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5 Best VPN For Unblocking BBC iPlayer Easily

Want to know the best VPN to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK? Great. We have some suggestions

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is not just another broadcaster.

It is considered one of the top media outlets in the world even though it mostly covers British.

Audiences from all corners of the map enjoy and respect BBC programming talents.

One of the reasons why BBC has managed to stay relevant for so long is the fact that it has moved with the times.

Because of that, BBC has embraced technology rather than shun it

It now offers all of its premium content to online consumers via the corporation’s online streaming service.

That online streaming service goes by the name of BBC iPlayer.

Anyone living in the UK has the option of accessing BBC iPlayer content without having to jump through too many hoops if any.

However, the same can’t be said about users living outside UK.

The BBC has a policy of blocking content for people outside UK because it wants to protect itself from licensing issues.

But the BBC isn’t the only media company that has adopted such a policy

Other media giants in Hollywood and other production studios have done the same

The major source of revenue for any media company such as the BBC is licensing deals.

With these licensing deals, there is no way for BBC to make big money in order to fund more exclusive and premium content.

Hence, most of the BBC’s content is region restricted.

Of course, what these media companies fail to realize is that the world is global village now.

And the days where media companies locked down premium content behind geo-restrictions are coming to an end.

Some studies reveal that if media companies distribute content reasonably fairly across all geographical locations, they can enhance the quality of their services without any additional effort.

Moreover, offering all content to all people would also reduce the urge for piracy

Such a policy would also create more jobs along with boosting the economic growth of the network as well as the country.

Some media companies and distributors still have not learned this important lesson.

And that is why VPN review sites like Security Gladiators have an in-house team of experts who work hard on a daily basis to make sure that people get access to content that media companies don’t want them to consume.

The only reliable way to do that is to unlock geo-restrictions

Content providers should know that VPN reviewing sites like Security Gladiators have been working hard behind the scenes since the early days of the commercial VPN industry.

Security Gladiators has reviewed all major VPN service provider.

And hence, we know the sort of tricks these content providers make use of in order to make sure that their geo-restrictions work.

Users who are tired of these geo-restrictions and want to know how to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK (in other words, from any other place on the map) should know that they have landed on the right page.

Security Gladiators offers such type of uses a total of two options as far as unblocking content on streaming sites like BBC is concerned.

Users who would like to waste as little of their precious time as possible and start watching BBC iPlayer outside UK right now, should take a look at our Summary section given below.

We have tried our best to display our findings in as easy a manner as possible.

On the other hand, users who would rather go in-depth and understand why we selected the VPN service providers on our list should read ahead

So, before going into the details of which VPN service users should make use of to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK, let’s take a quick look at the official Security Gladiators list of top VPN for BBC iPlayer at the moment.

Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. VyprVPN
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. CyberGhost VPN

How To Choose The Best VPN Service For BBC iPlayer

Here at Security Gladiators, we have worked hard to review every major VPN service provider under the sun.

The reason why Security Gladiators is different from other review sites is that Security Gladiators does not just give users a VPN review and then forgets about the rest.

At Security Gladiators, we make sure that we continue to research VPN services that we have already reviewed to know if they still work as they claim to.

It is very important for anyone to do that.

A VPN service that may work with a streaming service right now may not do so after six or seven months.

So we can’t just go ahead and recommend VPN services that don’t block content service providers which people want to get a hold of.

The VPN services that we have recommended through our list of best VPN for BBC iPlayer are VPN services that have shown great consistency when it comes to unblocking BBC iPlayer outside UK.

The user could be in any region, and these VPN services would work with BBC iPlayer

But what makes these VPN service providers special?

In other words, what are some of the reason why most of the community considers these VPN service providers as not only the best but the best of the best?

Let’s try and find the answer to these questions via our next section where we detail the reasons behind our list of top 5 best VPN for BBC iPlayer outside UK.



