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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites in 2021 (Bonus ones included)

Most of the people who like to download stuff from various torrent sites are only able to name either one or two of their favorite torrent websites. In reality, those one or two torrent websites are the only ones they know.

In other words, it is a safe bet that torrent websites don’t have a lot of marketing budget and hence rely on word of mouth to get their word across and then attract more interest from potential users.

If we’re talking about the most used torrent sites of the year (most used could be translated as most popular) then we’ll have to first take out KickassTorrents from the discussion from the beginning.

KickAssTorrents was probably the king of the hill as far as popularity was concerned until it got shut down and take out by all the anti-piracy groups and other copyright holders along with law enforcement agencies who have run rampant against file sharing websites such as torrent sites and other P2P networks over the course of the past year.

But that shouldn’t stop us from naming our favorite torrent websites of the year. It has become a kind of a tradition now and besides, just because you use torrent sites does not mean that you download something illegal or download copyrighted stuff for free without prior permission from producers of that copyrighted content.

It should come as a no surprise to anyone that The Pirate Bay has taken the top spot this year in the list of most popular torrent websites of the year.

The sheer quality and quantity of The Pirate Bay, along with sufficient amount of configuration settings such as filters and well-seeded files, makes it the best torrent site on earth after the late KickAssTorrents.

As we have already mentioned before, law enforcement agencies along with anti-piracy groups went after several piracy websites like torrent websites and other types of file sharing websites in the past year and hence, as a result, you’re likely to see several newcomers to the list of best torrent sites of 2021.

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What A Year It Has Been For Pirates And Law Enforcement Agencies

Mostly it has been one-way traffic as far as the battle between pirates and law enforcement agencies is concerned.

There is no doubt about the fact that the beginning of the year 2021, in terms of the big players in the torrent industry, looks remarkably different from the beginning of the previous year i.e 2020.

The difference has been caused by the likes of BRIEN and other copyright holder groups who have really stepped up their game in the last 12 months or so.

You already know that KickAssTorrents got wiped off the face of the earth. And even though mirrors of the site have popped up left and right, they still can’t match the quality of the original KickAssTorrents site. There are several reasons for that.

One of them being that all of KickAssTorrents mirrors lack even the most basic functionality. The search functions on these mirror torrent sites aren’t useful and their library of torrents isn’t updated.

Most of the KickAssTorrents mirrors are also filled with spam advertisements. Every click results in several pop-ups that introduce the user to shady websites and lifetime offers. In other words, you should stay away from all KickAssTorrent mirrors.

But KickAssTorrents wasn’t the only big-name player that got knocked out in the year 2016. The other hugely popular torrent site by the name of Torrentz.eu also got taken down and it, just like KickassTorrents, has disappeared from the scene altogether as well.

But as is so common with everything on the internet, the vacant top spots were quickly taken by other ambitious, younger, players.

Some of the places were filled by older torrent sites as well.

As of this moment though, The Pirate Bay still has a big enough lead over all other torrent sites that we don’t think anyone would be able to come out on top come the end of the year 2021.

That doesn’t mean The Pirate Bay doesn’t have any competitors though. The likes of ExtraTorrent and RARBG as fast closing the gap between themselves and The Pirate Bay.

The torrent site ExtraTorrent was one of the few torrent websites that were able to capitalize, in a big way, on KickAssTorrent’s removal from the web.

ExtraTorrents recorded increased traffic from the day KickAssTorrents was taken down.

Torrentz.eu tried to make a comeback with an unofficial rebirth in the form of Torrentz2.eu. Torrentz2.eu is the fastest climber on our list. It did not even exist at the start of 2016 but yet it has managed to grab the fifth spot in the list of best torrent sites of 2021.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that Torrentz2.eu (or torrentz.eu) isn’t really a torrent website. It is more a meta-search engine.

With that said, Torrentz2.eu made no serious efforts to move away from its earlier versions model. In fact, it mirrored the design and functionality of its predecessor down to the inch. In fact, the newer version of the now defunct, but once popular, meta search engine Torrentz2.eu is actually better because it makes use of more extra sites in order to show users results for any specific file.

The most unknown, but good, torrent site today is probably TorrentProject. TorrentProject has done tremendously well as far as number of visitors are concerned.

The new torrent site isn’t exactly new as it has been hanging around the torrent scene for several years now. But this is the first time in its existence that TorrentProject has made it to the list of best torrent websites of any year on any site.

There are other lesser known names as well such as Nyaa.se along with Rutracker which, despite being new and relatively unknown, deserve a special mention because of the effort they have put in bringing quality service to all potential online users.

In terms of traffic both Nyaa.se and Rutracker have amassed impressive numbers and that is the primary reason why both of these torrent sites have made it to the list this year.

Do keep in mind that our list mostly contains torrent sites that target potential users who consume content in English. We’ve also included torrent sites that cater to an international audience and host mainstream content.

So let’s get to it.

1- The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay retains its crown

As you would have probably guessed yourself, assuming you’ve been following torrent websites long enough, The Pirate Bay is still the king as far as best torrent sites are concerned. Not only that, but The Pirate Bay is also the oldest of all the torrents that have made it to the top of our list.

No doubt, that the year 2016 has been a little less than forgiving for The Pirate Bay. The popular torrent site has remained quiet for a site that has been consistently ranked as the most notorious of all torrent websites.

Moreover, The Pirate Bay is still operating from its original address (or domain name) that is the .org one. Though you can’t access it if you’re in Australia. Here is the best way to access The Pirate Bay in Australia.

Its Alexa Rank is 116 in the world and was ranked number two on the list of best torrent sites last year.

2- Extratorrent

Extratorrent took full advantage of KickAssTorrent’s downfall.

Extratorrent is one of those sites that keeps on improving year after year. It has been able to consistently climb up the rankings for the past several years.
This year, it benefited greatly from KickAssTorrent’s removal since most of the users migrated to Extratorrent after law enforcement agencies shut down KickAssTorrents.

If official sources are to be believed then the main reason why Extratorrent has performed so well in the past several years is because of its active online community.

We think that the other two less celebrated reasons are the presence of ETTV and ETRG on the site. Both, hugely popular and trusted, release groups upload files on Extratorrent before any other torrent site.

Its Alexa Rank is 244


RARBG has been the quietest of the three but still makes it to the top 10 with ease.

You might have never guessed it but did you know that RARBG began its operations as a Bulgarian tracker and not has a fully fledged torrent website?

Regardless, RARBG has managed to attract hundreds of thousands of users to its torrent site and has become the favorite source of files for pirates who like to download their content in video format.

In other words, RARBG has built an impressive reputation for providing quality movies and TV series.

RARBG tags have become as ubiquitous as Google as far as torrent indexes are concerned. RARBG came on to the scene in 2008 and it took the operators and administrators of the site a total of seven years before it broke into the top 10 list of best torrent sites.

