Best Android Apps 29-58 (The complete guide to an awesome Android experience)

These are the Android apps to have on your phone in 2018.

Let’s quickly get into some of the best Android apps that anyone can use on his/her smartphone device.

Best Android apps for Photos

Adobe Photoshop Express

Cost: Free

When thinking about this option, a lot of readers would think about Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC, for all intents and purposes, is a beast.

A notorious application for offering tons of features in a desktop environment.

However, Photoshop Express is different.

Readers should think of this app as a svelte app that still offers some pretty powerful tools in order to help users make the most of their mobile snapshots.

Users who would like to have the option of having Instagram-ish filters at their fingertips should know that Photoshop offers them all of that stuff.

However, Photoshop Express also allows users to make some reasonably fine adjustments to any and all images.

And it does what with the help of a simple but beautiful user interface.

Photoshop Express can even seamlessly connect to different online services in order to facilitate users share their content.


Cost: Free

Who here remembers Flickr?

Despite the fact that Flickr has fallen out of the mainstream news, it is still a venerable service for all photo sharing activities.

The great thing about Flickr is that it is not only a web service.

It also has an Android application which has enough features to get the ‘recommended’ nod.

Flickr currently offers all users a free 1 TB (terabyte) of photo storage.

We have already mentioned that the app is genuinely gorgeous.

The service has excellent editing tools for video and photo.

In other words, Flickr offers more value to users than ever before.

Additionally, the official Flickr app also enables users to connect to a vibrant online community which consists of other photographers who use the service.

Perhaps the best feature that Flickr offers to users is that it can back up the user’s photos from his/her smartphone device automatically.

Google Photos

Cost: Free

The Google Photos service does a fantastic job of putting the Google search engine’s robust and powerful image-discerning magic directly and completely into the user’s smartphone device.

In other words, Google Photos has the ability to identify faces even when the faces themselves age over a period of decades.

It can even identify objects, places, and animals.

Users have the option of searching for their photos from specific locations and/or dates.

Google Photos also comes in with quite an impressive built-in Google Assistant which has the ability to detect clutter and/or create animations and collages on its own.

Our research shows that the Google Photos application is a well-rounded one with unlimited cloud storage and decent editing tools.

Of course, to take advantage of the unlimited cloud storage feature the user should prepare himself/herself for some minor compromises as far as the upload quality is concerned.

Some users still do not know this but Google Photos also has the ability to extend its services to photo prints.


Users can actually digitize their physical photos with the help of a built-in Photoscan feature.

Apart from that, Google Photos users can also order one of their own custom photo books.

Google has also announced the launch of Google Lens and there is nothing to suggest that it still does not support the feature of reporting back all the information that is related to the user’s photos and/or images by scanning them.


Cost: Free

To some, it pretty much feels like yesterday that this online service, Instagram, had started to allow online users to add videos.

After that, Instagram introduced the feature of direct messaging.

And then the service introduced a photo editing application in order to put itself on par with the likes of Adobe Photoshop Express for various image manipulation and correction tasks.

Now, the latest edition of Instagram offers users Instagram Stories.

Snapchat fans would surely recognize the familiarity that Instagram Stores has with Snapchat.

Instagram comes with a minimalist and clean user interface.

As far as social photo applications are concerned, there is no doubt that Instagram is the king of the jungle.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Cost: Free

PicsArt Photo Studio offers users a ton of effects along with collages, drawing tools, and control over layers.

Because of all these features, PicsArt Photo Studio has now firmly placed itself as one of the best Android applications for photo editing.

It can easily contend with services such as Photoshop now.

Users who are under the impression that PicsArt Photo Studio is nothing but a lowly Instagram clone should think again because they are wrong.

Online consumers who are ready to take their smartphone snapshots away from the current average level to the next level should seek out the official PicsArt Photo Studio application.


Cost: Free

Online consumers who have had the opportunity to browse through various image-sharing services and also have wondered about all the picture collages they have there and more importantly where do they come from should give Pixlr some attention.

Because that is probably where they come from.

Of course, there is the fact that Autodesk actually sold the official Pixlr application to 123RF sometime last year.

