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Best VPN for Mobdro to Use Right Now (The Comprehensive Guide)

Is Mobdro Safe?

As is usually the case, the answer to such questions is never straightforward. Here are a couple of things you need to know. Mobdro, like Kodi, is a platform. In other words, its components roam all over to get free streams for the user.

It doesn’t take any responsibility for what those streams may end up injecting your device with.

Most of the time, they only give you the content you want. Other times they might install malware instead of showing the content you’re expecting.

Moreover, Mobdro is an Android app and no Android app is 100% safe or secure. You also have to consider the fact that you can’t find the Mobdro APK on Google Play Store. When a given app isn’t available on Google Play Store, you usually have to sideload it after enabling some options on your device.

An image of the homepage of Mobdro

That can make your streaming device unsafe since it has to allow installation from unknown sources. Of course, if you download Mobdro.apk from the website you don’t have to worry about any of these issues since you’re doing a clean Mobdro install. The problem only arises if you use third-party sources for your APK.

Another problem we should mention here is that of third-party website links and ads that it shows you. Google also shows them to you on its platforms and takes no responsibility for the content of those ads and links. You’ll have to judge for yourself if an ad or link looks legit. Or just use an ad-blocker to get rid of the problem altogether.

Is Mobdro safe? It can be, but it’s all about how you use it.

Is Mobdro Legal?

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You might have seen this coming but there’s no simple answer to the question “is Mobdro legal?” It all depends on where you live, the laws in your region, and what you do with Mobdro. There are some things you can keep in mind to help you navigate such issues.

First, the world of online streaming and technology moves a lot faster than the legal industry. As a result, the legal world is unable to deal with a lot of the stuff that happens in the online world. You can rest assured that this will be the case for the future as well.

Making legal allowances and prohibitions is a slow, methodical and deliberate process while making technology is fast and chaotic.

A lot of the stuff that apps like Mobdro do will always be unclear from a legal standpoint. You can always make your own judgment from what other apps are doing to learn the answer to the question “is Mobdro legal and safe?”

The legality of Mobdro can also be addressed by looking at what you do with Mobdro. Anyone using Mobdro for copyrighted streaming is going to get in trouble. Is Mobdro legal in this sense? No.

Mobdro is a platform for Android devices that searches the internet for free streams. Then, it arranges the content in categories and enables streaming. In short, all of this makes Mobdro legal.

But when a user engages in copyrighted content streaming, then the act becomes illegal.

Just to clarify, Mobdro alternative FireStick apps work the same way. A prime example is that of Kodi. You can’t get rid of these problems since they exist because of Android devices and apps. They have little to do with specific apps like Mobdro.

So, is Mobdro legal? The answer is yes as long as you’re not streaming copyrighted content for free.

Is Using Mobdro Legal in the US?

If you stay away from streaming copyrighted content for free then yes.

Is Using Mobdro Legal in the UK?

Again, if you can ensure that you’re not streaming copyrighted content for free then you’re in the clear.

How to Use Mobdro

To use Mobdro you first have to go to its website and then download the app from there. Sideload it to your devices and then launch it to start streaming for free.

How to Watch Mobdro Privately

Use a VPN service. VPNs are great at hiding your IP address and all your online activities from prying eyes. The best Mobdro VPN services we know of are:


NordVPN logo

A perfect privacy service not just for streaming Mobdro content on Android devices but for pretty much everything else as well.


CyberGhost VPN logo

With a huge server network, this service is great for streaming as well. It offers a ton of security features that will ensure your privacy while you’re streaming free Mobdro content.


SurfShark VPN logo

If you’re looking to hide your online activity on the cheap and on an infinite number of devices then this is the service for you.

All of the elite VPN service providers are so closely matched that in the end, it comes down to individual preferences, likes and dislikes to decide which one to use. Therefore, we’ve written a guide on the top VPN service providers on the market today that cater to different users in different ways.

Click here to read that guide and sign up for the VPN service that’s best for you and your needs.

Why Should I Use a Privacy Service With Mobdro?

A person using a VPN on a tablet while on the desk we can find a notepad, coffee, glasses and a plant

That’s an interesting question. If you already have some familiarity with Kodi, then we don’t think you’ll need a lot of convincing on why you should use a VPN service with Mobdro as well.

But the main point is this: while streaming content on Mobdro for free, you need to guarantee your privacy and security. A VPN service ensures that you have that for as long as you want. VPN services have become very good at hiding the user’s online activity from not only the internet service provider of the user but from all prying eyes.

In short, if you want to make sure that you’re the only one who knows about the things you’ve watched and done on the internet, then your only choice is to sign up for a VPN service. Of course, VPN services are also good at unblocking content which is also something you would need when using Mobdro.


Mobdro is safe to use. But if you’re not satisfied with just “safe to use” and want to make it safe to use and safe for streaming, then pay a couple of bucks a month for a good VPN service.

Pro Tip:

For the best streaming experience on any and all Android devices, make sure you download the Mobdro app from the official website. Also, download the VPN app from the official website and not some third-party resources.

Head to the comments section below if you face problems with the Mobdro APK download or streaming content using the Mobdro app.

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