A complete VPN solution at a price that many would find attractive


  • Offers huge surprise discounts
  • A ton of security features for the more security-conscious of online consumers
  • Excellent encryption
  • The best VPN service when it comes to value for money
  • VPN servers are located in 62 plus countries around the world.
  • Works with US Netflix
  • The network of VPN servers is top notch with Tier 1 servers that offer great speed


  • Doesn’t have any Linux client
  • Offers two Mac VPN clients which is, to say the least, confusing.
    The latest edition offers fewer features than the older version on Mac.

NordVPN is the best VPN service provider when it comes to users who have a desire to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

Not only is NordVPN very effective at doing that, it also offers tremendous value for money.

NordVPN may not be the fastest VPN service provider in the world but it offers enough speed to enable users to enjoy their HD BBC iPlayer streams.

Users should find no problems streaming their favorite HD shows.

In stark contrast to some of the other VPN service providers on this list, NordVPN offers users a total of six simultaneous devices per account.

That’s right folks.

With just a single NordVPN account, you can protect up to six devices at the same time.

The official NordVPN software application is intuitive and streamlined.

For the end user, it means that they can stream their favorite TV content in a matter of seconds.

NordVPN offers dedicated applications for all major platforms.

Not only NordVPN is the most cost-effective solution for streaming HD content but it is also very consistent at enabling users to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on the go.


  • More than 62 VPN server locations.
  • More than 4500 VPN servers
  • Total number of simultaneous devices allowed is 6.
  • More than 3500 IP addresses
  • Comes under the jurisdiction of Panama
  • Average VPN server speed comes to around 60 Mbps
  • Works with US Netflix.
  • Unlocks BBC iPlayer
  • Working with Hulu
  • Allows torrenting
  • Works with Amazon Video


NordVPN has a one month plan where users have to pay the company $11.95 every month.

The company also offers a 1-year plan which costs users around $5.75 per month.

NordVPN charges users a total of $69.00 after every 12 months when they subscribe to the 1-year plan.

This VPN service provider also offers a 2-year plan where users have to pay around $3.29 per month.

Users who subscribe to the 2-year plan have to pay $79.00 after every 24 months.



ExpressVPN is perhaps the best VPN service when it comes to speed and overall presentation.


  • Regular discount offers for new users
  • Fast servers in the UK which enable users to stream BBC iPlayer content in HD.
  • VPN servers located in over 100 countries around the globe
  • An intuitive and reliable user interface
  • Strong encryption
  • Live chat support 24/7.


  • The number of simultaneous devices per account is only three.
  • Keeps aggregated connection logs for the company’s internal use.

ExpressVPN manages to rank itself as the best VPN service provider for BBC iPlayer on many best VPN lists.

We rank it the second best.

ExpressVPN offers fast download speeds.

It also offers the ability to regularly take care of geo-restrictions that the majority of content providers around the world have implemented.

On top of that, it has reliable VPN servers that offer a smooth streaming experience when the user wants to have that smooth streaming experience.

Users who have signed up with ExpressVPN have the option of connecting a total of three devices at the same time to ExpressVPN with a single account.

Some users may feel that number is a bit on the lower side.

And it is.

With that said, our research shows that most online users should be pretty safe with that number as it is enough for average streaming needs

If we come to the topic of privacy, ExpressVPN establishes itself as a leader of the pack.

It makes use of a military-grade encryption technology.

The company’s privacy policy is also pretty watertight when compared to what’s out there in terms of competition.


  • More than 148 VPN server locations
  • More than 1500 VPN servers.
  • Users can connect up to three simultaneous devices.
  • More than 30000 IP addresses available
  • Average VPN server speed hovers around 70 Mbps
  • The company comes under the jurisdiction of British Virgin Islands
  • Works with BBC iPlayer
  • Can unlock US Netflix
  • Works with Hulu
  • Can unlock Amazon Prime Video
  • Allows users to engage in torrenting.


The one-month ExpressVPN subscription plan currently costs around $$1295 per month

On the other hand, the 6-month subscription plan costs around $9.99 per month.

ExpressVPN charges users around $59.95 after every six months.

There is also a 12-month plan.

This annual plan comes with three months of free VPN service.

ExpressVPN charges users $99.95 after every 12 months.

On a monthly basis, the annual plan comes to around $6.67 per month.



An excellent choice for users who want to connect to UK servers to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.