However, since then, the service has not missed a single beat.

Pixlr is more than a decent photo editor which has the ability to do a lot more than just allow users to build mosaics of different pictures

The app provides users with a host of adjustments and effects which run the whole gamut from ridiculously bombastic to subtly artistic.

In other words, the Pixlr Android app is a wonderful service for users who want to give their images a touch more of that pizzazz.


Cost: Free

Readers should not get the wrong idea here.

The vast majority of the online community is simply in love with Instagram.

However, users who want to exercise more control over their pictures (more than what Instagram currently affords them) should give Snapseed a try.

This app is trustworthy since it is owned by Google (or maybe not too trustworthy for users who do not like the way Google gathers data and uses it).

The official Snapseed application straddles that fine line between a filter app and a full-fledged image editor service.

It is also true that the overall package is attractive and sleek.

However, the best feature of this app is that it offers users a great amount of control over how they want to apply different effects and filters to their images.

The Snapseed app even allows users to make those non-destructible edits to their related RAW files.

It even allows them to make proper adjustments to the detail and exposure levels.


Best Android apps for News and Reading

Calibre Companion

Cost: $3.99

The ebook management software industry has a single giant.

And the name of that giant is Calibre.

The official Calibre Companion application is the perfect app companion for the main application.

With the assistance of nothing but a couple of clicks, users have the option of adding any given book from their computer machine to their eReader either via WiFi or over USB.

Users can also avail the option of storing their ebooks on their cloud service in order to have easy access to them from any place in the world provided they also have access to a decent internet connection.

But the most surprising thing about the Calibre Companion app is how efficiently the whole system works.

And because the system is so efficient, it is also very easy for users to fully utilize its features.

If a given user has a ton of ebooks lying around and that same user is ready and prepared to cast off Amazon’s shackles, then the official Calibre Companion app is for them.

ComiXology Comics

Cost: Free

ComiXology is owned by Amazon.

And it is considered man to be the iTunes of the digital comics industry.

Our research shows that this app offers users a near-perfect balance and combination of a comic book reader and a store for comic books.

And all of that comes together perfectly in the Comics app.

The actual Android app is absolutely free and it can absolutely transform any user’s Android tablet and/or smartphone device into a virtual long box which syncs and houses the user’s purchases across a multiple number of internet-enabled devices.

However, the deal gets even better.

There is this new Comixology Unlimited online service which enables users to devour the never-ending and ever-expanding catalog of different titles.

The service costs users around $5.99 each month.


Cost: Free

The most impressive feature about the official ESPN Android application is the sheer size of the number of different sports that the app manages to cover.

This ESPN Android app covers everything.

From Brazilian soccer to American football to Indy 500, the official ESPN Android app has everything available for users to consume.

This is the perfect app for all those unmissable games.

Users have the option of setting various alerts and follow individual matches as those matches actually unfold.

Not only that, the official ESPN Android application also connects users to news headlines and videos courtesy of ESPN, the most popular and well-reputed sports cable network.

Along with that, users should also not forget about the official streaming service of ESPN called ESPN+.


Cost: Free

RSS feed has finally entered the modern age of fast and convenient online services in the form of Feedly.

Feedly is the best and easiest way for anyone to stay right on top of each and every new source that matters.

Users of the official Feedly app have the option of viewing each and everything all at once or, if the user wants, categorize stuff.

Feedly allows users to categorize their news sources to engage in focused reading.

The other option that Feedly provides to users is the app’s Today tab.

Today tab is the place where the app shows the user all the top stories from each of the user’s selected category.

Moreover, users can also avail the option of making Feedly look pretty much as simple and barebones as they wish.

Feedly offers users minimalist layouts that are text-only.

Our research shows that Feedly is still a great way for anyone to keep himself/herself informed of all the headlines of the day.

Not only that, Feely also offers users beneficial integrations with various other online services free of cost


Cost: Free

As far as best Android apps for reading the news go, there are hardly any which are better than Flipboard.

Flipboard with its streamlined and slick interface just seems to get the art of allowing easy reading on an Android smartphone device.

