The Complete AzireVPN Review

AzireVPN is not a new VPN service even though we know you may not have heard of it before.


  • Transparent
  • Close to zero logs


  • Doesn’t work with Netflix
  • No advanced features
  • Lack of servers
  • Slow servers


If you are serious about your privacy and streaming needs, you need to sign up for another VPN service.

Let this one go.

AzireVPN full review

AzireVPN comes to us courtesy of Netbouncer AB.

Ignoring what other businesses Netbouncer AB has, the most notable thing about this firm from a privacy standpoint is that it comes under Swedish laws.

According to some, this is just one of the reasons why AzireVPN is able to assist various online consumers to bypass geo-restrictions and other censorship measures on the internet.

In this AzireVPN review, we will talk more about what makes this VPN service worth your money.

Or is it even worth a look let alone your money?

Apart from that, we will also talk about this VPN services,

  • WebRTC leaks
  • DNS
  • IP
  • Free trial
  • Compatibility

For those who want to know more about the best VPN services, the industry has to offer today click here and read our guide.

Without more delay, let’s get to it.


As a VPN service, AzireVPN primarily operates out of Sweden.

Sweden, as many of you would already know, is a member of the 14 Eyes alliance.

Because of that, AzireVPN has no other option but to comply with Sweden’s online data security and privacy laws.

Now, you should not find it surprising that countries which are members of alliances such as nine eyes, five eyes and 14 eyes regularly share data.

So it isn’t a stretch of the imagination by any means to see Sweden sharing user data with other countries on a need basis.

Does AzireVPN log data?

We have already mentioned that AzireVPN operates out of Sweden.

Well, even with that, AzireVPN offers users an impressive policy on data logging.

And this is perhaps the only thing which separates AzireVPN from various other VPN service providers that are flooding the VPN market every month.

We have given high marks to AzireVPN for its logging policy for the simple reason that it is very clear on the logging practices that the company follows on its official website.

Some VPN services do that as well but they only do it to check a box rather than make it useful for potential users.

With that said, you have to keep in mind that no VPN service outside the top three can guarantee zero-logging in the real sense.

In other words, AzireVPN does log some information on the user.

But it only does so via cookies.

These ‘cookies’ usually come in the form of a payment identifier number.

Similarly, if you contact AzireVPN to get some information or help, the customer support department will have to take note of your email address.

Moreover, they will also have the store your message.

You probably do not need us to explain to you why they would need to do that.

But can you really fault AzireVPN here?

It has to contact the user to give the user his/her query’s answer.

So how else is it supposed to get a hold of the user if not by his/her email address?

What about leaks?

If you want to test a VPN service for looks you should probably check out websites such as and/or

These sites and others provide you with more information than you need about WebRTC, DNS and IP address leaks.

Our research shows that AzireVPN will protect you against IP leaks.

It will also protect you against DNS leaks and hence will keep your DNS data safe and sound.

As far as WebRTC leaks are concerned, AzireVPN is good enough to pass those tests as well.

Of course, this doesn’t really put AzireVPN above any of the top VPN services in the world.

But it does put AzireVPN over some of the sham VPN services such as HolaVPN and others.


Sometimes we do recommend that users should check the installation file of the VPN service that they are interested in just to make sure it does not come with malware or other viruses.

Our research shows that with AzireVPN you should face no such problems.

That means it is really a legitimate VPN service that wants to do the best it can in a hyper-competitive field.


If we are talking about compatibility and support for various platforms, we would put AzireVPN slightly above the industry average.

AzireVPN currently supports platforms and operating systems such as,

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

Not only that but AzireVPN also works with certain routers so that you are able to use one subscription package for the whole family or any number of devices that have connected to the internet via the same network.

AzireVPN offers users dedicated and custom VPN apps for the mobile platform and users should have no problems in using these apps to secure themselves and their data hassle-free while they are on the internet.



In total, following the lead of many good VPN service providers, AzireVPN offers four different packages.

This is beneficial for potential users for the simple reason that they get a lot of choices.

That, in turn means, you can sign up for the packages that perfectly matches your needs rather than you having to compromise your needs just because your favorite VPN service doesn’t have a, for example, monthly package.

The packages that AzireVPN offers are,

  • Monthly package
  • Quarterly package
  • Yearly package
  • Two-year package

For the monthly package, the user has to pay around $5 per month.

If you want to sign up for the quarterly or 3-months package then that will get you a discount of 20 percent.

In effect, that will bring down the price that you will have to pay per month to around $4.

