Find Out the 5 Best Free Antivirus for 2014

The antivirus software industry is keeping up with all the new techniques that hackers use to infiltrate your system. This process results with many new features like parental control and identity theft protection. Accuracy of malware and virus detection is also a field that constantly improves.

The price of the antivirus software is rising alongside its quality. Great number of users can’t afford or don’t see the need of paying antivirus subscription fees. That’s why there are great number of antivirus software packs on the market that are free for use and at the same time offer top notch protection.

Why we should use an Antivirus?

Malware and viruses are becoming more and more complex. This is also making them more dangerous than before. Lacking an antivirus system means that you leave the doors open for hackers. This can not only result with your computer performing slower, but you can also lose some valuable information like bank accounts or an important file. Customers tend to avoid installing an antivirus protection because they can afford the yearly subscription. This is no reason not to install one of the offered free antivirus for 2014. Bellow you can see a list of the best free antivirus 2014 has to offer.

Avira Free Antivirus

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When talking about free antivirus software Avira provides the most precise and accurate malware protection with AV-test results higher than 90%. The high quality malware scans come with a certain price to pay. Computers with small RAM memory will not find this software as a good solution. The software is truly high tech and features a complicated interface, but at the same time Avira is the most quality free antivirus software and it has lots of options to choose from. If you have a moderately powerful computer, then Avira should be your first choice 9/10 times. Some features that may interest you include well performing Child Protection and a mobile portal for the antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus

The team at Avast has created a very user friendly software that is easy to install and will detect all malware found on your device during the initial scan. The Avast Free Antivirus will silently work in the background without influencing the performance of your computer. Although free, the antivirus performed great during AV-testing. Provides great number of free tools that can’t be seen with other systems. Example of this is their Grime Fighter supported on 12 different languages.  Another interesting feature Avast free antivirus is the Ransomware Removal, which can detect and remove all ransomware while fixing ransomed files.

Microsoft: Windows Defender

It sounds surprising, but Microsoft started providing their own antivirus system after the release of the Windows 8 OS. Most of users think that this antivirus lacks in quality and accuracy of malware detection. Well they’re right. The Windows Defender has a low level accuracy of detecting malware and lacks any additional features. You don’t even need to pay for antivirus software in order to get a better package than this. There are tons of free antivirus software packs out there, each one on this list, which will provide you with better protection than the MS Windows Defender. It’s on the list with a reason. So you can stop using it if it’s your first antivirus choice now.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free

The Panda Cloud Antivirus free version is an actually part of a paid pro package and that’s why it lacks couple of features like the Public Wi-Fi Protection and the USB Vaccine. It is a small antivirus software that will not affect the performance of your computer and you can use it all the time together with any other antivirus tool that you have. The program hasn’t tested well in the past, but the company has mode couple of improvements and that’s why Panda Cloud Antivirus received the VB100 certification, which is awarded to all antivirus programs that can detect malware samples with 100% accuracy. AVG Antivirus Free

There are lots of features included in this antivirus, which makes it look like a complicated software for the eye of the average customer. The truth is that you will easily navigate through the home screen after couple of days. Some of the options that you can use besides the usual antivirus and malware protection include: E-mail scanner, Link Scanner Surf Shield, and identity theft protection. All of this makes the AVG free antivirus one of the strongest free versions out there and better even than some paid antivirus packs. The company also released the AVG Zen tool that will allow users antivirus protection of multiple devices. Imagine if you could protect your PC, tablet and mobile with a single software system installed on your PC.


Each one of these antivirus programs has some good sides that make it good for usage. Hope that this list of the top free antivirus 2014 has to offer, will help you make your choice. We recommend that you stay away from the Microsoft: Windows Defender because it may cause you lots of problems and headaches. Our top two choices are the Panda Cloud Antivirus and Avast Free Antivirus because of their simplicity, malware detection accuracy and the fact that they don’t affect computer performance. If you need more features and want to protect multiple types of devices then go with the AVG Antivirus. The Avira Free Antivirus is probably the top quality one on this list, but is good only for users with new and quality computers.


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