How to bring the magic back to Bookmarks and simplify your life

This is the best bookmarking tool that we think you should come back to.

Between the unmatchable speed with which one can simply perform a search on Google and find the precise information that one is looking for along with social media feeds and read-it-later services, features such as web browser bookmarks have actually become pretty much a relic (and a forgotten one) of an internet age that has long passed away.

However, we want to let you know that the basic and rather essential bookmarking tools that are still present in web browsers on most of your machines can still provide a lot of benefits even if you hardly ever leave the modern world of the internet.

In this guide, we will take a look at exactly how you too can make use of bookmarks again and benefit from them.

More specifically though, we will cover pretty much all the options that the majority of the online consumers today have on their machines in the form of

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

With that said, it is also true that the principles that we will talk about here will also apply to other web browsers which are not considered part of the mainstream.

First off though, the one benefit of making use of bookmarks that we should mention right now is that bookmarks are flexible.

Like, infinitely flexible.

In other words, users have the option of making use of bookmarks in order to keep track of anything and everything that the user likes and however he/she likes.

Web browser bookmarks are actually a bit too useful.

To put it another way, some people find them so useful that they bookmark hundreds of URLs and have folders that are absolutely bulging with the massive weight of all the pages that they have stored and in no particular order.

As with most things in life, an order is a must.

In order to make the best use of bookmarks, each and every user must make sure that they are organized well enough.

Perhaps some may find it obvious but bookmarks help users to keep track of all the stuff that they view on the internet.

Bookmarks can help you with the apps that you make use of most frequently, as well as the sites that you have a need for loading up on a daily basis.

Bookmarks also help you to save all the articles that you want to keep for posterity.

There are many other reasons why you would want to make use of bookmarks.

And we have just listed some of them

Generally speaking, people make use of bookmarks to save stuff for the future or save stuff from the past.

In order to get going all that you have to do is to start typing up the URL that you desire in the official address bar of your web browser and then see how your web browser matches the new URL with some of the URLs that you have visited before in recent days or months.

Not only that but you will also see your web browser matching stuff from your old bookmarks.

Most of such results would appear near the top of the list which would then have a drop-down portion underneath.

The other thing you need to know about bookmarks is that anything that you bookmark on your web browser, you can get back to it anytime you want at a later date.


Modern web browser now also offer the bookmark syncing feature.

This feature has become the essential feature in almost all the major web browsers that we know of.

The other great thing about using bookmarks is that you can have access to all of your bookmark pages from a multiple number of computing machines and on multiple platforms along with multiple devices.

And that includes accessing your desktop bookmarks on your smartphone device.

However, you will have to make sure that you have signed in to your correct account on your mobile device in order to access your desktop bookmark pages.

Bookmarks go with you anywhere and everywhere.

And most of all, you do not need to make any sort of an effort to make sure that bookmarks are there for you when you need them the most.

Exporting (most of the times) and importing online bookmarks is easy as well.

Generally speaking, there is a standard that everybody has agreed upon and this standard makes sure that users are able to move their bookmarks wherever and whenever they want to and on any web browser and between any two apps.

This also helps when you want to switch web browsers for some reason.

Once you do decide to do that you have the option of bringing in your web browser’s bookmarks with you with the absolute minimum amount of fuss.

All the built-in tools that you need

If you have currently subscribed to one of the big-name web browsers available in the market today then you should know that they offer all the tools that you need in order to keep all of your bookmarks neat and tidy.

You can actually create a brand new bookmark on Google Chrome if you simply perform a click on the little star icon which appears to the right of your URL address bar.

Moreover, you can also assign the new bookmark in a new folder with the minimum amount of effort and rather straight away.

If you want to do more with your bookmarks then first you need to reach your bookmarks.

If you are on the Google Chrome platform then you will need to choose Bookmarks from the menu and then the option of Bookmark Manager.

Alternatively, you can also try to hit the Ctrl-Shift O combination on your Windows computer machine.

If you are on a Mac then you need to press the buttons that say Option Cmb B together.

When that is done, we suggest you make use of the box that appears near the top of your search box in order to, you know, search all of your bookmarks.