If you sign up for the 12-month package then you qualify for the 25 percent discount which would further reduce your overall VPN expenditure per month to around $3.75.

Moving on from that, users who show even more commitment and sign up with the service for a period of 2 years, they get to have a 35 percent discount on the monthly-package price.

More precisely, you will have to pay around $3.25 per month.

Free trial

AzireVPN is among the dwindling number of VPN services that are still offering a free trial to users who want to check out the service first before paying for it.

AzireVPN allows users to test out the service on platforms such as,

  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

So how long does the free trial last?

One day.


That is, 24 hours.

We know that a one-day free trial doesn’t really allow you to check a given product out fully.

But having said that, it stands to reason that a 24-hour period is more than enough for someone to at least get an idea of how good the service really is.

Yes, there is a possibility that the user may get lucky and get good performance on the first day and then see the performance levels drop as the days go by.

But if we compare that to a VPN service that offers no free trial, we would have to say that at least AzireVPN is trying.

So use the 24-hour free trial to test and discover any downsides and upsides of the service.

What about payment options?


AzireVPN doesn’t let this category go as well.

In terms of choices, there is really a ton of options for people who want to pay via alternative methods rather than just their PayPal account or debit card.

If you go to the official website of AzireVPN and read a bit, you will find that it offers payment methods such as,

  • Verge
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • DASH
  • Doge
  • Monero
  • LiteCoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

This means people who want total anonymity can and should pay via cryptocurrencies so that they do not have to expose their payment details to the VPN user or the firm handling the payments.

What about AzireVPN refund or money-back guarantee policy?

We have come to know that AzireVPN offers a full 7-day money-back guarantee.

Now, we do know of many VPN service providers that offer close to 30-day and sometimes 45-day money-back guarantee.

On average, in our opinion, if a VPN service wants to stay competitive with the rest of the competition, it has to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

However, VPN services that offer less have managed to get to the top of many rankings.

One example is IPVanish that only offers a 7-day money-back guarantee but is still considered one of the best VPN service providers in the world at the moment.

So the fact that AzireVPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee isn’t something that we think would hold it back from becoming a good VPN service provider.

Of course, we’re assuming here that AzireVPN manages to keep pace in the rest of the areas that make a VPN service good.

Privacy policy

We have already mentioned the fact that AzireVPN is located in Sweden.

So you have to take into account that Sweden is not the most privacy-friendly country in the world.

It is certainly not as bad as the United States, but still, a far cry from a country that protects the user data no matter what.

Despite that, AzireVPN is able to offer two kinds of VPN tunneling protocols.

One is WireGuard.

The other one is OpenVPN.

The interesting bit here is that AzireVPN makes use of an OpenVPN 256-bit AES encryption.

It would not be unfair to call this level of encryption as military-grade.

By default, AzireVPN will use the above-mentioned configuration.

But it does provide users with other options of course.

Apart from that, AzireVPN also offers the SOCKS5 tunneling protocol.

With such a protocol, AzireVPN makes it easy for users to exchange various different network packets between a server and a client.

Extra features?

Our research shows that AziraVPN does not provide users with any advanced security features.

Usually though, good VPN services have a tendency to provide users with an obfuscation technology which enables them to circumvent many of the online censorship programs that are so irritating, to say the least.

You will find such internet restrictions in countries such as Russia and China.

This is not really a deal breaker.

But AzireVPN did lose an opportunity to go one up on the rest of the competition.


Currently, AzireVPN provides users online security with the help of a total of 24 servers.

These VPN servers are in turn spread across 6 different locations.

If you have read any of our reviews before you would know that we advocate for more VPN servers and more locations.

In that context, AzireVPN needs to improve big time.

AzireVPN is no longer a beginner VPN service.

It has had 7 years in the industry.

We would have thought they would have recognized this problem by now and rectified it.

But AzireVPN has not done that for some reason.

The other problem with AzireVPN network is that the company has not mentioned if the locations it offers are virtual locations or do they have actual servers in the locations that they have mentioned on their official website.

If you did not understand the previous paragraph then read the next one.

There are two kinds of VPN servers.

Physical servers.

And virtual servers.

As the names of the servers suggest, there is a huge difference between the two.

Just Google these terms to learn more about them and you will find out that a VPN service offering virtual servers is not really interested in protecting your data or your privacy.

What about P2P transfers?

As far as our research goes, AzireVPN does allow users to engage in torrenting and P2P file transfers.

