4 Best Windows 10 video converters to use in 2022

Do you want to convert videos? Then get going with our picks.

You could have an interest in making a video or just view them online, the fact is, video content is pretty much everywhere.

Now, even though video content has gone from being uncommon to be in abundance, watching it has hardly become a seamless experience.

You have to work a lot in order to have video files play properly on all your devices.

This is where video converters come in.

Video converters make life easy for users who want to change the format of various different video files that they might have stored on their computer machines.

In the process of converting videos to the proper format, video converters play a very important role of enabling users to play their video content the way they want to, in the app they want to and on the device they want to.

But video converters of today can do more.

Modern video converters can help users edit videos as well since a simple change of file format can do wonders when the time comes to edit that file.

The overall process becomes more efficient.

In this guide, we will take a look at the best video converters that users can download for the Windows platform and how they differ from each other.

Before that though, allow us to mention the criteria with which we rank video converters.

Without any particular order,

  • The video converter should be free of malware and adware
  • Doesn’t cost a lot.
  • Supports various different operating systems
  • Provides users with a good range of output and input formats.
    If it works with 4K videos as well then that is a bonus.
  • Can convert videos quickly and efficiently.
  • Offers high-quality video output.
  • Should be friendly for beginners
  • Must be easy to use.

List of best Windows video converters


Wondershare UniCoverter

When it first came on the scene it was simply known as the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Now it just goes by the name of Wondershare UniConverter.

Our research shows that it is indeed one of the very best video converters that you can download for the Windows platform.

With that said, we will mention that even though it may be the best, it is certainly not the cheapest.

Of course, whenever you want to use an application that does not only provide you with speed but also quality, you have to pay slightly more than the normal amount.

In that context, if you feel that having a great video converter is very important for you then Wondershare UniConverter could be the one that you are looking for.

In terms of user experience, the greatest benefit of using software for which you have to pay is that there are never any ads.

Moreover, there are no upsells either.

That is exactly the case with Wondershare UniConverter as well.

On that note, we should also mention that Wondershare provides users with a free trial as well.

But the trial version comes with an annoying number of limitations.

For example, the trial version only allows users to convert 33 percent of a given video in terms of length.

Moreover, the free version is slower when compared to the paid version.

Apart from that, the free trial version does not allow users to burn data to any disc.

Finally, you have to deal with a lot of restrictions when trying to download and record video content on the free trial version.

However, once you start to pay for the application, things get better.

The paid version of Wondershare UniConverter provides users with unlimited high-speed video conversions.

Moreover, the company removes all restrictions on the disc burner, downloader, and screen recorder.

Now, taking into consideration the standard set of features that Wondershare UniConverter offers to users, we have no choice but to say that Wondershare UniConverter is pretty easy to use video converter.

However, you should not take it to mean that it is a simple video converter.

It is not.

In fact, it offers a good number of additional features which set it apart from standard video converters.

Wondershare UniConverter has some really advanced editing tools which you will not find in other video converters.

Our research shows that this software application has the ability to handle a total of 35 different video formats.

Some of the more popular formats that it can handle include,

  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • MP4

What’s more?

Wondershare UniConverter comes with 150 plus device profiles which are pre-configured.


This is very helpful for users who do not know much about the format of the file they are going to get next.

Apart from that, Wondershare UniConverter has the ability to manage 4K video content conversion with more or less no issues.

Users who are on the macOS platform can also use this application for their video conversion needs.


As mentioned before as well, WonderShare UniConverter does allow users to try the product via a free trial.

But the free trial is not going to let the user very much when it comes to video conversion.

In our experience, the free trial version is for people who want to see the actual user interface of the product and nothing more.

As for the premium plans, you can get started for just $39.95 which will grant you a one-year license to use the software on one PC.


  • High-quality output
  • Fast speeds
  • Ease to use
  • 4k resolution support
  • Burns data to disc
  • Zero ads or upsell offers


  • Expensive

DivX Converter

Unlike Wondershare UniConverter, DivX Converter does offer users a free edition of its main product.

However, users have to deal with a huge upsell offer for the paid version which is DivX Converter Pro.

Once you install the application on your system, the application will ask you to give your permission to install a multiple number of other pieces of applications such as,

With that said, users who like to give proper attention even to installation wizards will probably notice that DivX provides a box next to every additional application it wants the user to install.