You can use the same screen in order to add more bookmark folders.

Our research shows that these are very useful for people who want to organize their bookmarks.

There is also an option for exporting bookmarks and another one for importing them.

Now, the other thing that you need to know here is that each of your given bookmark has a small menu button which is located at the right-hand side of the screen.

You can make use of that in order to edit and then delete all the bookmarks that you want.

Not only that, but you can also perform a click on them and then drag them to any place you want in order to change the order of your bookmark list.

Of course, you can drag bookmarks and folders to put them into different folders and subfolders respectively.

The other thing that we want to mention about the Bookmarks menu here is that it also allows users to hide or show a bookmarks bar in Google Chrome.

Think of it as a useful dock which sits slightly below the Chrome address URL bar.

You can actually drag down URLs there if you need to.


To do that you will have to make use of the icon which appears to the left of any given URL itself.

Of course, there is always the way of adding a bookmark in the normal fashion.

Once you have placed all your bookmarks on your bookmarks bar, you will have easy access to the most important URLs on your screen at all times.

Now, for Firefox users, they too can make use of the star icon which appears in the URL address bar in order to set a new bookmark and then put it in a new bookmark folder if there is a need for it.

The other thing you need to understand here is that you have the option of finding all your bookmarks in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser in a number of different ways.

There is the Library option which appears on the official Firefox toolbar or menu which lets the user hide or show the bookmarks bar.

This bookmarks bar, appears right under the official address box.

Let’s not forget the official bookmarks sidebar either.

Apart from that you also have the option of viewing your complete bookmark manager from the exact same Bookmarks menu and Library.

If you do not like to make use of the mouse buttons so much then you can press the combination of Ctrl-Shift B (and on the macOS Cmd Shift B) to open up the bookmarks bar.

On that note, Mozilla Firefox also provides you the most amount of control over your bookmark manager.

In other words, you can make it pop out as well if that is your thing.

Apart from that, Mozilla Firefox allows you to rename bookmarks and put bookmarks in different subfolders and folders.

You also have the option of removing bookmarks altogether from your Firefox account.

Mozilla Firefox also allows users to add various types of tags to their bookmarks.

That makes them even easier to find once you want to access them at a later date.

And if you look closely in the top right corner you should have no problems in finding the Search Bookmarks.

If you want to export or import bookmarks then you can use the available options near the top of the current dialog.

The same options allow you to modify how your browser organizes your bookmarks on the screen.

Mozilla Firefox allows users to order bookmarks on the basis of their name.

Not only that but you can also list them via the tags that you have given them.

Apart from that, you can also order your bookmarks in the order that you last opened them.

This feature alone is handy enough for occasions when you want to find out the bookmarks that you no longer need or are neglecting.

Now when it comes to Microsoft Edge, you do not really have bookmarks.

What you have instead are favorites.

But they work the same way.

Users have the option of setting up their new favorite by simply performing a click on the star icon which appears in the top right corner of any given URL.

All you have to do is to look near the top of your web browser.

From there you should have no problems in seeing the Favorites icon right on the shown toolbar.

You can click on the toolbar to see each and every bookmark that you have currently got.

Now, Microsoft Edge shows you bookmarks with the help of a side pane rather than with the help of a separate tab.

Moreover, you also have the option of clicking the icon in the shape of a pin which appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen for those occasions where you want to make sure the pane remains open rather permanently.


There are other icons available for users near the top that allow them to create brand new folders for all of the user’s bookmarks.

You can also make use of the settings pane in order to export or import bookmarks.

Now, we also want to let you know that the same settings pane also offers users an option that goes by the name of Show the favorites bar.

And you probably have an idea now what does it do


Just like in Firefox and Chrome, this option places the user’s most accessed and important bookmarks near the URL address bar.

These are the bookmark options that you will use more like every single day.

Moreover, you can yourself put up more favorite of your websites among other things, to the favorites bar once you create them in the future.

There is always the option of dragging bookmarks from the Favorites panel which appears near the edge of the Microsoft Edge user interface.