  • Never has a problem with unblocking streaming services such as Netflix
  • Great features for increased security.
  • Powerful encryption.
  • Blazing fast VPN servers that offer the best possible streaming experience.
  • VPN servers located in 70 plus countries.


  • Customer service needs some improvements.
  • The company keeps connection logs on users for a period of 90 days.

VyprVPN finally makes it to the list of outstanding VPN services that are compatible with BBC iPlayer.

It has continued to woe reviewers all over the internet.

And for good reason.

It works with BBC iPlayer.

And it doesn’t skip on strong encryptions.

Add to that the fact that VyprVPN has lightning quick VPN servers which are present in over a total of 70 regions around the world (which includes the United Kingdom, by the way) and you have a VPN service that is, at least, impressive.

As far as the software applications go, VyprVPN is right up there in terms of intuitiveness and ease of use.

It supports all major operating systems and platforms.

That makes VyprVPN the perfect choice for people who want to access BBC iPlayer outside UK on their mobile internet-enabled devices.

The company offers good customer care and also offers a free trial.

Our research shows that it is one of the few VPN services left that offers a free trial.

As with all other VPN service providers on this list, VyprVPN is a reliable VPN service that doesn’t force users to break the bank for a sign-up.


  • More than 73 VPN server locations.
  • More than 700 VPN servers.
  • Allow users to connect up to three devices simultaneously.
  • Comes under the jurisdiction of Switzerland.
  • Average VPN server speed is around 58 Mbps.
  • Works with US Netflix
  • Supports torrenting
  • Can unlock Amazon Video.
  • Doesn’t have a problem with playing content from streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer.

Currently, there is no information on the number of IP addresses that the company supplies its customers.


VyprVPN has two plans.

One is the basic plan.

The other one is the premium plan.

VyprVPN basic plan costs users around $43.50 per year.

Users who sign up for the basic plan on a monthly basis have to pay $3.63 per month.

The VyprVPN premium plan costs users around $57.50 per year.

On a monthly basis, users have to pay $4.79 per month.



This VPN service provider has taken over the responsibility of providing beginners with a platform that is not only secure but also easy to use.


  • Good customer support
  • Zero logs
  • Full of features for online privacy and security
  • VPN servers are fast which makes them ideal for BBC iPlayer streaming
  • Good reputation amongst the public.


  • It is new.
  • Lack of stealth mode which makes it pretty useless for use in China.

We’ve mentioned a few VPN all-rounders in our list of best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

And this one is one of them.

Albeit, unlike some of the other VPN service providers on the market, this one actually has a lot of public backing it.

PrivateVPN has worked hard to prove that its VPN service is every bit as good as industry powerhouses such as IPVanish (a great VPN service but not suitable for BBC iPlayer streaming) and ExpressVPN.

PrivateVPN has the capability to unblock content from a range of VPN service providers such as BBC iPlayer and many others.

The VPN service is not only fast and efficient, but also reliable

If this list only talked about VPN services that are reliable then PrivateVPN would give even the best VPN service providers on the market a good time.

Our research shows that users will find using PrivateVPN a joy because of its efficiency and speed.

We have already touched upon the fact that this alone makes PrivateVPN a very reliable service.

Being reliable is also something that many users find pleasurable.

When a user only wants to connect to a service like BBC iPlayer outside UK, then what matters most is the reliability of the VPN service provider to get the user online.

Nothing else matters.

PrivateVPN realizes this fact.

As far as security features are concerned, PrivateVPN has plenty of them.

The company offers a robust privacy policy and keeps zero logs.

PrivateVPN, as an overall product is very polished.

Why do we mention that fact?

We mention it because there aren’t many VPN services that are both polished and affordable.

Most of the times, users would find that VPN services which have polished and robust VPN clients cost more than the average VPN service provider.

To further instill confidence in the user about its service, PrivateVPN offers users an official and full money-back guarantee for a period of 30 days.

So why not give PrivateVPN go and check why is it making headlines in the world of VPN services.