If the user simply unchecks the box, DivX doesn’t install any additional software.
The installation process actually continues as if nothing happened.

We should mention though that at one point during the installation process, DivX will ask you to provide the application with your valid email address.

Now, even though it may look like you have no other option but to give your email address but we are here to tell you that you do not have to provide your email address if you don’t want to.


All you need to do once you get to that stage is to click the button that says Finish.

Our research shows that the free version of DivX Converter offers reasonable conversion speed.

There is also an option of converting 4K videos to the format you want to.

The output quality, we feel, is also high enough.

As far as the number of video formatting options go, DivX offers users a dozen of them and then some more.

Some of the popular format options that DivX supports are,

  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MP4

And lots more.

DivX Converter is unlike various other freemium video converters out there in the market in the sense that the free version, for the most part, is pretty usable.

By that we mean, it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge on part of the user to get started.

It is easy to use even though the free edition does not offer as many video formatting options as the paid version.

Of course, that is true for all video converters.

If you are willing to upgrade your subscription though then things change drastically.

Some of the exclusive features that the DivX Converter Pro offers to users includes,

  • More profiles
  • High conversion speeds
  • Even more customer formatting options and settings.

Users who want to upgrade their package from the free edition to the Pro version may do so by purchasing individual features as well.

You have the option of paying just for the Cloud Connect feature which allows you to sync various videos straight from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

There is also the option of purchasing a Video Pack.

The Video Pack feature enables users to convert VC-1 and MPEG-2 files.

Similarly, there are other options available for purchase such as DTS-HD Plug-in and/or DFX Audio Enhancer.

DivX Converter even offers users to pay specifically for the removal of ads.

Now, if you do not want to make these individual purchases, you can purchase the Pro version.

Once you do upgrade to the DivX Converter Pro, you get all the features that we have mentioned above and a few additional features.

At the time of writing this guide, DivX Converter supported platforms such as Mac and Windows.


As indicated earlier as well, the free version of this video converter is essentially free to use forever.

Moreover, it is fairly usable.

Users who want to purchase optional features separately may do so by paying various different amounts.

For the full DivX Player Pro version users have to cough up around $19.99 per month.

That may sound like a lot of money but trust us when we say that it is, in fact, one of the most economical packages available in the paid video converter market.


  • 4K video conversion available
  • Inexpensive paid version
  • Video output quality is high
  • Conversion speeds are solid
  • Decent free version
  • Lots of features available via the Pro version


  • Makes multiple attempts to make the user install extra applications during the installation process
  • Upsells and ads are rampant in the free edition

Freemake Video Converter

Just like a lot of other video converters in the market today, the Freemake Video Converter is a freemium application that offers users a free version and a paid version of its video converter.

And just like other video converters, the differences between the two are, to put it mildly, vast.

This gives us a good opportunity to talk about the free edition first.

Once you install the free version,  the Freemake Video Converter application will take you to a webpage which will ask you to go through the registration process.

With that said, again, the user has the option of ignoring this registration process entirely and skip to using the app only.

Watch out for upsells though as Freemake will bombard you with offers and discounts when you are trying to get some work done with the free version.

The other unfortunate part about the free version is that the official Freemake Logo gets added to any and all videos that the user converters.

More specifically, the logo appears on the screen both during the beginning and at the end of converted videos.

Additionally, if you convert a video using the free version, Freemake inserts a text message which remains right in the middle of the display throughout the duration of the video.

This effectively renders the free version of Freemake video converter software very much useless.

What we mean by that is the company doesn’t really expect someone to use its free version for anything productive.

The other surprising thing about this video converter is that the upgrade process is anything but simple.

You will have to work very hard before you find the pricing information regarding Freemake Video Converter even if you try to search for it via the official website.

If you go to the official website right now, you can only see the button that says Free Download.

This might make certain users believe that the application if free forever.

Again, once you get to install the application, only then you realize that Freemake has involved you in an upsell scheme.

However, we will mention again that the company provides very little details to the user on this issue.

If you look at the main screen of the Freemake Video Converter app, you will see a button which is supposedly there for the user to sign up for a package using a deal.

To us, this looked like the only available paid option.