Its Alexa Rank is 282

4- Torrentz2

As indicated earlier in the article as well, Torrentz2.eu is currently a first-class ready-made replacement for Torrentz.eu which got shut down in the latter part of 2016. Most reports would tell you that Torrentz.eu shut down itself and didn’t want to offer its services to online users anymore and we think there is some truth in that. In other words, it was voluntary rather than forced.

No matter, another metasearch engine has filled its spot, which is Torrentz2.eu. The best part about the new metasearch engine is that it doesn’t really try to hide the fact that it is not associated with the original Torrentz.eu.

In fact, it goes one step further in many ways and proudly boasts that it is actually an improved version of the original Torrentz.eu.

Of course, all of those proclamations are pretty subjective but there is no doubt about the fact that the new Torrentz2.eu beat Torrentz2.eu in the number of torrent sites (a whopping 60!) it searches to display results for any specific term.

Its Alexa Rank is 415

5- 1337X

1337x hard journey to our list of best torrent sites has been a little less than smooth. It has faced some major issues in the year 2016.

The site’s administrators along with moderators complained a lot about some security issues and that affected its overall operations.

The good news is that everything seems to be on track again as the staff behind 1337X made some major progress in the past year alone.

1337X is now a much-improved torrent website and as a result, has increased its traffic significantly this year.

Moreover, to commemorate its new status as one of the best torrent sites in the world, it has recently upgraded its design.

Its Alexa Rank is 819

6- yts.mx

The first thing you should know about yts.mx is that it is not affiliated with the older YTS or even the YIFY release group. Those dudes are gone.

But yts.mx has stayed the course for much of the past year and that has landed it the sixth spot in our list of best torrent sites.

Of course, there are a lot of torrent sites out there that haven’t welcomed the fact that yts.mx has effectively hijacked the YTS and YIFY brand but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough to make our list of best torrent sites.

It might not make it to the top 10 best torrent sites next year because our sources tell us that many torrent sites have started to actively ban the releases from yts.mx.

Its Alexa Rank is 335

7- EZTV.io

After a messy takeover a couple of years ago, EZTV.AG has made a strong comeback. The people behind the original torrent release group EZTV are gone and probably dead. The new owners have worked hard in improving the torrent site after they claimed the ownership of the older group back in 2015.

The new owners release torrents through the domain name EZTV.ag. The only other thing you should know about EZTV.AG is that some of its releases are banned by other torrent websites as a protest to the group’s less than shiny history.

Its Alexa Rank is 1472

9- LimeTorrents

After a bad run of couple of years, LimeTorrents is finally back to where it, hopefully, belongs i.e the best 10 torrent sites of the year. The operators of LimeTorrents launched another project by the name of Torrents in the past couple of months which is basically a torrent cache.

LimeTorrent results are tracked and then used by many other meta torrent search engines.

Its Alexa Rank is 2443


10- TorrentDownloads

Again, not the newest in terms of its age. In fact, it is old enough to be blocked by a majority of internet service providers. That also means that it can’t be accessed in many countries.

LimeTorrents has made it to this list of best torrent sites because of its direct approach to indexing torrent files. It serves millions of torrent users every month without running into problems.

Its Alexa Rank is 1946

There you have it. The list of best torrent sites in 2021. If we missed one of your favorites then do let us know by using the comments section below.

EETV Torrents

Our research shows that this torrent site is an active as well as a reliable torrent website.

The main form of content that this torrent site offers to users is related to TV episodes.

As far as the site’s search functionality goes, we believe that is good enough.

Most of all the site, unlike many other torrent sites, offers a clean and nice design

Torrent Galaxy

This site is actually a pretty reasonable database of torrents.

In addition to the quantity of content on this site, it also offers a clean website design and a good enough search feature.

All of that, makes Torrent Galaxy another torrent site that users need to take into consideration the next time they are trying to download their favorite Linux distribution.


We had to dig a bit for this but the link we have provided for KAT is the official one

This is the torrent site everyone should go to if they want to see the real deal rather than get tricked by a huge number of mirrors and sometimes fake websites with the same name.


TorLock represents that category of torrent site that offers users no fake files and/or torrents.

We think users who are tired of downloading fake and sometimes malware-ridden torrents from different torrent sites would appreciate this site.

In fact, our research shows that TorLock actually pays its users $1 for every fake torrent that they are able to find on its platform.


If we’re talking about something that is special, then Torrents.me ISN’T it.

What do we mean by that?

What we actually mean is that it isn’t that special if we’re only talking about meta torrent sites.

However, the dashboard on the torrent site’s home page is amazing and something to be admired.

Online consumers who think of themselves as data nerds and/or torrents fans would actually appreciate the work that Torrents.me has put in to make its service stand out.

Idope (No longer in operation)

Or iDope, if we drop the grammar for a bit.

The iDope is a torrent site that becomes mentionable solely on the fact that it has an innovative and smart Android application.

Readers can click here to know more about the official iDope Android application.

The people working behind iDope might not have realized this but they might have just initiated the mass adaptation of P2P file-sharing applications on tablets and smartphone devices.


Another up and coming website that has a clean and nice web design.

For some, those two features are enough to spend a bit of time on any site let alone a torrent site.

The only issue that we have with this torrent site is that sometimes the advertising on the website can seem a bit too much.

However, for the majority of online consumers who have evolved to ignore advertisements on the internet, getting over that problem on Monova is not an issue.

From an overall perspective, it is a fantastic torrent site.


Toorgle represents another metasearch engine for torrents that pulls various torrent databases from well over a total of 450 torrent sites.

Imagine having all of that in one, single place.


The Seedpeer is one of the other lesser known but sizeable databases of torrent files.

Our research shows that Seedpeer has always managed to place itself as a great outlet for searching torrent files.

We have also come to know that the user interface could use a little work since other torrent sites have really started to improve in this respect.

However, even with the simple and old-looking interface, this database of torrents is a reasonably usable website.


Zoogle is actually another one of those torrent sites that users should make a note to not skip while they are on the search for a great torrent site.

Some say that the site is great for torrents because of the size of the entire database.

Moreover, one on the website, users are more likely to come cross legitimate torrents than fake or malware-ridden torrents.

Sky Torrents

Sky Torrents has a giant torrent database.

More importantly though, it has a simple and clean user interface.

Hence, no one should wonder about how this multi-million-torrent strong website, or more like a collection of torrents site, is a name that we have started to hear quite a lot in the torrent community.

Torrent Downloads


Our research shows that Torrent Downloads offers users one torrent index that probably has every single torrent out there on the internet.

In other words, it is one of the biggest if not the biggest databases of torrent files out there.

Readers should also know at the time of writing this list, Torrent Downloads has featured in excess of 16 million torrents.

That is more content than 10 lifetimes.

Add to that the fact that Torrent Downloads came into existence around 2007.

That means it has over 11 years of experience in the industry.

