. Of course, the safety used beneath every password manager is state-of-the-art; it is only fair that you only trust the best with the safety of every trace of your digital life!

Evaluating the Best Password Manager

There are several special features that separate the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to the quality and evaluation of password managers. Let’s have a closer look at the most important of these special features, which motivate us to secure password online using specified software and not choose randomly:

  • Security Checkup: It is important to have all the passwords of yours thoroughly checked and evaluated, as far as the security level of each is concerned. What is more, generating strong and solid passwords is equally important for you and your online safety. Another interesting option of security checkup is the highlight of passwords that have been used in more than one occasion. So, you can see why discovering any red flags among your passwords can be crucial for you.
  • Regular Upgrade: One of the qualities that can make a great difference is that of having the liberty to upgrade all your passwords on a regular and ongoing basis. In this way, you are always certain that your passwords are too hard to guess and penetrate and that you do not stick with them for too long to remain secret.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: It goes without even questioning that the master password you use for keeping every other password of yours needs to be extra difficult to guess and penetrate. However, if this were the only layer of security holding you away from data interception, there would be fertile ground for losing your sleep. As a remedy, password managers using two-factor authentication should be used for extra protection!
  • Ease of Use: Since you are meant to find shelter and the most precious protection method when turning to your password manager, this had better be easy to use. Otherwise, many of its features would be kept out of reach and consequently the user would not take full advantage of its overall quality and efficiency.
  • Affordability: Let us not kid ourselves! Money is always an issue to take into account and this is why you ought to find out an affordable program that serves your needs in full. In a different situation, you will have trouble keeping up to date with the payments and you will most likely give the password manager up sooner or later.
  • Mobile Use: There are more and more mobile users every single day and nobody can deny this change in the Internet usage worldwide. This is why it is essential for the password manager to be easily used by mobile devices. So, this is an extra feature you ought to look out for.

Best Password Manager Software

  1. eWallet: eWallet is brought to you by Illum Software. It is compatible with all OS and devices, while it enables full sync of your passwords on the spot. Depending on the platform that you use, there are different price rates for you to look forward to. For instance, iOS versions cost $9.99 and Windows PC goes up doubling the price at $19.99. It embraces 256 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for the safekeeping of your login info online.
  2. LastPass: This program is advertised as the last password you are ever going to remember by heart. LastPass is pretty realistic, given the nature of password managers! With a free and a premium option, it can serve the needs of every single Internet user. It is easy to use, while it offers password generation and it is available on AppStore, Windows Store, BlackBerry App World and Google Play.
  3. RoboForm: RoboForm offers multi-factors available for authentication, added to the encryption key used for shielding your passwords. Downloading the software is offered for free, while you can get full license for a whole year at $9.99 to use on all devices and OS. Plus, you get a 30 day full money refund guarantee for allowing you to see whether or not it is worth saving passwords online via this program.
  4. PasswordBox: PasswordBox is available for Windows, Mac and Mobile devices and it is free of charge. Streamlined login and checkout are provided, while there is a partnership with Bionym that has resulted in an original authentication method for logging in. Indeed, you can use Nymi wristband for 3-factor online authentication.
  5. KeePass: Being able to generate from 40-bit to 256-bit passwords, KeePass can lives up to the security standards that will offer you risk-free usage of its services. It provides an expiration date for being reminded of the renewal of your passwords. Overall, this is a free and open-source, lightweight and easy to manage program.

Keeping in mind the saying of “Better safe than sorry!”, it is a great idea to improve your overall online password security and be kept out of reach by hackers, and other malicious threats. Feel free to review the software suggested above and do your own research, in order to come up with the optimal option that covers your needs and expectations fully.

Do not compromise your desires and do not settle for anything less than what you know is suitable for you. Passwords are prone to be broken and so online password protection is one of your primary duties on the Internet!

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