  • More than 50 VPN server locations
  • More than 100 VPN servers.
  • Users can connect up to six devices simultaneously
  • More than 7000 IP addresses.
  • Comes under the jurisdiction of Sweden
  • Average VPN server speed can reach up to 54 Mbps.
  • Compatible with BBC iPlayer.
  • Supports US Netflix.
  • Unlocks Hulu.
  • Bypasses Amazon Video geo-restrictions.
  • Enables users to engage in torrenting


The 1-month subscription plan for PrivateVPN costs users $7.12 per month.

Users who show a bit of faith in the service and sign up with it for a period of three months only have to pay $4.50 per month.

PrivateVPN, on the other hand, will charge them $13.50 per month.

Then there is the 19-month plan from PrivateVPN.

This plan costs $2.73 per month after PrivateVPN throws in a total of seven months for free.

After that, the company charges users $51.84 after every year.



This VPN service provider is an excellent all-rounder that not only allows users to stream content from BBC iPlayer but also download content via torrenting.


  • Offers huge discounts from time to time
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Intuitive user-interface.
  • Offers watertight privacy via strong encryption.
  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer and a lot of other streaming services.
  • Has consistently managed to beat the majority of the competition when it comes to fast VPN servers.


  • Lack of stealth mode.
  • The customer support needs to have more knowledge on technical issues.

We have already talked a lot about some of the powerhouses of the industry.

Cyberghost isn’t one of them.

But it has made a huge impact in the short amount of time that it has been on the VPN scene

How has it done that?

By following a simple formula.

Give the users what they want.

And give it to them at a good price.

That’s why Cyberghost offers.

Its VPN service is top-notch and the company tries to back that up with affordable subscription packages

Users who want to unblock content in the UK should definitely give this VPN service provider a try because it is one of the best VPN service providers at that task.

CyberGhost offers users a great selection of UK servers which aren’t only reliable but also fast.

They have the capacity to unblock BBC iPlayer.

Tasks such as HD streaming don’t even begin to push the boundaries of how well these servers can perform.

CyberGhost offers users VPN software application for all major operating systems and platforms.

The company makes sure users have access to the absolute best security thanks to a strong military-grade encryption.

All CyberGhost subscription packages come with a 30-day official money-back guarantee.

We have already mentioned the fact that these packages don’t cost the user a whole lot of money.

Overall, CyberGhost offers a robust VPN service that qualifies for at least a try from online consumers looking to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with ease.


  • More than 61 VPN server locations.
  • More than 2000 plus VPN servers.
  • Offers users to connect up to five simultaneous devices.
  • More than 3500 IP addresses.
  • Comes under the jurisdiction of Romania.
  • Average VPN server speed can reach up to 65 Mbps
  • Works with US Netflix
  • Works with BBC iPlayer
  • Allows users to engage in torrenting.
  • Amazon Video.


CyberGhost VPN offers users a one-month subscription plan that costs around $11.99 per month.

The company also offers a 6-month plan.

The six-month plan costs users $4.99 per month.

CyberGhost VPN charges users $29.94 every six months and then after that it charges $59.95 after every six months.

The last subscription package is the one year package.

This package costs users $2.75 per month.

CyberGhost VPN bills users $33.00 for the first year and then $66.00 for subsequent years.

How To Set up My VPN For BBC iPlayer

If you have made it this far, it should not be hard for you to set up BBC iPlayer with your VPN service.

Users who want to set up their VPN service provider from to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK should know that the process is easy.

All that they have to do is to follow our step-by-step process in order to get their VPN working for them.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

