5 ways through which hidden surveillance can benefit your business

There is importance in getting your place of work under surveillance. In this day and age, technology has made it possible to not only record and save but also live stream what is happening in the place of work. There are benefits to having the place of work under surveillance not only through the regular CCTVs but also through disguised and hidden cameras.

hidden surveillance

  1. Prevent Vandalism

The buildings in which a business is housed can be vandalized. This means that glass might get broken or cable cut. Most vandals will stay in the blind zone of the CCTV but if there is a hidden camera disguised as a hose, for example, they can be captured and apprehended.

  1. Prevent Corporate espionage

Many companies have secrets that they would not want the competition to know. For example, do you think Apple would want Samsung to know what they are working on for their next devise? No, because that would allow Samsung to come up with an equal or better competitor. Similarly, businesses do not want their secrets leaked and surveillance such as a camera hidden in a clock can prevent employees from trying to steal company secrets.

  1. For safety of employees

Sometime criminals might attack a business establishment. Recently there have been cases of terrorism in France and other places where regular businesses are targeted. If there are cameras with live feeds to the monitoring station then there can be fast mobilization of law enforcement to deal with the intruders.

  1. For the monitoring of health and safety rules

Ever business needs to operate within specified safety rules as well as provide a healthy environment in which the employees work. Businesses are required to ensure that their employees are following these rules and regulations. That is why surveillance is important to evaluate whether the rules are being followed. An employee, for example, is unlikely to litter if he or she knows that he or she is being watched.

  1. To deter personal theft

Unfortunately some workers have itchy hands and therefore knick a thing or two from the office. This can range from small things such as pens and diaries to bigger things like internet modems and computer mice. To prevent such petty theft, it can be let known that there is a surveillance camera in the office.

All in all, surveillance has to be done within ethics and legal frame works. This then means that the employer for example needs to let it be known that the place of work is under surveillance.

Featured/Top Image: By John Seung-Hwan Shin (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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