With Flipboard, users have the option of browsing podcasts, videos, articles and all other types of media content that matters to the user the most.

The official Flipboard application has a signature magazine-style user interface which lets the user explore all of the day’s important headlines and that too in a gorgeous environment.

There is also the Daily Edition Flipboard feature which gives the user the most critical pieces of news and other items along with the very special theme stories for every single day of the given week.

These, along with many other, reasons have made Flipboard the top pick of many other review sites such as Security Gladiators for many years.

And that should not come as a surprise considering that Flipboard has so much to offer to users for free.


Cost: Free

Amazon has a special app for Kindle users.

It goes by the name of the Amazon Kindle app.

We’re not sure but that name would have taken a lot of time to come up with.

In any case, this official Kindle app puts all of the users existing purchases of Amazon ebook right at the tips of the user’s fingers.

Not only that, but this application also gives users full mobile access to the official Kindle ebook store.

We all know that good that does to the Kindle user.


Impulse purchasing.

Of course, the best feature of this Android app is that it is able to sync all of the user’s notes.

Additionally, it can do the same for the user’s bookmarks.

In other words, users can start right where they left off on any of their other internet-enabled devices.

Libby (brought to us by Overdrive)

Cost: Free

One often-overlooked but useful public resource is the library.

Now, it is true that some libraries are making efforts to modernize themselves but the fact remains that the vast majority are not.

However, Overdrive is trying to change that.

More specifically, it is bringing the public resource that is the library back into the fold.


By seeking help from Libby, a newly redesigned modern Android app.

More than 30,000 ‘old’ libraries now support Libby worldwide.

What’s so special about this app?

Well, to start things off, this app allows users to have access to their local library’s array of all available audiobooks and ebooks.

Users of the Libby app can use the app to download book titles, as well as place, holds on those titles which have not become available yet.

Moreover, they can also consume their favorite borrowed content.

There is one requirement though.

The app requires a legitimate library card or at least its virtual equivalent.


Cost: Free

Readers should think of Pocket as their giant bag for safely holding all of the internet’s content.

What we mean to say is that, Pocket is able to save videos, images, articles and a lot of other stuff for the user’s delayed reading experience.

Here at Security Gladiators, the one special thing that we like about this app is how effectively it successfully reformats the given articles so that the reader has a more comfortable time reading the article on a given mobile device.

The Pocket is also great at syncing all of the user’s content to the user’s online account, smartphone device and tablet.

The fact that this Android app has close integration with various Android sharing tools and Pocket itself, users have the opportunity to pocket pretty much anything and everything from their smartphone devices.


Reddit is fun

Cost: Free

The name of this app may sound less like an Android app and more like a YouTube video comment.

Of course, that would still not change the fact that the market is filled to the brim with Reddit apps.

All that one has to do is to look for such apps in Google Play Store.

Ultimately, it becomes very difficult to choose one Reddit app over the other.

And in the end, users go with the one that is closest to their own preferences.

However, we still think that every Reddit user should give Reddit Is Fun or RIF a try to see how great this option really is.

Reddit is Fun has a default view which is very feature-dense.

In fact, our research shows that the overall layout is fairly text-heavy.

By default, it comes with a dark theme and a massive number of content customization and layout options for users to try out for free.


That’s right.

Even though Reddit is Fun has a paid version, it still provides a ton of options to those who opt out of the paid edition.

There is another important feature or more like marketing decision which gives Reddit is Fun the edge over all other apps in its category.

That decision is the decision of not including any advertisements in either the free version nor the RIF full version.

We have also come to know that as far as overall performance is concerned, the app is very very quick.

Best Android apps for Security

The official Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

Cost: $14.99 per year

There are users who feel that they need an Antivirus for their Android devices.

For such users, Bitdefender is the premium Android antivirus app.

We do not know of too many Android antivirus apps that can match Bitdefender in terms of security and safety.

The official app has managed to earn perfect antivirus security scores from a total of two independent security research labs.

The other reason why Bitdefender is so much better than the other apps is the speed with which it scans the user’s smartphone device in a matter of mere seconds.

Not only that but Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus also happens to include excellent protection against phishing attacks.