So go ahead and stream media till your cravings are gone by downloading stuff on the internet with complete anonymity.
With that said though, we will mention again that AzireVPN is based in Sweden.

That means that you will have stream content on the internet via torrenting at your own risk.

Of course, AzireVPN is not the only VPN service that may or may not put your privacy at risk when you are downloading torrents.

A lot of VPN services don’t even allow torrent downloads.

So the fact that AzireVPN does, is something that we should all appreciate rather than criticize the fact that it is based in Sweden.


To get a VPN service’s speed results you have to run some tests.

The best way to run those tests is to go to sites like  Security Gladiators Speed Test Tool.

Of course, since the inherent nature of the internet is chaotic, there is no way to repeat a given result on a different connection, different day, different server, and at a different time.

You could have a 30 Mbps internet connection and experience a fast VPN experience while we could have a 100 Mbps connection and still not be able to open

In any case, our research shows that you should expect AzireVPN to decrease your internet speed by up to 80 percent.

That is a lot.

Especially given the fact that AzireVPN does so even for servers which are located in the US.

Usually, even mediocre VPN services make sure that they have their fastest VPN servers in the US and the UK.

But apparently, AzireVPN is not interested in offering users fast VPN servers, at least, in important locations.


AzireVPN is not the greatest VPN service that you will come across.

But that statement does not say much about the transparency of this service.

Our research shows that AzireVPN is pretty transparent.

Probably more transparent than many of the other VPN services available in the market today.

According to official sources, AzireVPN does not come under any data retention laws even though it is based in Sweden.

Apparently, Swedish laws do not require VPN service providers to conform to data retention laws.

You can always get more information on the subject by going to the official blog of AzireVPN.

The company does put in the work on its blog and it gets regular updates with various transparency reports.

Not only that but AzireVPN also provides users with solid information on issues such as warrant canary.

Now, AzireVPN is not the only VPN service that is this transparent.

So AzireVPN does not get extra marks for being transparent.

However, it does get some points for that.

Once you get to the conclusion portion of this review you will see what all of this will amount to for AzireVPN.

Does it work with US Netflix?

If you are signing up for a VPN service just that you can stream content from streaming services such as Netflix then you should sign up for a VPN service that specializes in that.

No amount of security features or servers will help you if your VPN is unable to work with streaming services.

We hoped that AzireVPN would actually work with US Netflix and unblock it for consumers.

But sadly it did nothing.

Not to mention that even if it did unblock US Netflix, you would still have trouble viewing content since it does not offer users fast VPN servers.

That is a big problem for AzireVPN that the company has to address rather quickly.

So do not sign up for AzireVPN for the purposes of watching content on streaming sites like US Netflix.

There are other good VPN services for that which do a better job than AzireVPN.

Apart from that, you are free to use AzireVPN with your Kodi add-ons if that is something you regularly engage in.

We are confident that it will unblock geo-limited on your Kodi device.

How many devices can I protect with one subscription?


That is fortunate.

Because any lower would have meant AzireVPN, again, falling behind other good VPN services in the market.

In simpler terms, if you sign up for a package with AzireVPN, you can protect up to a total of five devices simultaneously.

That is great if you want to provide protection to the whole household rather than just yourself.

On the other hand, it is also true that most people now have a multiple number of devices and may use up the 5 slots for their own devices.

Customer support

AzireVPN provides users a number of different methods to get their problems solved once they have signed up for a VPN package.

You can contact AzireVPN via email and if that does not work then you can always read the official blog for tips and tricks that might just solve your problem.
They have a lot of good stuff there about privacy and how to protect it.

Moreover, AzireVPN allows users to download and then install any of its VPN apps without paying any money.

All that you have to do is to go the installation page on their website and then download the right file.

If that doesn’t work out for you then you are also free to contact AzireVPN via their social media pages on sites like,

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

You should make use of such online sources in order to get to the solutions of your problems quickly and more comprehensively.


We want to congratulate you for making it this far in the review.

Of course, if you did not read anything we said above and just scrolled down here, that is okay as well.

What you need to know is that AzireVPN is a pretty average VPN service when it comes to many VPN-specific areas such as logging policy, price, compatibility and payment options.

There is not a single area that we can point to and say that AzireVPN is the best at that.

AzireVPN is a relatively transparent VPN service and it tries its best to provide users with the right tools to safeguard their privacy.

It does protect users against DNS, IP and WebRTC leaks.

But it does not have fast servers and does not work with US Netflix.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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