Best Sports Kodi addon guide For 2021

These are the Kodi add-ons you need to get going on Sports via Kodi.

A lot of Kodi users are constantly trying hard to get a hold of fully functional and up to date Kodi add-ons for live sports.

If you are one of those users then we are glad to inform you that you have managed to come to the right place.

Depending on how long you have been using Kodi, you may or may not find it surprising that it is actually pretty hard to find useful and working Kodi addons.

The actual process of finding them is tricky enough to eat up a lot of your time.

Moreover, the other problem is that once you get to a good Sports Kodi addon you still face problems when the addon disappears suddenly or over time.

Now, that is not always Kodi’s fault though.

A lot of the good Kodi add-ons that allow users to watch all the greatest sports games in the world at any given day of the year have to go through some legal troubles for their work.

And you can rest assured that copyright trolls will continue to plague Kodi for a considerable period of time in the future as well.

With that said, it is also true that a lot of Kodi add-ons developers have managed to find other ways to keep their work going.

It is true that sometimes developers simply abandon their Kodi addon project.

But other times, they start a new project in order to compensate for the one that they abandoned earlier.

Apart from that, that is also one reason why guides like the one that you are reading right now are so important.

Reading this guide will make you learn more about how you can have access to the best Kodi sports add-ons which are working and are up-to-date.

Not only that, the Kodi sports addons that we will mention in this guide are the ones that you can install pretty much right now.

Additionally, you should also know that we are regularly updating our content about Kodi and which add-ons people should install on their Kodi streaming devices.

That means, at any point in time, you can rest assured that you will have access to the latest and working Kodi addons.

Of course, we will continue to list out the best Kodi add-ons for any purpose as well.

The other thing readers should know is that we love Kodi as much as the next guy.

Unless the next guy, is the creator of Kodi.

What we mean to say is that we are very passionate about Kodi and Kodi users.

And there is no doubt about the fact that just like us, there are a ton of other Kodi users who want to use Kodi to consume Sports content.

Again, we want to remind you that the add-ons we have mentioned in this guide are not only Kodi but they work.
They not only offer sports content but more specifically, live sports content.

So let’s move forward and take a look at the best Kodi addons for sports.

Before we get to the actual list though, we would like to start off with a recommendation.

That recommendation is that all Kodi users should make use of a VPN service when they are streaming content on Kodi in any location and from any streaming device.


If that was not clear enough then read the next section (that is, the section that comes after the one that is below this line) which will explain to you a warning and a disclaimer.

Best live sports Kodi addons to use this year

Here are some of the best Kodi addons for Sports that you have to try out no matter which sports you like to watch via Kodi.

Joker Sports

No list of best Kodi addons for Sports can be credible without at least a mention of the Joker Sports Kodi add-on.

So that is what we are doing here.

This is a relatively new Kodi add-on.

Our research tells us that the official Maverick TV Repo made and distributed this Kodi add-on.

Now, in addition to installing the Joker Sports Kodi addon, we usually tell our readers to also install Gen-X along with Maverick TV.

Both these add-ons are available to Kodi users from the same Kodi repo.

With these three Kodi addons on your Kodi streaming device, you can rest assured that you have access to anything and everything great that Kodi has to offer to users.

So what does this Kodi addon do?

Well, as the name suggests, the Joker Sports Kodi addon is about one thing.

And that one thing is live sports.

The developers behind this addon have developed it in such a way that it gets constant updates.

This allows the end user, i.e you, to keep getting updates on which sports games are currently happening and progressing and which ones are scheduled where and when.

In other words, this Kodi addon is all that you need to keep track of all your games that you may like to watch during your free hours.

This Kodi addon also comes with a special segment for different kinds of sports.

Kodi users have the option of watching football game replays for free and that too in 4K if that source of the content is 4K.

Is that cool or what?

If you want to install the official Joker Sports Kodi addon, then all you need to do is to first add the official URL of this Kodi addon to your Maverick TV Repo which you installed on your Kodi streaming device.

The URL that you need to input is (No longer available).


USTVNow is perhaps the only sports Kodi addon about which we can say that it is more than just a good Kodi addon for Sports.

It is actually a full and comprehensive online service.

It enables users of all sorts to have access to premium channels from countries such as the United States of America.