Now, for users who are on the macOS platform and using Safari as their primary web browser, they have access to the entire Bookmarks menu to check out and play with.

If you want to see the bookmarks on a left-sided pane then you will need to open up Bookmarks first and then you will have to click on the option that says Show Bookmarks.

On the other hand, you can also click the icon which appears on the toolbar and says Show Sidebar.

You can also click and then drag in order to move any of your bookmarks into a slightly different position in the overall order.

Users who want to create a bookmark should just drag the given website URL directly into the sidebar.

You can do that either via the address box which appears near the top of the web browser or by simply dragging the concerned link directly from the web page that you have opened up.

For those users who want to add a webpage that they are currently viewing on the screen, they should click the button that says Share on the toolbar.

Safari bookmarks are perhaps the most simple when compared to what is on offer in the market today.

In any case, after clicking the button that says Share, you ought to pick the option that says Add Bookmark from the resulting menu.

If you want to edit a bookmark then you will have to perform Cmd + click when you are inside in the sidebar.

Now, in order to add a brand new bookmark folder to your list, you have to do the same as before and use the Cmd + click combination.

Users who want a more detailed view of all the bookmarks that they have stored in their Safari browser, they should open up the Bookmarks menu and then select the option that says Edit Bookmarks.

After that, they should press the combination that goes something like Option + Cmd + B.

Once you do that you should see a new window appearing on your screen which also allows you to see your bookmarks and move bookmarks and also create new bookmark folders.

The same combination will also allow you to edit the bookmark URLs and titles.

What about those third-party helpers?

What about them?

We always suggest that users should not overcomplete matters if we are strictly talking about bookmark tools.

The vast majority of online consumers would probably do great with the default and solid bookmark management systems that modern web browsers offer to users.

So just stick with those unless you feel you need more.

After all, with the current state of the market, it is not that hard to find extra features or help in handling bookmarks.

In fact, you can find all such options rather easily.

If you are on the Google Chrome platform, then at the very basic level, you can use something like Recent Bookmarks.

This will easily sort out all of your web browser bookmarks.

It would do that by the exact date that you added them.

For some users, this is the preferable way since they do not work well with the default behavior of how web browsers deal with bookmarks.

The one thing you need to keep in mind here is that Sprucemarks has stopped actively developing the add-on besides coming up with occasional bug fixes.

However, it still manages to do a reasonable job of sorting out the user’s bookmarks and folders by URL and/or date.

For those who want it, the addon also organizes bookmarks by their name.

With that out of the way, you should know that there are many new tab replacement addons that you can incorporate to your bookmarks in one way or another.

The best that we have researched on is Atavi.

What does it do?

It allows users quick access and add options with respect to their toolbar.

Not only that u tit also presents the user with the user’s saved sites with the help of some visual flourish.

Now, as a bonus feature, Atavi allows users to managed their bookmarks via the addon across a multiple number of their web browsers.

For example, if you are on the Firefox platform then know that the Default Bookmark Folder is only good for one job and that is to set the location where it should save the user’s bookmarks.

Think of this feature as the default save location.

However, it does its job well.

Now, you can also make use of Pearltrees.

It takes the task of bookmarking one level higher.

In other words, it has a nice visual interface for the user to save websites along with notes, photos and files all inside one’s web browser.

If you want to make sure that you are able to see a good number of bookmarks on your screen at any given time then you should definitely give a try to Group Speed Dial.

With that said, we would like to warn you here that if you are on the Safari or Microsoft Edge platform then your actual choices in terms of add-ons and extensions for boosting your bookmarking functionality become very limited.

The only worthy tool that we feel we should mention here is the EdgeManage addon.

It has the ability to add a good number of bookmark functions that Microsoft Edge current does not offer to users.

For starters, it gives users the graphical tree interface that shows the user all of his and/or her saved websites.

It allows users to manipulate them as well and that too in batches.

Apart from that, you can also make use of complete bookmarks replacement tools such as Instapaper and Pocket.

However, we think that Toby is the one that puts a neat spin on the old bookmarks formula.

In other words, it manages to replace the completely new tab page in Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

You can also try for a cloud option.


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