13 best free software that everyone should install on their computers

This is the best list of best free software available on the internet at the moment.

So you are just sitting there unboxing your brand new and expensive laptop.

You log in to your laptop.

And then, the first thing that you do is that you try to change the wallpaper that you feel like suits your taste a bit more.

So what is next?

Allow us to guide you and direct you in a calm and collected manner to the only collection of the very best free software available on the internet that you will want to install right away on your new laptop.

It doesn’t really matter if you are running your new machine on macOS or Windows.

Our best free software will work with either one of the above-mentioned operating systems.

So let’s begin.

Mozilla Firefox


Is this the greatest browser of all time?

Maybe not.

But for all of you who are with Chrome and plan on keeping it as your go-to web browser, we say that you should install at least one web browser alongside Chrome.

It can be Safari.

Or Edge.

However, we suggest that you should go with Mozilla Firefox which is now better than ever before or at least better than the last time you remember it.

Most of you would already know by now that last year Mozilla completely overhauled their web browser and released Firefox Quantum.

Our research shows that the new Mozilla Firefox not only looks better but also runs faster and is also leaner than it has ever been before.

Moreover, Mozilla Firefox now also offers its very own read-it-later online service called Pocket which is integrated right into the web browser.

Not only that, but Firefox also allows you to sync all of your browsing data across a multiple number of computer machines.

It even syncs data between various mobile devices that are running on Android and Firefox OS.

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox for absolutely nothing.


A lot of you folks simply do not have any desire to pay money for using Microsoft Office.

And that is okay.

There are so many other options now.

One of them is Google Docs.

And Sheets.

And Slides.

Anyone of you with a Google account can make use of Google office offerings for free on any given machine.

However, forget about the web for a moment.

The option that we want to talk about here is called LibreOffice.

Make no mistake

It is actually a powerful office suite.

Not only that, but it is also open source.

And it has the capability to handle any and all types of Word documents.

It can even take care of Excel spreadsheets that, for one reason or another, people have suddenly started to send you in droves.

LibreOffice is a different piece of software.

In other words, it has different components.

And those components come packaged with new features along with a stylish design.

To put it in simpler terms, using the new LibreOffice is an absolute breeze.

LibreOffice also makes it easy for users to actually get around.

Apart from that, it provides you with database software as well as a diagram software.

Click here in order to download LibreOffice for nothing in return.


There is little doubt about the fact that GIMP has long established itself as the market leaders in terms of alternatives to Photoshop.

Oh yes.

It is also free.

Our recommendation is that those of you who have got some serious and advanced stuff to do with photo editing, then take care of all of that with GIMP.

It really is worth, at least, an install.

GIMP has reasonable support for cloning, layers, script add-ons, pixel-by-pixel retouching and some other detailed and extra color adjustments.

There is a lot more to GIMP than what we have just mentioned.

In the end, whatever GIMP offers in its current state means that it has the capability and the ambition to match as many of the features that Adobe offers in its software application as possible.

Now with said, we would also like to remind you that if you are the type of online user who does not have advanced image editing tasks then the market does offer you image editors to complete your simple activities.

However, the fact remains that as far as all-round image editing package is concerned, GIMP is probably the best out there.

Click here in order to download GIMP for absolutely free.


Staying on the topic of online consumers making use of simpler apps, there can be none simpler than Pixlr.

Pixlr is so simple that it actually runs on your web browser or rather in your web browser.

Pixlr also provides you with the facility of running its app on Google Chromebook.

Moreover, it gives all users a total of two choices when it comes to modes.

The first mode is the full Pixlr Editor mode.

And the other one is the Pixlr X mode which is actually a stripped down version of Pixlr Editor.

The point is that whatever kind of image tweaks that you or anyone else wants to carry out, Pixlr can help.

It can resize images.

It can also blend different images together.

Not only that, Pixlr even offers you tools that can assist you in all kinds of image operations.

All the while, it manages to be slick and responsive regardless of the fact that you or anyone else throw at it.

Our research shows that the official Pixlr Editor software is most reminiscent of Adobe Photoshop.

We have also come to know that Adobe Photoshop and Pixlr do not have as big a feature gap as many of you would like to think.

Or pretend.

Anyway, moving on.

Click here if you want to use Pixlr Editor for free.


The one and only Google Photos


Is Google evil?

That’s a topic for another day.

Today, we want to talk about users who are done with editing their photos and other types of images and want to do something about them by managing them.

This is where Google Photos comes in.

It keeps all of your precious and invaluable videos and images safely in the cloud and backed up.

Google Photos also provides you with the most advanced searching feature available anywhere.

Moreover, you can use Google Photos anywhere and on any device.

Apart from that, Google also does a good job of throwing some nice image editing tools for you to get busy with.

Perhaps the best feature of Google Photos is that it allows you to actually store a literally unlimited number of clips and photos and that too for free.

We’re assuming here that you are not the type of user who makes a fuss over the downsizing of his/her original image resolution.

There is also the free Google Backup and Sync application, more like a tool, which you can use to upload videos and pictures to Google from your machine.

Click here to get started with using Google Photos right here and right now.


Whenever you want to open up a given zip file, macOS and Windows both have the ability to take care of that easily enough.

In other words, you do not really have to do much in order to open up a zip file.

However, if you want to perform any type of advanced actions such as creating an archive and/or switch between different formats then you need a dedicated tool.

We are here to tell you that 7-zip is that tool.

It is a tool that every online consumer should have ready and on call.

Now, we have to warn you here that 7-zip is actually not the most elegant and beautiful application that you will ever see in your life.

But, again, we are here to tell you that it can get the job done.

And that is all that counts doesn’t it?