  1. The first step is obviously to sign up for a VPN service.
    We have already mentioned the fact NordVPN is the best VPN service when it comes to unlocking content on sites like BBC iPlayer.
    NordVPN is the best because it is fast, secure and offers high-performance UK-based VPN servers.
    With that said, users who want other options that are a bit cheaper can give PureVPN a try.
    It is also a good VPN service for watching BBC iPlayer outside UK.
  2. After signing up for a VPN service, users need to first download and then install the service’s VPN client.
    This step is pretty simple.
    Sometimes users create an unnecessary amount of headache for themselves by downloading the wrong app for their operating system.
    So, users have to make sure that they only download that VPN client file that is meant for their operating system and/or device.
  3. After downloading and installing the VPN client, users need to run the VPN software.
    Then users have to choose OpenVPN connection as their default protocol.
    We recommend users should go with the option of using OpenVPN because it offers the strongest encryption and reliability.
  4. When that’s done, users need to select a VPN server based in the UK.
  5. After that, it is just a matter of clicking the button that says Connect.
  6. Then the user has to use Google in order to find himself/herself a UK postcode.
    The user will also have to decide which fake name he/she would like to use.
    After that, the user has to sign-up for a temporary email address, assuming the user does not want to use his/her real email address.
  7. When all of the above is taken care of, the user has to navigate to the URL https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer.
  8. After going to the URL, the user first has to subscribe with BBC iPlayer with fake details.
    Then the user has to click the button that says “Yes I have a valid TV license.”
  9. Congratulations. Now the user should have a working VPN service all set up and ready to go.

The only left to do now is to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK online.

Frequently Asked Questions on BBC iPlayer VPN


What do you mean by an iPlayer VPN?

Let’s break down the term first.

The iPlayer, obviously, stands for BBC iPlayer.

And the VPN part stands for Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is nothing but a service that helps users to create a secure and private network through which the user’s data can pass over to the wider world of the internet.

VPN services afford users lots of benefits.

The most notable of all these benefits is where it can make the user appear from a place that is different from the user’s physical location.

Some call this feature by the name of geo-spoofing.

When a user has taken advantage of features such as geo-spoofing, the user has essentially bypassed all regional restrictions put on any given content.

For example, if the user selects a server based in the UK then the user has the opportunity to stream all BBC content no matter his/her location on the world map

As mentioned before, VPN service providers don’t just offer users geo-spoofing features.

VPN service providers also offer reliability and privacy via various encryption technologies.

What does encryption do?

Encryption essentially prevents internet service providers along with workplaces and governments (not to mention other third-party snoopers) from tracking users and what they do online.

All of this may seem like a lot to take in.

But keep reading.

By the end of our guide, you’ll have a pretty good idea what good VPN service providers look like and which ones work best with BBC iPlayer.

Do I Really Need A VPN Service To Watch BBC iPlayer?

The short answer is that yes you do.

Now, let’s move to the long answer.

We’ve already mentioned the fact that BBC isn’t like the majority of media publishing companies

It is better than the average.

But when it comes to offering that uncommon content, BBC is just like all the other online content providers.

In other words, BBC also blocks all types of overseas access to the company’s online services.

It does that to avoid any licensing problems.

Hence, users have to just sit by and watch quality programs from channels such as,

  • BBC Parliament
  • BBC News
  • CBeebies
  • BBC Four
  • BBC Three
  • BBC Two
  • BBC One

put out content that they can’t consume simply because of the fact that BBC has not licensed that content for users outside the United Kingdom.

Is it really fair?

We don’t know.

We just know how to bypass those restrictions in order to enable online users to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

For the purposes of blocking content for users outside the UK, engineers working at BBC have installed featured which enable the company’s website to check the user’s IP address (in other words, the location of the user).

If the official BBC website finds that the user is not located in the UK, then it blocks its BBC iPlayer service for that user.

With the help of a VPN service though, the user is able to give BBC’s official site the impression that he/she is not an overseas user but actually a user who is in the UK.

Of course, users should not expect each and every VPN service provider in the market to have the capability of unblocking services such as BBC iPlayer.

This is one of the reasons why at Security Gladiators, we are constantly looking out for the best VPN services which can unblock streaming services.

And since there are many applications for a user may want to use a VPN for, we also look for VPN services that are the best at a specific task rather than the best VPN in all tasks.

When users sign up for the right VPN, they can easily unblock the majority of high-quality and premium content available online.

This includes not only sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer but other platforms for content such as 2018 World Cup.

By the way, in BBC’s case, users don’t have to go out looking for another streaming service to watch FIFA World Cup 2018.

BBC has done the hard task of purchasing rights to exclusive FIFA World Cup coverage with some sharing agreement with ITV.

Hence, BBC provides users with complete access to FIFA World Cup.