Some of the best channels which feature in USTVNow packages include,

  • PBS
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • FOX
  • CW
  • ABC

In all possibility, you do not need us or anyone else to tell you that the channels we have mentioned above are indeed popular streaming channels.


To all those Kodi users who simply cannot get enough of sports, this Kodi addon has enough about it to allow them to watch elite sports channels such as ESPN2 and NBC Sports Network.

There are many other sports channels available as well but we won’t mention them here.

The only thing that you need to focus on here is that this Kodi addon works only if you have a subscription to access all of the add-on’s features and content.

Another thing that we want you to know about this Kodi addon is that you cannot really use it outside the US if you do not have a VPN service.

You will need to first sign up for this online service in order to get started with this USTVNow Plus service.

Of course, if you can restrict yourself to the content that is only available on seven pre-selected channels then you can watch USTVNow for free.

However, if you want to broaden the range of channels available to you then you will need to pay the service around $19 per month.

This subscription package would effectively unlock all the content that USTV Now has to offer in its entirety.

After that, you can proceed to install this Kodi addon.

iPlayer WWW

This is the addon that grants users the ability to access content on BBC iPlayer.

People living in the United States of America would already know how good BBC iPlayer really is.

The source is incredible, to say the least.

You have the option of streaming not just sports but also TV shows, movies, and news.

The iPlayer WWW addon also offers a ton of sports content.

And because the BBC is based in the UK, it generally focuses more on sports events that are happening in the United Kingdom.

Of course, you can easily watch internet sports tournaments such as NFL Super Bowl with this addon as well.

Monster Munch

This is another Kodi addon that everyone looking for the hottest thing in town should try out.

Monster Munch is a lot of things.

But the thing it is the most is a Kodi addon that takes care of sports content in a complete and comprehensive manner.

Most of our readers would already have expected to find this addon’s name on this list.

And we are glad that we did not disappoint them.

This Kodi add-on allows Kodi users to have access to more than a hundred TV channels.

All of them are neatly organized in different categories.

There is a live TV category as well.

We have full confidence that whatever sports you are following, you will find links to it in Monster Munch main menu.

You will need the Steptoes Place repository on your Kodi device.


We are very well aware of the fact that Loki has had many ups and downs in its short life so far.

However, we are more confident than ever that this Kodi addon is back.

And it has recent big updates to thank for its resurgence.

Currently, Loki does not only offer content related to TV shows and movies.

It also takes care of sports-related content.

Again, you will have to make use of the categories on offer to find the stuff that you are looking for.

We feel that Loki is definitely one of the few best

Kodi addons for live sports available in the market today.

Loki has a complete and dedicated sports section for all sports lovers.

The section comes with many different categories.

Kodi users have the option of watching live events as well as replays of those events.

Not only that, but they can also see a pretty prominent heading of Live PPV Event on the add-ons home screen.

This basically shows the user all the upcoming premium events.

To get started, use the link


Why no one should stream content on Kodi without a VPN service.

There are lots of reasons why no one should even think about skipping this section and learning more about why on earth would someone want to use a VPN with Kodi.

The first reason is simple:

If you do not make use of a VPN while streaming content then you run the danger of getting caught in using illegal Kodi add-ons.


This actually takes us back the point where we mentioned that the majority of Kodi users online make use of Kodi add-ons that are illegal.

Whether they intend to use these illegal Kodi addons or not, is anyone’s guess because illegal and legal Kodi add-ons are hard to differentiate for the new Kodi user.

And when the illegal Kodi addon is offering so much content for free, let us be honest, no one really wants to know if the Kodi add-on in question is legal or not.

Once Kodi users get illegal add-ons on their streaming systems in order to access all the new stuff that the entertainment industry has to offer such as,

  • Audio content
  • Video content
  • Sports
  • Tv shows
  • Movies

and that too for absolutely free, then there is really no hope for the simple Kodi user who downloaded the illegal Kodi add-ons.

The situation is made worse by the fact that official Kodi add-ons are outright bad.

They do not offer great content and even if they do offer some content, the variety is limited if not lacking.

However, as we have mentioned before, the main problem with making use of unofficial and third-party add-ons is that most of the times, these add-ons offer users video content that is illegal.