Some of the most downloaded content formats include software, games, books, audio, video and tv shows.

People living in the United Kingdom should know that Torrent Downloads doesn’t work there.

Someone has banned it.

Torrent Downloads does not support instant downloads.

As for alternative URLs/mirrors/IPs, users can take a look at torrentdownloads.unblocker.cc and torrentdownloads.unblockall.org

Our research shows that not taking into account the connection speed of the user’s internet, Torrent Downloads can provide up to 1.8 MB/s speeds


Currently, LimeTorrents boasts over 9.8 million torrents.

Our research shows that LimeTorrents is definitely one of those torrent sites that has a gigantic database of torrent files

The official website offers users almost all types of content such as applications, games, tv shows and movies.

At the time of writing this report, LimeTorrents did not work in France and Australia.

Someone banned it there as well.

And we all know what we should do when something is banned for unjust reasons right?


We make use of a VPN service provider.

We have a section for that later in this guide.

So go read that if you want to sign up for a VPN service in order to unlock all these torrent sites.

Coming back to LimeTorrents, the site established its service in 2009.

That is over 9 years of torrenting experience.

Some of the most popular downloaded content types on the site are related to cartoons, applications, games, audio, video, and TV series.

And remember, readers who don’t use a VPN service and live in the following countries cannot access LimeTorrents.

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Australia

Does it support instant downloads?


It does.

What about alternate URLs/IPs/mirrors?

Well, readers can try limetor.club and/or limetorrents.asia and also limetorrents.info.

Our research shows that the site can offer up to speeds of 2.8 MB/s provided the user’s internet connection is up for that.


We have come to know that YourBittorrent has had a bit of a controversial history.

The service started to fully operate back in 2009.

But it actually initiated its operations as early as 2003.

The only difference back then was that it wasn’t a full torrent service

In fact, the whole project was kind of a collaboration between a total of two partners.

From that, came another produced called myBittorrent.

Allegedly, one of the two partners panicked and wanted the whole website to shut its operations down.

Naturally, the other partner did not want to do that and actually wanted to take the operations to their ultimate bigger selves.

As one might expect, this leads to a split.

And from that split, came YourBitTorrent.

So official, YourBitTorrent came into existence sometime in 2009.

And the most popular content formats on this torrent site include ebooks, cartoon, games, software, movies, and TV series.

Users who live in the United Kingdom and Portugal cannot access this site.

So they will have to first read our VPN section below and then make use of a VPN service.

Our research shows that this service supports, the in-demand instant downloads feature.

As for the IPs/alternative URLs and mirrors, users can on to to access this torrent service.

As for the number of torrents on this site, our research shows that it has around 1.2 million at the moment.

The average torrent download speed that users can expect is around 1MB/s


If we forget about everything else that a torrent site has to offer to users and only concentrate on reliability, then Demonoid is probably the best torrent site out there.

This is actually a fairly popular BitTorrent tracker.

It started its operations back in 2003.

That is pretty much the same year, the world number one, The Pirate Bay started to make its own movies.

However, because of intense political pressure, Demonoid had to go through a lengthy amount of downtime.

Currently, the site has in excess of 10 million users and in excess of 800k torrent files.

This site, our research shows, provides various torrent files for games, applications, books, audio, TV series and movies.

Not only that, we have also come to know that Demonoid offers users a greater number of TV series and movies than any other given file.

It also has some audio content.

Currently, people from the United Kingdom and Ukraine cannot access the website.

The Demonoid official website does have support for instant downloads.

Our research shows that as far as average download speed is concerned, it can approach near 1.8 MB/s.

As for IPs/alternative URLs/mirrors, there are Demonoid.unblocked.bet and Dnoid.me.


Lesser known torrent sites

As mentioned at the top as well, there a lot of other popular torrent sites as well.

But most of them are non-English.

The point that we are trying to make here is that, sites that offer torrents and are non-English do exist.

Some honorable mentions include,

  1. RuTracker.
  2. Pirateiro.
  3. Nysaa.si

We’ll mention again that these sites are very difficult to use for people who are native English-speakers.

However, the upside is that these sites may represent the only source from where one is able to get his/her file that another million users have not downloaded already.

Sites where each and every torrent file is safe to download and legal.

We’re not talking about content here because that is the user’s own responsibility.

Or perhaps the responsibility of his/her parents.

What we are saying is that there are some sites where all the files and other types of content are free and legal.

No one will come after the torrent users who decide to download stuff only from sites like,

  1. Publicdomaintorrents.info
  2. Archive.org
  3. http://www.legittorrents.info/index.php
  4. https://www.vuze.com

Best tips for torrent users who are new

Online consumers who have lived most of their life on the internet would know everything there is to know about seeding and downloading torrents.

That years and years of experience has to come in handy at some point.

These are not the people we are here to guide because they do not really need any help.

However, users who are completely new to the world of torrents and downloading-stuff-from-the-internet-via-p2p need to have more information on a couple of things.

The first thing that new Torrent users need to know more about is file-sharing via Torrenting.

So what we will do now is that we will give the beginner Torrent user a brief set of principles that he/she should follow to keep safe on the internet and also download files.

How to download torrent files safely if I am a beginner

It doesn’t matter if the user is new to torrents or not.

There are some simple no-brainer things that anyone should know in order to keep safe and download stuff at will.

Before we actually start the guide, we would like to welcome our new torrent users to this exciting and fast-growing world of torrenting and downloading.

There is no doubt about the fact that file sharing applications are not only controversial but also dangerous.

Some don’t have the time to read more on torrenting and downloading and prefer to write it off as piracy.

But the simple fact is that there are millions of online consumers who continue to upload, download and share their files.

There is a good reason why people upload thousands of new and, sometimes useful, torrents each and every single day.

Our experience shows that the best way to start downloading torrents, for new users, is to keep in mind the five quick and short steps which will help them a lot in their future torrenting efforts.

New users should know how file sharing via BitTorrent works

All new users should know that before they actually begin to download torrenting, they should understand how the whole system works.

To start things off, new torrent users should burn it in their heads that BitTorrent networking is the most known and popular platform for modern (and fast) peer-to-peer P2P file sharing.

Ever since the year 2006, sharing files via BitTorrent has established itself as the primary method with which users trade,

  • software
  • audio
  • video
  • digital book

in the online world.

Big movie studios don’t like that.

So don’t get surprised if, from time to time, the mainstream media gets filled with the MPAA berating the torrent technology for spreading piracy.

Of course, there are other copyright trolls as well.

We’re talking about various copyright authorities along with the RIAA.

However, that is still not enough for the torrent community as millions and millions of university and college students continue to use living in all corners of the globe.

Some people like to use the terms Bittorrents and torrents interchangeably.

So don’t get confused if they actually are.

Torrents work by first downloading and storing small bits of the user’s desired files from a large number of different online web sources.

And the BitTorrent technology does that at the same time.


