Australian Parliament passes bill to restrict overseas piracy sites

All of the piracy sites are a step forward to being restricted in Australia after new anti-piracy bill was passed by the Senate, with support from opposition and Government.

On Monday, a legislation to enable copyright owners to pursue a court order for restrict overseas piracy sites was passed by the Senate with the support of bipartisan.

However which websites to restrict is not up to the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to select, instead music studios, movies and other copyrights holders can go to the court and demand websites whose “main goal” is the illegitimate sharing of righted content to be restricted by the ISPs of Australia.

For obvious causes, the ISPs are not specifically happy with the outcome of the vote. Particularly since it is not transparent who will balance the legislation for any costs related with websites’ blocking. However those online firms had man allies in the fight against the legislation, containing the green party. But then again the alliance wasn’t enough to battle off the entertainment sector.

The online infringement legislation 2015 was presented to parliament in March 2015, and before March more like a green signal was given following an investigation by a senatorial committee.

The bill got passed by the Senate by 37 votes, with one change by the Labor proposing; that the Australian government reply to a report by Law Reform Commission indorsing fair use be combined into Law.

Few more changes from Scott Ludlam (Greens Senator), containing that the legislation particularly exclude VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and be postponed until the Australian government reply to the ALRC (Australian Law Reform Commission) report and an inquiry report about IT pricing, were down voted.

Scott Ludlam said, “We are trying to minimize the risk of collateral damage. They’ve found a pushover of an attorney-general and an opposition that is too weak to take up the fight.”

The bill doesn’t address much that who will bear the Internet Service Provider’s costs linked with restricting the sites. Earlier this June, it was renowned by a senatorial committee that expenses should “mainly be tolerated by those senates who are looking for the cure” however not a single company has been approved thus far.

Richard Freudenstein, Chief Executive of Foxtel said, “We are pleased that the Government and Opposition have taken strong action to combat online piracy. They recognize that, not only is piracy theft and therefore morally wrong, it is harmful to Australia’s creative communities and to businesses that employ hundreds of thousands of Australians.”

He added, “These offshore sites are not operated by noble spirits fighting for the freedom of the internet, they are run by criminals who profit from stealing other people’s creative endeavors.”

Last week in the House of Representatives, Turnbull stated, this matter could be solved out between copyrights owners. He said, “Where someone is using a VPN to access, for example, Netflix from the United States to get content in respect of which Netflix does not have an Australian license, this Bill would not deal with that.”

He added, “If Australian rights owners have got issues about American sites selling content to Australians in respect of which they do not have Australian rights, they should take it up with them. The big boys can sort it out between themselves and leave the consumers out of it.”

Lots of people are concerned that government and the studios will utilize the law to restrict websites that allows to publish illegal material, just like Dropbox, although if that’s not their “main purpose.” Also there is a space for things to go terribly wrong even once aiming legitimate piracy. Require proof? In last summer of 2014 the Investment and Securities commission from Australia exposed that it had unintentionally restricted more than 250000 harmless websites because its staff essentially misinterpreted how internet and IP addresses work.

The legislation will now be forwarded to the Governor General for approval at that point it will turn out to be effective straightaway.

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