In fact, the only real problem that 7-zip has in store for you is that it doesn’t support any other platform apart from Windows.

So if you do not have a machine that is running Windows, you are out of luck.

Or maybe not.

If you have a machine that is running on the macOS platform, then you should definitely give a look to another file handling application by the name of Keka.

Click here to give it a good look.

And click here in order to download the official 7-zip file application for free.


If there is one freeware that is considered as the go-to one if you want to do a bit of audio editing then that is Audacity.

It is not just us saying that.

The wider community echoes this sentiment.

When used on a decent computer machine, Audacity provides you with a ton of features.

More importantly, at the same time, it is also as accessible to power users as it is to beginners.

You have the option of trimming and combining audio clips along with applying a wide range of equalizer audio effects right on the top of your test audio file.

It also has the capability to cut out silence and noise.

Not only that, it also converts audio clips for you between different audio formats.

If that wasn’t enough already, then don’t worry.

There is plenty more than Audacity offers to you for free.

In order to further assist users, Audacity offers you built-in help.

And there is plenty of it.

It is provided to you by the application because Audacity cares about you learning the ropes easily and comprehensively.

Click here in order to download the official Audacity application for free right now.

VLC media player


The one thing that we dearly love about the official VLC Media Player is that it offers all of you a tremendous number of video and audio formats for viewing.

Truly, it is the only media player that can handle everything without ever coming close to breaking a sweat.

Leaving that aside, apart from the awesome video and audio support, it also provides users just like you pretty much everything that one could ask from a media and/or audio player.

More specifically, VLC media player has the ability to provide support for online streams along with subtitle support, audio and video filters, easy playlist management and a ton of other stuff.

Perhaps what we mean to convey here is that VLC media player doesn’t care what type of audio or video player you throw at it.

It will process it and get it up on the screen.

If it is ‘get the job done’ feature that you worry about the most, then VLC media player should be your first choice.

Click here in order to go to the official website of VLC media player and then download it for free.


For all the folks (such as yourself) who have this need of managing huge libraries of movies and audio content, there is the obvious choice of iTunes.

The iTunes application is not only the obvious choice for people on the macOS platform but also for people who are on the Windows platform.

MacOS users hardly ever think about moving away from iTunes until it is absolutely and inevitably necessary.

With that said, it is also true that a good number of you have started to notice the fact that Apple iTunes, the media manager, has evolved into something that has a bit too much bloat.

For people who feel this way and are also on the official Windows platform, there is MusicBee.

MusicBee has support for metadata editing along with device syncing, smart playlists, equalizer filter effects and interface skinning along with some more features.

Our research shows that this app even has support for a few number of WinAmp plugins that users make use of when they want to get more done with their audio content.

Click here to go to the official MusicBee website and download it for absolutely free.

Amazon Kindle


You probably know this by now but there is actually no need for anyone to purchase a Kindle ereader device in order to read and hopefully enjoy ebooks.


Because Amazon itself has made the official Kindle software application for free and for pretty much each and every platform that online consumers use out there.

In other words, it has full support for platforms such as macOS and Windows.

Now, what you need to keep in mind here is that you can’t go around the fact that you will have to pay for a ton of ebooks which are available in the official catalog belonging to Amazon.

However, you have all the opportunity in the world to search for and find plenty of ebooks from the classic category which are not only good but also free.

Keep in mind that even these books are free to keep in one’s library forever.

Nevertheless, we think that they can provide users with plenty of enjoyable time.

You can easily sync all of your current reading progress between a multiple number of computers machines and/or devices.

The official Amazon Kindle app can even sync across a multiple number of Kindle Devices.

Of course, we’re assuming here that you actually have an Amazon Kindle.

Click here to go the official website and then download Amazon Kindle without paying anything.


Google Keep


This is another web app that we think every online consumer should keep an eye on.

It is especially suitable for those online consumers who make use of Chrome OS as their primary operating system.

But don’t worry.

It works even when you are using the macOS and/or Windows operating system as your primary operating system.

Our research shows that Google Keep is now one of the best note-taking apps for the simple reason that it has quietly kept on growing as a service.

And now it is the most impressive note-taking app in existence today.

Apart from offering you a search function which is blisteringly fast, it also allows users just like yourself to color-code their notes.

It also enables you to add tags to your notes in order to make them painless to find later.

But this is something that one would expect from an app or web service that comes to us from Google.

What really sets Keep apart from almost all other note-taking app is the way it can allow users to add images and drawings to their notes.

You can even collaborate on all of your notes with someone else.

This sharing feature is very handy for online consumers who regularly share family shopping lists.

So what are you waiting for?

Just click here and then go to the official website to download Google Keep for a total cost of zero.


This is the app that we would like to recommend for all of you who have great graphic design need.

Now, let’s qualify that statement a little bit.

Unless one of you (or more) is an actual working and employed professional graphic designer who requires something vastly out of the ordinary, our research shows that Canva is actually a fantastic tool for the purposes of putting together winning and useful designs for things such as

  • social media posts
  • presentations
  • resumes
  • flyers
  • invites
  • posters

And a lot more.

What you have to do is to start things off with a template or two.

There is also the option of starting from scratch.

When that is done, you can easily make use of Canva editing tools which are very intuitive if you want to put together a design that is as eye-catching as possible.

So click here to make use of Canva for free.


Avast Antivirus


You read that right.

The world’s greatest antivirus product also offers a free edition.

One of the things that we absolutely love about Avast is that how it tries its best to keep out of the way of the user while protecting him/her.

Once you install Avast free antivirus and exercise common sense while visiting and downloading from websites, there is nothing to worry about in terms of malware and/or spyware.

Click here to download Avast free edition from the official website right now.


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