In the modern world of the internet, it is very easy for users to download torrents.

And not including some fringe torrent search engine providers, it is free to download torrents regardless of which country the user is.

According to most estimates, the Torrent networking technology made its debut in 2001.

Bram Cohen, a Python-language programmer by profession created the BitTorrent technology.

His intent was simple.

He wanted to share the technology with everybody.

And as we all know that he indeed shared it with everyone and the popularity of BitTorrent technology has only increased since 2005.

Our research shows that the online torrent community has managed to grow to millions and millions of online users worldwide.

And that number is sure to increase in the coming years.

Readers should also know that torrent uploaders and torrent sites work hard to screen out corrupt and dummy files.

The majority of the torrents on reputable websites are more or less free of spyware and/or adware.

Torrent sites have also streamlined the process to the extent that now users can download torrent files at great speeds.

As mentioned before as well, the popularity of torrents and torrent technology is only increasing and growing.

If we’re talking about activities in terms of the gigabytes of bandwidth that they use, then BitTorrent activity and networking is by far the most popular online activity in the world at the moment.

Why are torrents special?

Just like pretty much all other file-sharing applications, services, and networks such as,

  • Guntella
  • Kazaa
  • Limewire (now pretty much defunct)
  • Shareaza
  • eDonkey

BitTorrent network has one primary purpose.

And that purpose is to freely distribute various media files that are large in size to various different private users.

Readers should also know that unlike some of the other P2P networks out there in the world, torrents manage to stand out for a total of five major reasons.

  1. The new torrent networking model is different from the Kazaa model which worked on a publish-subscribe model.
    Instead of making use of that, torrents are actually a genuine P2P, peer-to-peer, networks.
    This is where users themselves have to do the honors of serving files to other users that are just like them.
  2. Most torrent sites enforce around 90 percent quality control.
    And they do that by filtering out all the dummy and corrupt files.
    This ensures that various torrent files only contain content that the uploader of the file claims they do.
    We’re not saying that no one is able to abuse this system.
    What we are saying is that at least there is a system and it is trying to work.
    Moreover, if the user is out there using a community torrent search engine, then various other users would usually warn such a user when there is a popular torrent file that is a dummy file or a fake file.
  3. The other benefit of using Torrents is that they actively give incentives to users to share and/or seed the complete files that they have downloaded.
    Some torrent sites even penalize users who only download stuff and do not upload them and are called as leechers.
  4. Torrents now have an efficient system which can deliver speeds in excess of 1.5 megabits per second.
    Of course, the actual download speed would depend on the user’s internet connection.
  5. The actual torrent code is open source.
    It is also advertisement -free.
    Moreover, it is also spyware/adware-free.
    What does that mean for the end user?
    It means that there isn’t a Jeff Bezos (in other words, one single person) who takes all the profits or even any profit from the success of torrents.

How does sharing work in BitTorrent?

Our research shows that torrent sharing is all about tracking and swarming.

Torrents provide the technology where users have the opportunity to download a great number of small bits of data from a multiple number of sources at a single given time.

Now, one doesn’t need to have a Ph.D. degree to know that this kind of a format perfect compensates for various bottleneck points that always creep up from somewhere.

Consequently, making use of a torrent to download a large file is a much quicker process than if one tried to download the same file from one single source.

This is where readers need to know about terms such as,

  • Swarming
  • Tracking
  • Swarm members
  • .torrent files

Swarming involves a single large file being split up into hundreds and sometimes even thousands of smaller bits of data.

Then, different users share different bits of those data across a single swarm which consists of linked torrent users.

Let’s move to Tracking now.

Tracking happens when individual servers assist swarm torrent users to go and find each other.

Now, let’s talk a bit about Swarm members and what they do.

Swarm members basically make use of some special torrent application and/or software and/or client in order to reconstruct, download and upload those previously-mentioned bits of files into complete and usable whole files.

These .torrent files are nothing but special text files which essentially act as pointers throughout the duration of the downloading and uploading process.

These files actually help torrent users find various other torrent users and then join them to form a swarm and then also enforce as much quality control as possible on all files that are shared in the swarm.

The one thing we would like to mention here again is that readers should think of Torrents as something completely different from other competing networks such as Kazaa.


And there is one significant feature which differentiates Kazaa from torrents.

Torrents offer users true peer-to-peer file sharing.

Kazaa has publisher servers taking up the job of dishing out downloadable files.

In the torrent network, torrent users have to do all the work associated with file serving.

Readers should also remember here that torrent users actually voluntarily upload all of their bits of the file to their related swarm.

In other words, they do so without any advertising revenue and without any payment contracts.

One could actually think of torrent users as online consumers who are motivated by a simple philosophy of Pay-It-Forward and cooperative spirit rather than money.

Some readers might be able to recall the 1990s model on which Napster.com worked.

In the modern world of the internet, BitTorrent swarming does pretty much the same thing.

However, it augments that model with various sharing incentives and other additions.

So who controls the download speed?

Our research tells us that the torrent tracking servers control the actual download speed.

The torrent tracking servers also monitor all of the swarm torrent users. Users who do a lot of sharing will find that these torrent tracking servers will reward them by boosting their allotted swarm bandwidth.

Depending on the user’s connection, sometimes this boost can allow users to reach speeds of up to 1500 kilobits per second.

In a similar way, if the user actually tries to be nothing but a leech, the same torrent tracking servers would choke their download speeds.

There are times, when someone is leeching so bad that the torrent tracking servers have no option but to reduce the download speed of the user down to a single kilobit per second.

The message is clear.

BitTorrent swarm does not welcome leeches.

It also means that the Pay It Forward philosophy is well and truly enforced in the torrent network.

How to quickly start using torrent clients like BiTorrent.

In order to take advantage of the BitTorrent swarms, readers need to know about a total of six major ingredients.

Those are as follows,

  1. The official BitTorrent client application/software.
  2. A, what the community calls, tracker server.
    There are hundreds of these available on the internet and they do not cost users anything.
  3. A .torrent file, that is a text file which points directly to the audio/video file that the user wants to download.
  4. A reputable torrent search which has the functionality to assist the user to find all these .torrent text files that the user desires.
  5. An internet connection which special configuration where the port 6681 is opened on the user’s router/server to enable trading torrent files.
  6. A decent understanding of the present file management software on one’s Macintosh/PC.
    We say this because the user will need to probably navigate through hundreds and hundreds of filenames and folders to make activities such as file-sharing work for him/her.

What readers need to understand here is that, even in a worst-case scenario, the maximum time it would take them to set up their Mac or PC for some good old torrent swarming is one day.

Moreover, if the user doesn’t already employ a software firewall and/or hardware router with his/her router, then the torrent swarm would only take around 30 minutes or so because then all that the user would have to do then would be to choose and install their own BitTorrent client.

If the user does make use of a software firewall and/or hardware router then he/she would likely get a NAT error notification at the beginning.