Bitdefender even offers integration for Android Wear and some robust anti-theft tools.


Cost: $39.99

Some online consumers are simply terrible at coming up with and using passwords.

That’s not a personal shot at all online consumers.

Everyone is pretty much terrible at keeping and storing passwords.

That is the exact reason why everyone needs to make use of apps such as Dashlane.

Dashlane is a password manager that has the ability to generate, then save and then replay various different user login credentials whenever and wherever the user needs them.

This password manager actually represents a cross-platform and smart service that makes sure that the user’s password information along with other vital information such as payment information and other notes are stored at a secure location but are never out of reach of the user.


Cost : $12

LastPass, thankfully, has gone under a major overhaul to the whole of its user interface.

Now, this robust and powerful password manager’s appearance fully matches the level of performance that it gives to the users.

With a password manager like LastPass, users have the option of accessing their saved filled forms, secure notes, and password from their Android device.

Moreover, they can also avail the other option of generating new passwords and then have them sync to each and every other of their Internet-enabled device.

The latest version of the official LastPass app is able to ingeniously meld the already good password manager with a pre-installed built-in web browser.

This essentially puts this password manager app’s auto-login tool right at the forefront of it all.

We have no doubt about the fact that this is indeed the easiest time to get safe and stay safe on the internet.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Cost: Free

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus sets itself apart from others on the Android platform by bundling services such as on-demand active online protection and malware scans.

But that is not all.

Apart from that, Kaspersky also does a good job of implementing a wide array of anti-theft features which include, lock and wipe and remote locate along with the app’s ability to actually initiate and sound an alarm.

With Kaspersky mobile antivirus on their devices, users can easily lock their apps behind a strong PIN.

That is just an extra security preventative measure on part of Kaspersky in case the user ever loses his/her smartphone device.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention the fact that users do have to pay a bit of money in order to use all of Kaspersky Internet Security’s features.

The subscription package is not that expensive though.

Of course, users have the option of using the free version which comes with all the basic functionality of this antivirus tool.

As far as best antivirus app for Android goes, Kaspersky Antivirus is the top choice.


Cost: Free

This is the VPN app that everyone needs to keep an eye on.

NordVPN was already good.

But in the last year or so, this VPN service has really taken off.

With this VPN app on the Android system, users can pretty much rest assured that their device will have the best protection possible.

No prying eye in the online world will be able to see the user’s internet activities and/or traffic.

Our research shows that NordVPN app sports a terrific user interface.

It has a really handy tool for VPN server selection.

Not only that, the official NordVPN app also has hundreds of high-quality and always-available VPN servers.

NordVPN has made sure that it has spread those servers neatly all across the globe.

However, the one feature which we think is NordVPN’s best and signature feature is specialized server feature.

NordVPN has an assortment of such servers which are specialized in their purpose of use.

In other words, the company has optimized them for online activities such as video streaming, peer-to-peer file downloading and accessing Tor.

Click here to read our NordVPN review.

Click here to sign up for NordVPN from the official website and that too at a discount right here and right now.


Cost: Free

In all probability, the only reason why Tor has reached the levels of popularity it has is because of its ability to provide users with access to Dark Web, or as some other folks might say the so-called Dark Web (it is not really dark. Just a mean and nasty place).

However, Tor is more than that.

Orbot is more than that.


Tor provides all online consumers with a neat and useful way to form a connection with the wider public internet while keeping their online movements completely private.

By working efficiently with a special web browser, this Android app (Orbot) is able to connect the user to the Tor network within a matter of seconds.

With that said, it is also true that in the real world, Orbot takes a couple of attempts sometimes to get the user online alive and kicking.

Private Internet Access VPN

Cost: $6.95

As far as the desktop platform is concerned, Private Internet Access VPn service provides users with the protection and safety of a solid Virtual Private Network.

Not only that, it also offers a multiple number of advanced security features.

Thankfully, this is also true for the Android platform.

On the Android platform, users have the ability to connect to any of Private Internet Access’ 3000 plus VPN global servers.

Private Internet Access, as a VPN service additionally offers users with tools using which they can block online trackers and advertisements.

