Kodi/XBMC app gets booted from Amazon market over piracy concerns

Kodi, a popular media center app previously known as XBMC has been removed from the Amazon app store with a claim that it facilitates piracy. In real, third-party addons are responsible for the bad reputation of software and it doesn’t host or link to any content that’s infringing.

No doubt that Amazon is legal operator of a really massive software distribution platform online as well as movie, music and TV vendor beholden to many rights holders around the globe. But still it isn’t fair they could remove anything from their app store with some alleged copyright or piracy infringements without having to worry about the fact that how much useful it’s for the users and how they’ve been in love with it over time. This seems to be exactly the case with popular Kodi Media Center.

Quite understandably, taking infringing apps down from the widely used app stores is going to be the main priority of Hollywood to deal with piracy, for many years to come and go.

In fact, a decent number of entertainment firms report piracy-enabling apps frequently to Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft – of course, with requests to take those apps down from the stores.

Apart from the reporting from concerning industries, the stores do have a screening process in place to identify and remove any software deem problematic. As for example, all BitTorrent related apps have been banned by the Apple.

So just like Apple and other app stores who want to keep up with their reputation, Amazon also has been policing its marketplace for potentially infringing content. And this is exactly what caused the removal of Kodi (aka XBMC previously) media center.

“In reviewing your app, we determined that it can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content. Any facilitation of piracy or illegal downloads is not allowed in our program,” Amazon wrote to Kodi.

“Please do not resubmit this app or similar apps in the future,” Amazon’s support team added.

Nathan Betzen, member of XBMC Foundation board was shocked to hear the decision Amazon made. He expressed in a statement that the project very hard in recent months to keep itself away from piracy, and now this step from Amazon against it is quite disappointing.

The developers were not even given any kind of explanation from Amazon, nor the company gave an warning prior to taking Kodi down.

Kodi is a software that organizes and plays DRM free video and audio – and doesn’t come with any infringing content of features itself, hence, is entirely legal. On the other side, there are third party addons (not in control of Kodi) that allow the users to try their hands with pirated movies and TV shows’ streaming.

On top, the team at Kodi is actively hunting infringing addons and sellers abusing the brand alongside its continuous efforts to gain trademark so that they could tackle such piracy promoters better.

On the contrary, as the Amazon went booting Kodi illegitimate and took it down from their marketplace, Google approved and made it available for android users almost the same day. Now, this is yet another reason Amazon’s decision might just be an epic mistake of the company.

Although it seems like an above average aggressive move by the Amazon, there is some hope yet. As there have been some cases where Amazon pulled apps off of its marketplace, but reinstated them after seeing not much of encouragement on their moves. One such recent example is removal of controversial game Postal, which got instated later.

In the meantime, folks who are interested to try the Kodi’s media player out, can simply go to the official site here. Thing worth mentioning here is, it’s available on the most of operating systems.

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