On a side note, it is a good idea to configure one’s home machine with a firewall generally speaking.

But it just makes things harder for setting up torrent swarms.

The reason why users are likely to get an error if they have a router and/or firewall is that the firewall/router hasn’t had a chance to learn to trust the user’s BitTorrent data.

But it will soon learn to accept it.

In order to teach it to trust the BitTorrent data, the user has to open up the digital port 6881 which is usually associated with the firewall/router.

Once the user does that, the NAT error message should automatically go away and his/her BitTorrent connection would work pretty much as it should.


What’s the actual torrent download process?

This is where we will have to give readers some warnings.

The thing is, unless the reader is living in Canada, they must know that some copyright laws are bound to get violated via activities such as file-sharing with the help of P2P technology.

In other words, if the user doesn’t think much and download any desired movie, TV show, audio file and/or documentary then the user does risk a legal civil lawsuit.

We are aware of the fact that some readers would already know that a recent Canadian court ruling essentially protected Canadian citizens from the large portion of such lawsuits.

However, that doesn’t do anything for people living in the United States Of America.

Or even in the major parts of Asia and Europe.

Readers should know that in the modern world of the internet, getting a lawsuit is a risk and a real one.

The good news is that users must accept the lawsuit risk that comes with using technologies such as P2P if they want to download files via this technology.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the download process and how it goes about.

  1. The first step usually involves the user making use of a special search engine for torrent in order to search for and find the .torrent text file that matches his/her interest around the world of the web.
    As mentioned earlier as well, these .torrent text files have one function and that is to act as a special kind of pointer to help users locate their desired and specific file.
    It also helps the torrent user to locate the swarm of other torrent users who are currently sharing the same file as the user desires.
    As for the size, these .torrent text file can come in any size from 15kb to 150kb.
    Most of the time, the user will find that only serious torrent shares from all parts of the world publish these .torrent text files.
  2. The next step is for the user to download all the desired .torrent files to his/her drive.
    At speeds that cable modems are able to achieve these days, this step should not take more than 5 seconds for each given .torrent file.
  3. Then the user has to open up the .torrent file via his/her favorite torrent software (we’ll talk more about the best torrent software in the next section).
    Typically, this step is a simple one.
    Simple, as long as the user does not find it difficult to double-click on the icon for the .torrent file.
    Once the user double-clicks the .torrent file-associated icon, the user’s torrent client application and/or software would auto-launch.
    However, in some cases, the torrent client software would even open up the correct torrent file for the user.
  4. After that step, the torrent client application/software would probably do a bit of talking with the tracker server for a period of 2 to 10 minutes.
    All the while, it would scour the web for other torrent users to swarm with.
    More specifically though, the tracker server and the client would search for various other torrent users who have also downloaded the same (exactly the same!) .torrent text file as the first user who is looking to download the file now.
  5. In the next step, the tracker makes an attempt to locate various other torrent users to form a swarm with.
    This is the step where each torrent user in the swarm would automatically get the label of either a seed or a leech/peer.
    As mentioned before, leeches are users who are downloading a lot.
    The seed, here, points towards users who have already managed to download a part of the desired target file.
    Some of our readers might have already guessed that the more seeds a given torrent user has managed to connect to, the faster the speed the torrent user would experience as far as his/her downloads are concerned.
    Generally speaking, if a given user wants to download a single large file or even a small file then a ratio of 10 leeches/peers and 3 seeders is pretty much enough to form a good swarm.
  6. When the previous step reaches its finished state, the VPN client software/application then go ahead to begin the process of transferring the files.
    Readers should have no trouble in understanding that sharing, in the torrent network, does mean sharing.
    The term implies that each given transfer of a file would happen in a total of two directions.
    Up and down.
    Or share and leech respectively.
    But what should an average user expect in terms of speed?
    Our research shows that if the user is utilizing a DSL modem or a cable modem then he/she can expect good speed.
    We reckon an average speed of around 25 megabytes per hour is not out of question.
    Of course, the speed can be slower if the torrent user has formed a swarm with a small number of seeders.
    If the swarm has less than 2 seeders, then that is not a good swarm.
    That means, if the user is having a particularly good day and connects with a big swarm, then the user can approach a speed which allows him/her to download a single 5 MB file inside 180 seconds.
    Moreover, at this same speed, the user should not have a problem of downloading a 900 MB movie file inside 1 hour.
  7. Once the torrent client has done a good bit of data transfer and the transfer has reached its completion stage, that is the time for the user to leave his/her torrent client application or software running so that it can run for at least another two hours.
    But why?
    The transfer is complete, so it makes sense to close things down and call it a good night right?
    One has to leave the torrent client running because that is the only way the user can actually become a seeder.
    Some call it good karma.
    As mentioned just now, this is how users have to share their complete files with other torrent users.
    We do have a suggestion though.
    Users should try and work hard to begin their download just before they actually go to sleep in their room at night.
    Because doing so would ensure that the user gets to seed his/her completed torrent files.
    That practice will also help the user to increase his/her upload/download ratio.
    If the user begins the download at the time of going to bed, then by the time the user wakes up, the download would have already completed and the user would have automatically uploaded a good bit of the completed file as well.
  8. In order to take full advantage of all the content the torrent network unlocks for us, it is important to get some audio and video plug-ins.
    All torrent users would more than likely need them in order to play the content that they have downloaded.
    So install a good media player and also update the codec converts to actually have the ability to play the file that was just downloaded.
    Our research shows that VLC media player is the best at this task.
    But Windows Media Player is decent as well.
    So is DivX and RealAudio.
    There is Daemon Tools for Virtual DVD/CD.
    Some users may also require some XP Codec packs and even some other necessary code-decoder converters.
  9. The last step, as far as this section of this article is concerned, has to do with watching and enjoying the stuff.
    So go do that now.

Why all torrent users must make use of a VPN service for privacy

With the help of a VPN service or a Virtual Private Network service, users can easily mask their connection and also their online identity as they are busy sharing their files.

Any user’s VPN connection would do a terrific job of ciphering the user’s connection.

In this way, no eavesdropper in the world can see the user data.

All that he/she would see is illegible data whenever he/she tries to view the user’s downloads.

Click here for a list of the best VPN service providers in the world right now.

A VPN service does much more than just secure the user’s privacy.

Simultaneously, a good VPN service also bounces off the user’s online signal on multiple servers.

This makes the user very difficult to track and trace physically.

Our research shows that IPVanish is the best VPN service provider in the world right now.

IPVanish is great because it is,

  • Economical
  • Well-reputed
  • Experienced
  • Secure
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Well-rounded

And most of all, comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Hence, online consumers do not have to take any risks when they sign up for IPVanish.

to sign up for IPVanish right here and right now at a discount from the official website.

Torrent users must use a reputable torrent client to download torrents.


There are some things that new users would require to download torrents.

One of those things is the special software.