And is scraped.

Not only that, the content itself is copyrighted material.

Now, if someone is streaming via these unofficial and mostly illegal Kodi add-ons on his/her Kodi device without a VPN then there is a good chance that his/her internet service provider maybe monitoring all of his/her activities.

We have discussed this many times before that internet service providers have no problem in doing that because they have access to the user’s IP address.

And that IP address is pretty much all that a given internet service provider needs in order to access more information about the given user.

The worse part is that, there is no telling if these internet service providers will give up all that information on a given Kodi user to third-party companies and governments if any of them request for the data.

If a given internet service provider does comply with someone’s request then that could land a given Kodi user (for example, you) in some legal hot water.

Now, if you want to make sure that you never have to deal with such a situation, then the best way to move forward is to sign up for a good VPN service provider and then connect to a good VPN server that has no problems in hiding your original IP address and your identity.

Most VPN service providers achieve that by rotating the user’s IP address while the user is busy streaming stuff from Kodi addons.

We know that not everyone would find the idea of signing up for a VPN service very amusing or even convenient, but the fact remains that if you want protection from all sorts of prying eyes then you will have to sign up for a good VPN service provider.

Apart from that, a VPN service provider can also help you to bypass various geo-restrictions.

You probably do not need us to tell you that unofficial Kodi add-ons are not the only thing that you can download and use with your Kodi device and setup.

Kodi also offers official Kodi Add-ons.

We’re talking about official Kodi add-ons such as,

  • BBC iPlayer
  • Hulu
  • IceFilms
  • NBC Sports

But the problem with these Kodi addons is that they put geo-restrictions on almost all of the content that they offer.

Not only that, but some unofficial Kodi add-ons have also started to their cue from official Kodi add-ons and consequently have started to put geo-restrictions on their content as well.

We’re talking about unofficial Kodi Add-ons such as those offered by Acestream and many others.

Acestream is an unofficial Kodi addon that fetches relevant data from various sources on the internet such as torrents.

If you want to make sure that you are able to unblock all of these restrictions then you really have no choice but to make use of a VPN service.

What we want you to understand here very clearly is that, there is no way for you to stay safe on the internet for sure if you do not have access to a VPN service.

And no matter what some sites would have you believe, no matter what you do, you cannot have full protection without online security tools such as an antivirus and a VPN service.

The two reasons that we have mentioned above are just two of the many other security reasons that forces us now to recommend to all Kodi users to make use of a good VPN service for a much safer streaming experience.

In fact, we are uniquely qualified in recommending VPN services to Kodi users for the simple reason that we have researched and reviewed all the mainstream VPN service providers on the planet.

In simpler terms, we have done a lot of research to come up with several best VPN for Kodi.

Click here to read more about the best VPN for Kodi.

We get it.

Would not be easier for you if we just name one VPN service right now and promise that it will make all of your Kodi related problems and otherwise, go away?

Well, the simple answer to that very simple question is that no.

We can’t.

Or rather, we won’t.

You see, the VPN industry has developed a lot since its early days.

Now, it is finally in a position where it is able to offer Kodi users a multiple number of good VPNs for Kodi.

So there is no way for us or anyone else to recommend a single best VPN for Kodi.

Of course, the situation may change in the future.

We may finally see a best VPN for Kodi that is so far ahead of the competition that we are forced to offer only a single name in our all guides for all purposes and all users.

But that seems like a long way away since even now there are at least 10 best VPNs for Kodi that cater to the needs of different kinds of Kodi users.
What we want you to do is to read a little bit about each of them and then make up your mind on which VPN would suit your needs the best.

That is by far the best approach for you as a Kodi user.

By following this method, you will not only give yourself the best chance of signing up for a VPN service that is best not just for the company offering it but also at the best cost possible.

If you simply go to Google and then search for VPN service providers and then sign up for the one that appears at the top then you would probably be making a mistake.


As mentioned before, no one VPN service is best for all purposes and all users.

Just like humans in real life, humans in the digital world are different as well.

Each has his/her own needs, budget and requirements.

So there is no way a single VPN for Kodi can satisfy all users of any and all kinds.

Therefore, we recommend that you click here and read our guide on best VPN for Kodi to get more information on which VPN service is going to suit your best.


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