Of course, it is up to the user to decide if he/she wants to use those tools.

Private Internet Access does not provide users with a lot of eye-candy to look at and enjoy.

However, our research shows that it is one of the most powerful and robust VPN services that is available in the market today.


Cost: Free

Everyone now knows that their Gmail inbox is not really secure.

They collect far too much data on the user and they also sell that data to advertising agencies.

For users who do not have to deal with the consequences of that, there is ProtonMail.

It is the perfect Gmail alternative.

ProtonMail is fundamentally an encrypted online email service and/or platform.

It offers users a good range of subscription packages.

But most of all, it includes in those packages a free tier package.

In other words, users who are concerned about their online security and privacy have no reason not to join ProtonMail to give it a try.

Privacy and security features aside, our research shows that ProtonMail pretty much works like one’s average looking email app.

On that note, it is also a good idea to check out the free VPN service from the same company called ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN also provides security and anonymity for the user’s network traffic.

As far as free VPN service providers go, there is no better option than ProtonVPN.


Cost: $54.95 per year

We have looked at the market of parental control apps rather extensively.

Our research shows that Qustodio is currently top-of-the-line and excellent parental control app and/or software application.

It is so good that it makes the task of managing one’s child online activity very easy.

It works best on the mobile platform.

That may be due to the fact that Qustodio has a well-designed and working companion app.

Qustodio offers users a lot of features.

However, our research shows that its best feature is its filter.

Or rather filters.

More specifically, web content filters which are actually web browser-independent.

Qustodio also provides users with the ability to configure and set the child’s device usage time limit.

In order to round out all its capabilities nicely, this parental control application comes with various location tracking features.

It can also offer users mobile application blocking along with SMS and call logging.

Our research shows that parents would definitely appreciate the panic button and the instant device-locking option.


Cost: $10.00 per month

We’re going to end this section of best Android apps for security by mentioning IPVanish.

IPVanish is quite simply the best VPN service in the world right now.

It is not only fast but also economical.

It has performed at a high level for many number of years now and thus has built up quite a good reputation.

IPVanish provides users with a military-grade encryption technology so that their data is always safe and secured.

Along with that, IPVanish offers an official seven-day money-back guarantee to all its potential customers.

So users do not have to take any risks while trying to sign up for a VPN service like IPVanish.

Click here to sign up for IPVanish right now from the official website and that too at a discount.

Click here to read out full IPVanish review.

Best Android app for Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Cost: Free

There is no doubt about the fact that the marketplace of the internet is Amazon.

And eBay.

And probably Alibaba as well.

Along with many other smaller marketplaces.

Okay, so maybe there is no one marketplace on the internet.

But Amazon is the biggest one.

It is the one single place where users have the opportunity to purchase just about everything.

Moreover, Amazon is pretty cheap as well.

And if something is cheap, it is automatically great.


Okay maybe not.

But the thing is, as far as the Android platform is concerned, Amazon shopping app has two major features doing some pretty heavy hitting.

Those two features are the photo search and the integrated Amazon-built Alexa (and all the voice commands that come with that).

All of this makes it very much convenient to surreptitiously mention the prices that Amazon offers along with those that brick and mortar stores offer for comparison.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Amazon is killing them.

Then there is the fact that Amazon has actually moved its proprietary video-related functionality over to the company’s own dedicated app.

However, all of the company’s other online consumer-facing services such as Restaurants and Fresh along with others, manage to make their appearances count.

Amazon Prime customers should simply rejoice.

This is probably the best time to stay fully connected with one’s Amazon lifestyle.

Google Opinion Rewards

Cost: Free

If there is one online service’s name that is most appropriate to the function it performs then that is of Google Opinions Rewards.

What does this Android app do?

Well, basically Google sends users who have signed up with the Android app surveys.

These surveys ask the user about all the places that they have visited recently.

If the user participates enough, he/she stands to get Google Play Store credit.

It is true that polls do not really come in regularly.

However, users can dramatically increase their chances of receiving a higher number of polls by enabling their location and then answering online surveys as quickly as possible and as honestly as possible.