This special software must have the ability to read TORRENT files.

If the user does not have these programs then he/she would not have the opportunity to actually download the torrent files that he/she is after.

In the end, the .torrent file is just a silly old text file.

We’ll now mention a list of torrent software products that will provide any given torrent user with the necessary management control tools over their upload and download speeds.

The tools that we’ll mention would also help users to catalog their content and prioritize their downloads.

We have already mentioned the fact that a lot of torrent sites offer free searching services.

But these functions are available to those torrent users who are ready to look at banner advertisements.

There are other torrent sites that only have private communities.

These sites are able to guard their entire torrent catalog with ease.

Let’s discuss the best tools now.

Best torrent clients in the world

No one should be surprised to know that one can’t just get online and start downloading stuff like crazy as a lot of other online consumers do with many other types of files.

The better way here is to download a dedicated torrent file downloader.

Sometimes people call it the torrent client software.

This is a special program that is able to download the actual audio or video file that the user’s .torrent text file is essentially pointing towards.

Our research shows that users have a total of two broad choices if we’re only talking about downloading tools for torrenting.

The first choice is to make use of cloud software.

Cloud applications are simply online services which users can subscribe to.

And the second option is to take advantage of client software.

These are simply programs that users can install on their computer machine.

Of course, users themselves have to make sure that they are running a fully upgraded and update software for malware.

And they have to do all of that before they actually visit any of the sites for torrent downloader software.

Our experience tells us that the cloud software option is arguably the better choice when it comes to cloaking one’s P2P habits.

Of course, we also know that both client and cloud software applications have their own advantages.

We know that each category of software offers a different price for their product.

Then there is the question of levels of control.

Finally, torrent applications have to offer users some customization options as well so that they are able to suit their products to different tastes.

In the list that we will mention below, users will find the best and most popular torrent clients or downloaders that they can use with their torrent text file for sharing and downloading.

Readers need to remember though that we have compiled the list of torrent clients with the help of various forums and our own experience.

So if there is any that we might have missed out then do let us know either via email or the comments section below.

We welcome all suggestions.

Finally, before we start the list, people who are making use of Chromebook should remember that things will be different from them.

Moreover, before readers actually go ahead and pick a special torrent site to begin downloading stuff from, they should make sure that they have signed up for a secure VPN service.

And then run that VPN service before downloading stuff.

Let’s begin.


Our research shows that the Bitport.io site offers users a tremendous torrent downloader online service which is actually based in the Czech Republic.

Readers should know that this is a cloud torrent download service.

In other words, readers do not have to install this service on their machine.

Neither can they, even if they want to.

Instead of that, users who want to make use of this service have to log in to their online accounts and after that, the service would download all the torrents for the user on their own private servers.

When the time comes that the service has transferred all of the large files to its servers, then users can simply log in and then download the newly completed folder or file directly to their own machine.

Bitport.io allows users to consume up to 1GB of storage for free.

Users have the option of subscribing to the service in order to get access to a little bit more storage.

The paid version also comes with unlimited file transfer speeds.

We are confident that Bitport is actually a great torrent downloader service.

Readers should also give proper consideration to the risks that services such as Bitport.io have to incur.

Hence, we think that the $15, $10 and/or $5 monthly fee presents us with an excellent value-for-money product.


As far as free torrent downloaders go, there is none better than Tixati.

It is extremely reliable.

And reasonably fast.

The person who has developed this program also authored the WinMiX OpenNap application as an architect.

Tixati has no trouble in displaying a pretty much forward-thinking program architecture.

Moreover, it is also able to embrace the recent shifts towards trackerless and efficient torrenting swarming.

What does that mean?

It means that Tixati is able to work rather well with PEX, magnet links, and DHT swarming.

Tixati also has a throttling feature along with a range of other very useful priority adjustment options which appeal to a lot of P2P users who are usually fussy.

In addition to all of that, Tixati is able to offer users download speeds which are probably as fast as what uTorrent and Vuze offer.

Our research also shows that the executive dashboard and bitfield graph displays look very professional.

This, along with many other reasons, is why we rate Tixati as one of the top three torrent downloader clients in the world today and deserves a place among the very best of all time.


This is the torrent downloader for all the Mac users in the world.

In other words, we think that if there is one torrent downloader software application that Mac users should try then this is pretty much it.

We say that because we know that Transmission is not only open source but is actually a product that developers have designed specifically for users on the Mac platform.

That is the reason why Transmission hits its highest speeds while the user is using it on the Mac platform.

We will say though that Transmission is not as fast or feature-rich as a lot of the other Windows-based and/or Linux-based competitors though.

However, it has no trouble in meeting all the regular user demands.

In the end, Transmission will help users get their torrent files quickly downloaded to their machine in the best possible manner.

For clarity’s sake, Transmission is available on the Windows platform, Linux platform as well as the Mac platform.

But, as mentioned before, it works the best on the Transmission platform.


Another one of our favorite torrent downloader software.

So why do we adore this little gem?

Well, to start things off, again, it is open source.

And one of the handful of torrent downloaders that is able to run on Unix, Linux, and Windows

The Deluge torrent downloader is actually built to have as less of a system impact as possible.

It is very lightweight.

Consequently, it does tax the user’s processor and/or memory that much.

Our research shows that this torrent downloader offers users some good prioritization features along with scheduled and selective downloading feature.

All of these features are pretty much invaluable to any and all experienced P2P users.

Our research also shows that the speed torrent users can get from this torrent downloader and/or client is pretty much the same that they would get from other good Torrent clients such as uTorrent, BitComet and/or Tixati.


Some like to call it Micro Torrent while others have become very familiar with utorrent.

Most of our readers would already know that this is the most popular torrent downloader client in the world.

However, it does not mean it is the best.

It is not the worst either.

It falls somewhere in between.

As far as functions go, uTorrent has it all.

uTorrent probably offers everything that a torrent user would ever need.

Most of all, this torrent downloader client only requires a total of 1MB of hard drive storage space on the user’s computer machine.

Our research shows that uTorrent also gives a pretty good performance when it comes to seeding and downloading different files.

It is almost as good as some of its competitors in that department.

All the while, it has a minimum impact on the user’s computer speed or other resources.

The only problem is that uTorrent makes use of advertising.

And some in the media have accused it of selling third-party companies information so that they too can server users targeted advertisements.


We are of the opinion that Tribler is a very special torrent downloader client.

Why do we say that?

We say that because it isn’t just a torrent client.

It has a built-in search engine which enables it to find torrents from all over the web.

That is one reason why the number of people who use Tribler continues to rise.

The best thing about having a search engine built right into the torrent client is that, it allows the user to circumvent the repeated issue that they have to face of their favorite torrent site going down either temporarily and/or permanently.

Hence, users who define themselves as pro-downloading need Tribler because Tribler does not just help them, it helps the whole torrent community and also the ecosystem to not just stay alive but grow.


