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The usage of mobile devices is increasing so the things that users want to accomplish with their mobile devices as well. They check their mail, browse the internet, and use tons of applications and much more. That’s why security is becoming a bigger issue in the mobile world. Smartphones offer antivirus protection apps, but you will still have issues with various device and location related restrictions. Antivirus software for mobile devices are still relatively new, so you are not guaranteed a 100% bulletproof protection. Here comes the need of other security and anonymity tools like VPNs.

What is VPN?

VPN is a set of protocols and encryption methods that will add a secondary security layer to your device. In simple terms VPNs allow you to browse the web in complete anonymity. It’s like traveling through the web and nobody knowing who you are. VPNs have been present in the PC industry for years now, but in recent years providers decided to spread their product offering in the mobile industry as well. The good thing about VPN providers’ Android apps is that they are really easy to setup, contrary to some PC or MAC VPN providers.

Why to Use VPN?

There is a general misconception out there that VPNs are used only by people that travel, or that want to download some torrent files. The truth is that VPNs can be used and should be used by anybody that surfs the net. Besides breaching country restrictions these types of networks add another security layer to your device, and together with your antivirus software they form a very strong and safe combo. Everybody stores lots of personal data on their android cellphone, so it is becoming crucial to use Android VPN apps.

OpenVPN Networks and VPN Apps

OpenVPN is one of numerous VPN protocols, and it is the most appropriate and efficient one for Android VPN usage. You should know that it’s not possible to directly use OpenVPN servers from your Android device because Android doesn’t have a built-in support for these types of servers. You will need to download an OpenVPN app from the Android market. Before you start using this app it is necessary to root your device. Depending on your needs you will maybe even need an integrated VPN support.

Integrated VPN Support

There is integrated VPN support only for PPTP and L2TP protocols. When you connect to these types of VPNs you won’t need to install any additional app on your Android. Just enter the Settings of your Android smartphone and select the More option that can be found in the Wireless and Networks menu. There you will find the VPN or VPN Settings option depending on the version of your Android software. Here you can add a VPN connection by filling out some simple information like network name, type of VPN server and address of the VPN. The address can be a numerical IP address like 192.292.3333.45.44 or you can enter a web based IP address like (these are only examples). You can use multiple integrated Android VPNs at one time and connect to them whenever you want. In order to add a network you first need to have an Android VPN account.

Best VPN for Android

Setting up a VPN account on your own can be tricky. That’s why there are providers that will ease up the process and lead you all the way. Setting up a VPN account at one of these providers will allow you to connect an integrated VPN for Android on your device. Here are couple of the best VPN providers on the market. We’ll be focusing on the VPN options that they offer for android based devices.

HideMyAss Pro VPN

The HideMyAss Pro VPN Android app is available on the Google Play market for free. Although the application itself is free, you will first need to purchase one of the packages that this provider offers on their webpage and setup your account there. After this you will have no problem connecting your Android device to your HMA! Pro VPN account. This is probably one of the most advanced software of its type that will provide high security on great number of international servers.HideMyAss


ExpressVPN is another one of the best VPNs for Android. If you don’t believe this statement, you can try their product for free during the trial period you receive. One of the best things about ExpressVPN for Android is that it has servers on more than 72 locations spreading through three continents: Europe, North America and Asia. Testing results have showed that it doesn’t decrease the speed or bandwidth of your internet connection, and provides top notch online security. ExpressVPN android app has been made available for free on Google Play, too. ExpressVPN


PureVPN is a highly security orientated VPN provider that features options like: Wi-FI connection safety, access to blocked websites, total anonymity and many other things that make it one of the top choices when it comes to the best VPN app for Android. It is one of the rare VPN providers out there that uses only 256 bit encryption, which allows you faster browsing and very little decrease in internet speed. The PureVPN Android app is free for download, but as like both providers being highlighted earlier, above – you will need to choose one of the service plans from their website before you can use its services.PureVPN


VPN on Android is a relatively new field, so it doesn’t need to mean that quality PC VPN providers offer quality Android services, too. That’s why we tested and listed best possible option above for you, and we want to hear your experiences with OpenVPN and Integrated VPN for Android. Maybe we have missed on some good, but less known Android VPN providers that we would like to hear from you.

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