Not only that, BBC also supplies highlights related to Match of the Day without charging users a single quid.

Click here if you want to know how to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 online right now.

With that guide, you will make sure that you don’t miss a single FIFA World Cup match this time around.

Users who are still searching for a VPN service provider that has VPN servers spread evenly all over the world should check out our exclusive list of best VPN service providers right here.

That will give the user a good grounding on which VPN services are reliable and which are not.

Why is it that some VPNs don’t unlock BBC iPlayer?


There are many reasons.

The people working behind the official BBC website know that users have started to use VPN services in order to access their geo-restricted content.

Because of that, the BBC official website comes packed with features that can block any given IP address which they discover to belong to a specific VPN service provider.

All that the BBC website has to do is to monitor the number of online users who are using the same IP addresses to log into the official BBC website.

In that way, the BBC official website has an easy time figuring out which user is actually using a VPN service to make it look like he/she is from the UK while he/she is not.

Users who have read this guide should count themselves lucky because we have done all the hard work for you and have listed the best VPN service providers for BBC iPlayer.

These VPN service providers are the best not because they have beautiful looking apps or websites, but because they have found a special way in which they can keep themselves one step ahead of the competition (and sites like BBC iPlayer).

All the five VPN service providers that we have mentioned in this guide work with BBC iPlayer and do not get hampered by BBC’s VPN blocks.

Is there a way to unblock BBC iPlayer for free?

We would like to answer this question by talking about what some call “Free” VPN service providers.

Security Gladiators usually recommends users to stay away from free VPN service providers if they want to unlock premium streaming services.


Because, free VPN service providers (among many other things) are extremely slow.

They don’t have the required infrastructure to enable fast streaming.

Moreover, free VPN service providers also come with bandwidth limits as well as usage limits.

For the end user, this means his/her quality of streaming service would suffer a lot.

Users who are on a budget should try and opt for a VPN service provider that costs the least on our list of best VPNs to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

Keep in mind that most free VPN service providers do nothing but waste the user’s time and effort

So if you don’t want to get stuck while trying to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with a free VPN then sign up for a premium one.

Is VPN legal?

In other words, is it safe to use a VPN service?

The short answer is, yes

It is pretty much safe to use a VPN service almost anywhere in the world.

In fact, our research shows that using a VPN service is legal in most regions of the world.

However, users should know that if they use a VPN service to unblock premium content from a provider like Netflix, then it is considered a violation of the service’s terms of service.

Sometimes, that can even amount of breach of the content’s copyrights.

So what’s the best course of action?

The best course of action here is to simply check the relevant copyright legislation in one’s own country and/or region.

As we have mentioned before, all the VPN service providers that we have mentioned in this post offer top-notch security and privacy

Users should know that there are very few cases, if any, where a user got punished for using a VPN service to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of online consumers who have used a VPN service to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

They continue to stream content from BBC iPlayer without a worry in the world.

As far as BBC’s official policy on the issue goes, the company says that it does not comment on any kind of individual case with regards to the breach of its platform’s terms of use.

However, the company also makes it clear that it does take steps wherever it finds then appropriate in order to protect its content and other intellectual property which belongs to copyrights holder groups.

Does BBC check your address and name if it is one the official TV license register?


There is no definitive answer to that.

But the safe option is to assume that it does.

As far as the UK is concerned, it is actually illegal to try and watch BBC iPlayer if one does not have a TV license.

That is one of the reasons why the BBC has recently made the decision of requiring all users to sign up before they can watch BBC iPlayer.

It isn’t as big of a problem though.

Basically, you have the BBC iPlayer app requiring users to first register an account with the BBC.

As mentioned before, all that users have to do is to use a UK postcode while signing up.

Our research shows that BBC iPlayer does not verify whether the user’s location is within the region of the postal code that the user has input.

In other words, if users can ensure that they have a UK IP address before registering and use a UK postal code during registration, everything should be fine.

Apparently, BBC is still relying on the honor system where it assumes that viewers would exercise some honesty and would input their actual postal address.

They don’t require any proof whether the user who is registering has a TV license or not.