Just like bitport.io, Boxopus is actually a decent cloud-based torrent client.

The other convenient thing about this torrent downloader is that it is able to store the user’s torrent files in the user’s Box and/or Google Drive accounts.

This service is not free though.

It charges users around $1.50 per week and/or $14.50 per month and/or $50 per year.

Needless to say, all prices are in USD.

We are totally cognizant of the fact that the seven-day price may look pretty expensive to some users.

However, if one really looks at it, it is fairly reasonable.

Especially for those users who plan their downloads.

For such users, the best option is to actually have a week-long access to the service’s systems and then use the service to the maximum.


Some like to remember Vuze as nothing but bloatware.

And that’s not new.

Or even the consensus.

Our research shows that there are plenty of people who consider Vuze as the Lexus of all torrent downloaders.

Readers should know that Vuze probably represents the largest software product.

It has no problem in offering a smorgasbord of useful features.

Of course, they won’t be useful for everyone.

Because a lot of the features require the user to have time and some technical knowledge.

So these will probably not be used by the majority of the users.

Vuze is able to play any given media that the user can throw at it.

And that includes playing HD videos.

Users have the option of play audio files with the help of Vuze as well.

We don’t know of a single media file that Vuze does not know how to handle.

Apparently, torrent users who have installed Vuze can even use it on their PSP, Xbox, iPhone to run media on it.

Perhaps these are all the reasons why Vuze has become so popular for the past year or so.

We recommend that users should give Vuze a try in order to see how it performs at least for a couple of days.

Then they can decide on their own if this robust and powerful torrent downloader software application fits their style of viewing media and downloading content.



Another very good torrent downloader is BitComet.

However, this torrent downloader, for one reason or another has lost a lot of users to other torrent downloader clients such as Tixati, Vuze, Transmission, and uTorrent.

Of course, users who have a serious interest in using a downloader that can satisfy different kinds of users who want different interfaces, should give this torrent downloader client a try.

Our recommendation is that users who are completely new to the torrenting scene should stick with either Tixati, Vuze and/or uTorrent (if they can handle the advertisements).

It is also true that there are several private torrent sites who have no problem in banning users who make use of the BitComet client.

Why is that?

Because torrents sites have this pervasive belief that torrent downloaders such as BitComet tend to report inaccurate upload ratio information.

Moreover, it also leaks data to the DHT, according to such torrent sites.

How to find torrents?

That’s what we did in the introduction part of this post.

Once the reader has understood which torrent downloader they have to install and what is torrent swarming, it is time for them to find their desired .torrent pointer file.

These files are the exact things which will bring them all the audio and video content that they can hope to see.

Refer to the list we have provided above to know the best torrent sites in the world right now.

Readers should keep in mind that a lot of torrent sites offer their searching functions and services for absolutely free.

However, such sites do make use of advertising and other banners which annoy some users.

Then there are other torrent sites which operate privately within small communities that are able to not use advertising and also able to closely guard all of their torrent catalogs.

Here comes the final step though.

How to spot fake torrents

This is the big one.

The sad reality of the online world in general is that it is filled with scammers, thieves, and vandals.

These people make use of phony (but attractive) torrent files and then have them transfer malware to the user’s computer machine.

They are very adept at disguising their nasty little applications as audio downloads or movie downloads.

All that these scammers want to achieve is to deceive the user into installing all of their bad stuff.

That’s why readers and torrent users need to watch out for various password-protected files, WMV files and RAR files for anything suspicious.

These are just some of the files that scammers can use in order to spread their fake torrent files.

Let’s talk a bit more about how a beginner user can recognize a fake torrent when he/she sees one.

How to spot fake torrents (for beginners)

Want to keep safe from dishonest P2P individuals and scammers who make use of fake torrents to phish other torrent user’s identities or trick them into losing money or even vandalize their machines via various malware infections?

Then give this section a good read.

Readers following our advice would not have to become one of the victims.

With all of that said, there are a few pretty obvious signs that the torrent file which the user is looking has some funny around it.

Then there are other signs which give users enough information to deal with them exercising a bit of care

Here are the ten tips that we think users should make use of to stay away from bad torrents.

Of course, these tips will work in addition to the good torrent sites that we have mentioned above.

Torrent file having a ton of seeds but little to no comments

Uploaders who like to abuse the system often have the ability to falsify the total number of peers and seeds.

There are lots of software applications for this purpose.

The most popular one that comes to mind is the BTSeedInflator.

Abusive uploaders make use of these applications in order to make their fake torrents seem like they have 10k or even more torrent users sharing the file.

These are the files that normal torrent users would see when a file has a massive number of peers and seeds but an almost negligible number of comments on its file page.

Our recommendation, in this case, is that users should avoid that file.

There is no doubt about the fact that a true and/or genuine torrent would probably have a couple of thousands of seeds and/or more along with a good number of positive/neutral user comments as well.

If a torrent lacks that, then there is a high chance that the torrent is actually a fake one or at least a bad one.

Torrent file not having any Verified status beside it

This is also something we feel all users should check before downloading any torrents.

There are a few torrent sites that have started to employ a full committee of dedicated and core users who confirm and then verify various torrents on the given site.

And while it is true that the number of files which are verified is small, it gives a lot of credence to the fact that the torrent is a trustworthy one.

Again, we advise that users should follow this advice AND make sure that their antimalware application is active and updated.

Our research shows that in the large majority of the cases, torrents which are verified are safe for the user to download.

Always try to confirm the date of release of a given content with the help of a third-party source.

A lot of users go to torrent sites in order to look at content that has come out just recently.

This is where users should take a pause and go to a site like IMDB in order to find out if the content has had an official release date yet and then verify the official release date.

There are times when malicious users upload the ‘latest and greatest’ movies to torrent sites before the official movie has had a release.

They do this because they know people would want to download that file.

But because our readers have gone through this guide, they would know that the file is fake and not trustworthy.

Of course, there is always that small possibility that the file may actually offer genuine content but why take that chance and not download?

Just stay on your guide.

Better be safe than sorry.

Trust MKV and AVI files but stay away from WMV and WMA files

Why do we say that?

We say that because we know that for the majority of the cases, the true movie files and even other types of media content either come in MKV or AVI format.

Conversely, a vast majority of torrent files which are fake make use of WMV and WMA file formats.

Of course, there are many files that are authentic as well as of the WMA or WMV format.

But users should always prepare for what is likely.

Not for what is unlikely.

The problem with files that make use of .wmv and/or .wma extensions as their ending names is that they often link to other websites in order to trick the user into downloading malware and/or pay for codecs.

It is far better for users to avoid such types of files absolutely and completely.

Exercise great caution with ACE, TAR and RAR files

We are well aware of the fact that there are some legitimate uploaders who make use of the RAR archives format in order to share torrent files.

However, as far as video and audio files are concerned, the majority of the RAR files and even other types of archive files are malicious and/or fake.