However, as you would imagine, that was not the case.

If the user simply clicks on the Help tab and click on the option that says Remove branding, then the app shows the user a basic package.

Now, even though it is a package, we feel it is an expensive one given that you get in return.

Right now, some of our readers might be wondering that if Freemake Video Converter is such a bad choice then why did it make our list of best video converters for Windows 10?

Well, the thing is, once the user has paid the money to upgrade from the free package, the user does not have to get anxious about seeing more ads.

Once the screen is clean of ads and upsells, users get a solid and rather enjoyable video converting application.

The overall app design has a fun-looking and bright interface.

From what we have seen of video converters so far, that is a very welcome change.

Most video converters in the market have dull user interfaces.

In fact, video converters have never been known to have a decent user interface.

The more important thing here is that the user interface for Freemake Video Converter is very intuitive.

This means that beginner users can easily navigate it without facing any issues.

Our research shows that Freemake offers users a total of 17 different video formats.

Some of the video formats on offer are,

  • MOV
  • MP4
  • AVI

As far as preset profiles and editing tools are concerned, paid users get plenty of them.

The quality of video output is also pretty high.

For those who need it, there is also an option of 4K video conversion.

If you pay for the premium version you can expect some pretty fast speeds.

The free version is not slow either but our feeling is that the act of adding a logo and then saving the converted file is deliberately slow so that the overall process takes a lot more time than it should.

Both versions allow users to burn data to DVD.

But again, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the free version will have the Freemake branding on your stuff.

Freemake really missed an opportunity to become one of the better video converters out there in the market by not being more transparent about its pricing structure and what users get in return.

Our experience tells us that more often than not, this is enough to put off a potential customer.

In terms of quality and user interface the paid version of Freemake Video Converter is pretty good.

But users will have to struggle a lot before they are able to get to that point.

Moreover, Freemake only offers its video converter application for the Windows platform.


You can sign up for the basic version for free but it will brand everything you convert.

In order to remove annoyances like branding, you will have to pay the company either $5 per week or $10 each month.

If you want to have unlimited access then you have to pay $299 for the privilege.

Some may think that these prices are way too steep for a video converter.

And they may be right.

Perhaps that is why Freemake Video Converters offers users a mammoth discount of 80 percent on their first purchase.

This is a pretty clear driver for the user to eventually sign up for the unlimited option that comes to about $59.95 after you apply the discount.


  • Burn stuff to DVD easily
  • A good number of preset profiles
  • The paid version has fast conversion speeds
  • The output quality is good
  • 4K conversion is possible


  • The pricing structure is confusing and also fairly expensive
  • The free version, for the most part, is not usable for any serious work.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory

You should get the idea by now.

Each of the video converters that we have mentioned offer you a paid tool and then also offer a free version which is a lesser version of the paid version.

Is that the case with WonderFox as well?

Let’s have a look.

It does have a free version that you can use as a trial product without even registering with the service.

The version only allows users to convert videos which are no longer than 5 minutes.

Moreover, you can only download, at max, file files via the internet.

With that said, it is also true that some users may be fine with this arrangement.

Nothing is stopping you from upgrading to the paid version though.

WonderFox does a good job of not annoying fee users with ads or upsells or offers of installing extra applications.

This video converter does not offer the most polished user interface that you will ever see but it is very easy to understand and use.

WonderFox offers users a total of 21 different video formats some of which are,

  • MPG
  • MP4
  • MOV
  • AVI

Along with that, it provides users with a great number of device profiles.

For beginners, this is perhaps the ideal video converter.

The quality of the output video is high and it does have support for 4K video.

On the other hand, it is not fast.

It is not awfully slow either.

You don’t need us to tell you that video converters need to be fast no matter what.

We should also mention that WonderFox does not support ripping data to DVD.

If you want that feature you will have to purchase it separately from the company in the form of a DVD ripper.

As far as platform support is concerned, WonderFox only supports Windows.


Sign up for this converter for just $29.95 per license.

Or pay $39.95 for Video and DVD Software Pack.


  • 30-day official money back guarantee
  • No upsells
  • No adds
  • Intuitive
  • The output quality is good
  • A good number of preset profiles


  • Editing tools are basic
  • The user interface is not refined enough


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