BBC only introduced this feature back in September 2016 and it is now clearly mentioned in the company’s terms of service.

Do VPNs unblock BBC iPlayer on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows?


They do.

Each and every one of the VPN services that Security Gladiators has mentioned in this guide offers users dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices.

As alluded to earlier as well, all of the VPNs that have made it to this list enable subscribers to protect at least three of their devices with the VPN service simultaneously.

In simpler terms, with just one VPN account users have the option of streaming BBC content on their laptop, tablet as well as smartphone.

Security Gladiators in no way condones or supports copyright infringement.

Although Security Gladiators is aware that people use VPN services to spoof their location from one country to another country in order to bypass geo-restrictions, the main purpose of our guides is to enable people to protect their privacy and security. This is the primary reason why Security Gladiators recommends users to install a VPN service on their devices.

How to choose the best VPN for BBC iPlayer outside UK

There are many factors that users have to consider.

But first and foremost they need to give thought go connection speeds.

Users who only want to sign up for a VPN service provider because of BBC iPlayer streaming have to take into consideration the speed performance of any given VPN service provider.

It is actually vital for them to check it out before they sign up for the service in full.

Users who don’t have any plans of streaming HD video content can skip on this one.

But not users who want to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

We have already mentioned the fact that a good VPN service should have no problems in unblocking BBC iPlayer.

However, if that “good” VPN service is slow and can’t stream video without buffering then it is pretty much useless.

This is the reason why Security Gladiators recommends that users should only purchase those VPN service subscription packages who have fast VPN servers in the UK.

That is the only way to ensure that users are able to not only unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK but also watch content without any frustration.

All of the VPN service providers on our list as fast.

With that said, it is also true that some VPN services offer more speed than others.

Users who want in-depth information and reviews of the VPN services that we have mentioned in this guide should take a look at our individual reviews of these VPN services in the performance sections.

Good Privacy

Privacy in the digital world isn’t something most users think about when they want to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

We’re not saying that users should change and make privacy their primary concern when trying to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

What we are saying is that it is always worth a shot to note the privacy policy of any given VPN service provider.

The VPN service providers mentioned in this list all have strong privacy policy documents and excellent encryption implementation.

We have meticulously selected these VPN services to make sure none of our recommendations skips on these issues.

If users sign up for a VPN service like NordVPN and/or ExpressVPN, they can rest assured that their VPN service has a watertight privacy.

Theoretically speaking, if a VPN service offers a robust privacy document then this means no one apart from the user would know that the user is accessing BBC iPlayer outside UK.

Many find digital privacy extremely valuable for a variety of reasons.

With our VPN service providers, users should face no problems in unblocking and protecting their digital privacy.

Users who want more privacy should check out our list of best VPN service providers on the planet by clicking here.

More factors to rank VPN services for BBC iPlayer outside UK

Speed is not the only thing that matters.

We also have to take into account other factors such as the price of the VPN service provider.

Moreover, we also give consideration to whether or not the VPN service offers an official money-back guarantee.

There is also the factor of the free trial.

If a VPN service offers free trial then it has the edge over an equally-good VPN service that doesn’t.

Needless to say, it is understandable that people want to sign up not only for the best VPN service provider but also the cheapest one.

Any of the VPN services that we have mentioned on our list will allow users to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK, so if a user feels that he/she needs an even cheaper option, then he/she should click on the links that we have provided to have more information on current prices of these VPN service providers.

Our readers don’t need us to tell them that premium VPN services to cost more than average VPN service providers.

That is just the way it is.

With that said, we haven’t included a single bad VPN service on our list.

Users who really want to pay as less as possible should just take our list, find out the one that is the cheapest and then sign up for it because all of them are good VPN service providers.

Which VPN services you should avoid for BBC iPlayer outside UK?