That is what the user has to do as soon as these surveys arrive in order to score the maximum number of points.

Readers should know that such a technique is not going to earn them a huge amount of Google Play Store points.

Not in the least bit.

But, the credit should prove enough for any user to purchase an application and/or something else on the marketplace every now and then.

Let’s put everything in perspective as well, one user reported that he/she managed to earn around $64 worth of store credit since installing the official Google Opinions Rewards Android application about five years ago in 2013.

Google Pay

Cost: Free

Google Pay, for one reason or another, has managed to go through a ton of permutations over the last couple of years or so.

Before Google Pay became Google Pay, it was Google Wallet.

But that was the past.


Now, Google Pay is this friendly person-to-person online payment application which comes directly from Google and enables users to easily send money to another person without all the pesky credit cards and/or cash getting in their way.

As far as only that role is concerned, Google ay does the job quite well.

It excels in it, in fact.

We have no choice but to say that Google Pay is a pretty strong alternative to other online payment applications such as Venmo and others.


Cost: Free

This application is the real and the original deal locator as far as the Android platform is concerned.

But what does it do?

Basically, Groupon forms partnerships with various businesses and then offers pretty low prices to an even lower number of consumers for an even limited amount of time.

It is true that one can debate long and hard about the actual value of Groupon offerings.

However, we still think that it is a pretty useful way for online consumers to try out a new restaurant and/or a completely new activity which may have opened up in one’s area.


Cost: Free

If there is a social network about stuff then Pinterest is it.

This is a place where people come to PIN things.

Most of the time people PIN things that interest them on various themed online boards.

Pinterest has an official Android application which offers new users a great and fun way to gather photos from all over the web to make lists and what not.

Pinterest is also useful for making simple collections of different stuff that manages to catch the eye of the user.

One could easily use this Android application to help re-decorate one’s living room and/or even to assist oneself with an artist or something.

In other words, there are lots of options.

The other benefit of using the official Pinterest Android app is that it can easily integrate with the user’s web browser.

This allows the user even faster pining actions.

Users have the option of viewing all the different pins of each other for some much-needed and added inspiration.

Samsung Pay

Cost: Free

First, the bad news.

Samsung Pay does not work with every single Android device.

It only fully works with a few brands of smartphone devices that make use of the Android operating system.

And yes, it works the best with Samsung devices.

However, if the user can hustle a little and get his/her hands on a good Android smartphone device that supports Samsung Pay, then the online world becomes the user’s electronic payment oyster.

Samsung Pay can help users with sending money between different devices.

Users can also make use of it for paying for something directly via their smartphone device.

Other options include the user making use of the built-in magnets in order to trick various credit card-swipe readers to think that they have just seen/read a user’s credit card.

What we mean to say is that Samsung Pay can do it all and does it all.

In fact, the amount of things that Samsung Pay can accomplish for the user is nothing short of astounding.


Cost: Free

It looks like the world is filling up with disruptive startups and technically savvy people.

But for all their numbers, no one can deny the fact that physical package delivery pretty much remains the backbone of all e-commerce business.

This is where the official Slice app comes in.

It has the ability to automatically detect the required shipping details from the user’s email address.

When that is done, it can track all of the user’s packages.

Users have the option of watching their precious commodities making their safely way to their doorstep.

Slice can give users alerts when their package is delivered to them.

The Android app can even send out warnings if the price of the product has dropped while it was in shipping or if the product has been recalled.

To put it in simpler terms, Slice is pretty much the best friend a shopper could ask for in the online world.



Cost: Free

The internet offers users a ton of ways to pay for all the things that they want with their smartphone devices.

However, Venmo makes the process of doing so a breeze.

It offers users a really smart mixture of colorful and clean design.

The app is very easy to use.

And the social function which it offers to users gives Venmo the upper hand over the rest of the competition.

Of course, Venmo doesn’t do much work.

However, it efficiently lets users receive and send online payments from friends.

The more point to mention here is that unlike almost all other online payment systems, Venmo has got momentum on its side.

More precisely, usually Venmo is the most in-demand app that people actually ask about when there is a group at a restaurant or something and it wants to split up the bill.


Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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