All You Need to Know about Tablet Internet Security

The use of tablets has increased gigantically over the past few years, with people embracing such a convenient and modern way of connecting to the Internet no matter wherever they are. However, along with the increase in the tablet usage, we should not neglect the increase in the risk that is taken regarding the Internet connection. In other words, there are many online threats that tablet users confront with on a daily basis.

Despite what used to be the case some years ago, nowadays everybody acknowledges the dangers that are directly related to the use of the Internet on tablets and other mobile devices. In the form of an example, McAfee Labs have recently published a report where they emphasized on the boost of mobile malware by 167% within a single year.

In avoidance of all these negative consequences that tablet and other smart mobile devices’ users have to put up with, there is the need of complying with some simple and yet truly effective techniques. So, let’s read all about what you should do as a tablet user when connecting to the web, in order to avoid dealing with Internet security breaches! Tablet security is by far a major issue that all of us should be well aware of, so let’s get started!

  • Do Not Use Wi-Fi, Unless You Have To: It goes without even saying that one of the most important problems linked with tablet security online is that of the nature of the Internet connectivity. It is true that Wi-Fi connections are far more prone to security breaches, since there is no actual encryption and there are many people who prey on the ignorance of Internet users. So, if you are on the go and you wish to get online, you should first make sure if you can use 3G (or even 4G!). If this is the case and with the low price rates that are available nowadays from most telecom companies, you do not have any excuse. If however your only pathway is through a Wi-Fi hot spot, limit your connection to the websites that you have to visit. Of course, log out after you have finished and do not reveal or share personal information of any sort.
  • VPN for Thorough Encryption: Every time you use your tablet, you become a potential target for multiple attacks online. So, you need to shield your device and make sure that it is impenetrable. The safest way for you to do so is through the use of a VPN (or else a Virtual private Network). This will help tunnel the traffic through remote servers and thus maintain your anonymity. There are various reliable VPN service providers for you to have your pick from and thus you do not need to worry about visiting suspicious sites or being spied by hostile intruders.
  • Update Your Antivirus Software: It is critical that you always keep your antivirus software up to date. This is the only method for preventing malware and viruses from compromising your tablet. It makes total sense why you need to update your software on a regular basis; the threats multiply and they become more sophisticated and more difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, you can get the latest version of your antivirus software for avoiding such problems. This is the very same behavior that you are expected to have concerning your laptop or any other computer machine of yours.
  • Beware of Downloading: Needless to say that most of the hacking attempts and online threats against mobile devices (including tablets) emerge from the suspicious downloading of apps and other programs. It is important that you always keep in mind how careful you need to be, when it comes to downloading. Indeed, you should only engage in downloading from trusted sources and you should also make sure that you have installed an app that allows you to identify the suspicious apps, in order to block them once and for all.
  • Fully Comprehend the Meaning of Permissions: You need to pay attention to another aspect of tablet security while online. In specific, you ought to check through the permissions that are given upon agreeing to download an app. For instance, an app can be allowed to use your location or it can be used for creating a network socket. So, prior to agreeing as to whether or not you should download an application, you should be scholastic about its permissions. This can save you from quite a lot of trouble!

Whether you are interested in Android tablet security or one having iOS as its operating system, it is always best to be safe than sorry! As a result, you need to be kept perfectly up to date with the revelations in the field of online protection for tablet users. This is what will help you remain immune and avoid all kinds of threats over time.

Even though owning a tablet puts you at higher risk of getting compromised and having your device hacked than other computer users, you have the power to maintain your online safety intact. You just need to pay attention to all the details that lead to your being made totally safe against malicious threats. There are some trustworthy apps that can make your tablet secure, too.

Thorough information is a pretty reasonable price to pay for your quality safety online, wouldn’t you say so yourself? Feel free to join in the comments below and share your thoughts with us on this important matter!

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