We have gone out to do a bit of research on VPN services that users should leave alone if they want to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

These are as follows,

  • TorVPN
  • VPN Master
  • VPNJack
  • Overplay (discontinued)
  • iPredator
  • GooseVPN
  • EarthVPN
  • VPN4ALl
  • Tunnelr
  • PRoxy.sh
  • Perfect Privacy
  • Anonymous VPN
  • VPNTunnel
  • VPNBlock
  • SuperVPN
  • LeVPN
  • Betternet
  • Hide.me
  • HideMyAss
  • Private Internet Access
  • IPVanish (a good VPN service provider that unfortunately doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer at the moment)

We would like to stress the point that many of the VPN service providers on this list are excellent VPN service providers in terms of security and privacy.

But users who only want to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK over the internet are basically wasting their money if they have signed up for one of the above-mentioned VPN service providers.

BBC iPlayer Error Help

The problem with recommending VPN service for watching BBC iPlayer outside UK is that, some VPN services that are currently working with BBC iPlayer may not work with BBC iPlayer in a weeks time.

So there is no way to ensure that our recommendation will work come 2030.

However, for most BBC iPlayer errors, the first action should be to simply disconnect from the VPN server (whichever VPN service you are using) and then reconnecting with a different VPN server.

Our research shows that users who can’t solve their BBC iPlayer error with the above-mentioned simple step may have a bigger problem.

For such cases, the first thing users should know is that if they are trying to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on devices such as,

  • Android smartphones
  • iOS devices
  • Various streaming media box devices
  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TV sets

with the official BBC iPlayer app, the app itself can force the user’s devices to connect to the internet via the internet service provider’s own DNS servers as opposed to the VPN’s.

There is a neat trick that users make use of if they want to get around this problem.

The technique is to sign up for a VPN service and then set it up on the main Wifi router.

Users can also go with using a virtual router.

That option is more convenient than installing a VPN app on a router.

There are many helpful guides on this subject matter on the internet.

All it requires is a simple Google research.

Sometimes even when the user connects to a different VPN server (or any VPN server), the systems behind BBC iPlayer website might have managed to store the user’s previous location.

Websites regularly make use cookies to accomplish such tasks.

If that cookie is still active then switching to a different VPN server would not help users.

Users who come across a warning that informs them that because of their location they can’t access any content should clear their browser cookies.

How do you clear your cookies?

That is pretty easy as well.

Just go to the Settings menu of your web browser and then clear out the cookies.

Users can also make use of an extension like EditThisCookie to save some time.

There are other times when the user connects to a VPN server and tries to access BBC iPlayer.

If the BBC iPlayer website does not load and returns the dreaded error message again, then the user has to flush his/her DNS cache.

How does one do that?

For users who are on the Windows platform, they first need to go to their Windows search bar.

Once there, they need to type the command “cmd”.

This action should open up the Command Prompt window.

When that’s done, the user needs to type out another command.

That command is,

ipconfig /flushdns.

Users who are on the Mac platform can go to this link in order to find instructions on how to flush one’s DNS cache.

The final suggestion we have for BBC iPlayer error is that users should make sure that they clear any and all cached data that the BBC iPlayer app could use in order to know their real location.

The task of clearing out the entire cache data in a web browser is an easy task.

Go to Settings.

And then search for the cache.

Then clear the cache.

There is a shortcut too.

Just press CTRL while holding the F5 button.

This combination will perform a successful hard web browser refresh.

How To Watch Planet Earth II via BBC iPlayer?

Once you get access to BBC iPlayer, you get access to Planet Earth II as well.

Yes, tv series such as Blue Planet 2 and Planet Earth 2 are available for users on the BBC iPlayer platform.

Moreover, the BBC iPlayer doesn’t charge users any money for the privilege of watching these two tremendously beneficial documentaries.

However, before watching Blue Planet 2 and Planet Earth II users should make sure that they have signed up for a VPN service that offers fast VPN servers.

Because otherwise, they can expect a lot of buffering.

Any HD content requires a ton of bandwidth and data.

In other words, stay away from VPN service providers who limit the bandwidth users can consume.


We have done our best to provide users with a list of BBC iPlayer VPNs.

After a lot of time and effort, we can reliably say that these VPN service providers don’t just offer lightning-fast VPN servers for HD streaming via BBC iPlayer but also offer security.

It doesn’t matter which show or program the user wants to stream with BBC iPlayer, these VPN services will work and enable the user to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with total privacy and security.

Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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