Abusers of various torrent sites make use of the RAR format so that they are able to conceal all of their Trojan style nasty malware code and files related to some codec scam.

The thing about video content on torrent files is that when the user is downloading it, it is already in a compressed form.

Hence, there is little to no need of compressing it even more to the RAR format.

So the lesson here is that whenever there is an attractive torrent video file and it comes in the ACE, TAR or RAR format then exercise great caution in handling it.

Examine the contents of the listed file before downloading to stay safe.

If the RAR file does not list the contents of the files that it contains then that is a dead giveaway that the file contains something the uploader of the file does not want the user to see.

However, if the RAR file does disclose the contents of the file but only includes an exe file or maybe even some text-based instructions on how to play the file then it is best to leave it to move on.

Always make an effort to read the comments

The rise of torrenting and related activities has seen torrent sites that offer to capture the user comments on all the individual files that they offer.

This is pretty much like how the feedback function works on a site like eBay where eBay users comment on other eBay users and their offerings.

Torrent sites comments are a great way for users to get a sense of how bad or good the file really is.

Our recommendation is that if a file does not have any comments, become suspicious.

However, if the file has negative comments, then please leave the file, move on and try to find a new and better torrent file.

Stay away from password instructions, exe files which are included in the downloaded file or other special instructions

Readers should know that if they come across a file which has audio or video content and the torrent file tells the user to make use of some,

  • Passwords
  • Download instructions on some other site
  • Important read.me first file
  • Codec instructions
  • Special instructions

then that is a confirm sign that there is something wrong with the torrent file.

Either it is a fake or a scam.

Exercise caution.

Our research shows that the instigator of the file in most cases is probably looking to convince the user to redirect to another shady website or even download somewhat of a fake or dubious movie player or codec.

If the required codec is a precondition to opening up the contents of the file then the user must stay away from the while.

The job of the uploader, a legitimate one, is to give users the content and not worry about how they would play the content.

Additionally, if the uploaders of the file has included some executable files with the downloaded file or other exe files then it is almost certain that the uploader wants to harm the downloader.

Whenever there is an executable file for an audio and/or movie file available in the same folder then that is a giant red flag.

Special instructions for downloads and/or passwords and/or exe files are pretty much confirmed to harm the user.

Hence the torrent user should leave such files and stick to a better file that does not have these problems.

Stay away from all of the following applications

There are some torrent downloader clients that have managed to earn a pretty bad rap for making use of things such as,

  • Trojans
  • Keyloggers
  • Fraudulent downloaders
  • Seeding malware

The best thing we can say about these clients and sites is that everyone should advise everyone and warn them against using torrent downloader clients such as,

  • Bitroll
  • Torrent101
  • TorrentQ
  • Get-Torrent
  • BitThief
  • BitLord

More additions are welcome to get going in the comments section.

Use Google to check if a tracker can be found


Because if a tracker is indeed legitimate then the user would actually see a good number of hits on Google.

In other words, many other torrent sites would point towards the tracker that the user inputs to the search engine.

All that the user has to do is to open up the details of any published torrent tracker and then copy paste the names of the trackers in that file.

If the tracker turns out to be a false one, then users would find a good number of unrelated hits on the tracker with the words “not legit” and/or fake.

That would actually be because of all the P2P user-generated warnings that the tracker indeed is fake.

Use the following reputed media players

There is no question about the fact that now torrent sites offer plenty of audio and video files for,

  • KMPlayer
  • GMPlayer
  • VLC Media Player
  • Windows Media Player

Of course, there are lots of others but these are the main ones.

The user must do a short Google search to find out about any media player that he/she is not familiar with.

Since there are so many reputable media player options on the internet, the user does not have an excuse of downloading risky ones and installing a media player that no one has ever heard of before.

The new and unknown media player might give the impression that the user has stumbled upon the ultimate media player, but there is a higher chance of that shiny new better-than-all unknown media player turning out to be nothing but some form of malware.


So that’s it, folks.

To summarize, new users should know how does torrent file sharing works and how to protect oneself within the system.

We have also discussed how torrent users can download audio and video content in the most efficient and safest method possible.

Moreover, we have also talked about how users can spot fake torrents.

As far as new torrent users are concerned, the problem of fake torrents is a really big problem.

New torrent users usually don’t know anything about the ways in which scammers can take advantage of the open nature of the torrent network to harm others.

We have also listed the best torrent sites and tips for searching on those sites which will keep new torrent users out of trouble.

It is probably worth it to point out that because of the advertisements on various torrent sites, most of the time the homepage of torrent sites do tend to skew towards the Not Safe For Work category.

So new torrent users have to keep in mind that fact because they decide to open up any given torrent site on their work computer which may or may not be visible to everybody else in the office.

We make sure that we only bring those torrent sites that do not have questionable content on their main page.

However, it is always possible that torrent sites might have signed up a deal with new advertisers which may bring in some questionable material via their ads.

Finally, we would like to remind users again that they need to make sure that their anti-malware security product is all patched up and updated before they plan to visit any of the torrent sites that we have mentioned above.

It is preferable to sign up for a VPN service as well because then not only will the user gain protection from malware and stuff like that but also hackers, internet service providers and government agencies.

Torrent legal warning and disclaimer.

Security Gladiators in no way condones the illegal sharing and downloading of copyrighted content on the internet.

On the one hand, the technology that we call P2P is absolutely legal but on the other hand, it is true that a lot of the files that users share with each other on the internet have copyrights on them.

Whenever a torrent user uploads these files which have copyrights on them, it puts the user at risk of a legal civil lawsuit if the user is living in a country like,

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia

And that’s the minimum.

Let’s not even talk about the maximum punishment.

Our research shows that most of the time these lawsuits are essentially class-action suits.

Copyright protection groups usually file these against a full group of users who do not shy away from blatant infringement and continue to copy and then distribute copyrighted content on the internet without prior permission from the creator of the content.

There are some other kinds of lawsuits that target individual online users.

Copyright-holder groups do that so that they are able to make an example out of individual online consumers to scare away other online consumers from doing the same thing.

Readers need to understand that these lawsuits can become a pain if one isn’t careful.

It doesn’t really matter if these lawsuits are successful or not.

More often than not, these lawsuits have enough about them to become an extreme emotional and financial burden on any and all the defendants.

Not only that, but the user’s internet service provider may just have to give up the entire usage history of any of its users’ upload and download activity to several potentially dangerous copyright plaintiffs.

Generally speaking, the higher the amount of data that the user uploads and downloads, the greater is the risk of the user coming into the attention of various copyright protection groups.

Of course, all of that can go away with the help of a VPN service.

We have already mentioned our pick.

It is IPVanish.

to sign up for IPVanish right here and right now at a discount from the official website.

Do let us know if we missed anything regarding the best torrents in the world and how to take full advantage of them.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.
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