Learning to Bypass Megavideo Limit

Megavideo is one of the major online video streaming sites that allow sharing content universally and it boasts having a huge variety of cool options to watch. You can either download what you wish to watch or get to watch online, allowing you to have a choice and make the most out of your online recreation.

However, the sad thing about watching Megavideo content is the time limit applied. Unless you own a premium account, there is a 72-minute time limit that you cannot exceed. If you do, you are blocked from watching for a specific time frame – this can be truly frustrating, can it not? The great thing, nevertheless, is that you can interfere with this restriction for free and get what you want (which is nothing more than being able to watch unlimited content without any problem getting in the way).

There are several methods that can work for you and so we have thought it best to highlight all of them for you to try out. Once you have found the method that best suits your needs and your experience with computing, stick to it and feel free to reap the fruits of your prudence! So, here we go with our tutorial to bypass the 72 minutes limit being imposed by Megavideo.

1st Method: Blocking Cookies

This works just fine and it does not require a lot of effort or knowledge in computing. The simple steps that you will need to follow are:

  1. Delete all cookies from your computer and clear your browser
  2. Block cookies
  3. Unplug your modem and then connect it again
  4. Go on with watching the video that you had been watching

2nd Method: Working Offline

Next stop, this is an equally simple and straightforward method that you can use for enjoying Megavideo movies non-stop. What you need to do:

  1. Click on the start to initiate watching the content of your preference
  2. Press the Pause button
  3. Wait until the content is 100% buffered
  4. Head to the menu of your browser and click on File
  5. Then, click on Work Offline
  6. Watch the content you want
  7. Get back Online

3rd Method: Adding +++

This method does not always work, but it is dead simple and is therefore worth taking the time and trying it out. There is no a, b and c about that, because you only need to do ONE thing; you add +++ at the URL of the movie that you wish to watch and press the enter button. That’s all!

4th Method: Using Various Apps and Sites

There is a plethora of different apps and sites that you can find online, claiming to help you out avoid the time limit of Megavideo. If you like, you can try out as many of them as you feel comfortable with. The worst scenario is for you to find out that they are not working for you. The best scenario, on the other hand, is for you to find a convenient method that will unblock Megavideo content without restrictions. Weigh the pros and cons and decide!

5th Method: Using VPN

This is the last (but not the least important) method on how you can visit the Megavideo website and watch everything you want without time limits. What you need to do is to stick to the guidelines below:

  1. Find a reliable VPN service provider (either for free or for better performance a premium VPN)
  2. Get a subscription and setup the VPN on your device (VPN welcome all screens, supporting almost all of the computer devices)
  3. Prior to the initiation of the video watching, click on the right
  4. At settings, go to local storage and set at 0
  5. Start VPN and get to disconnect and connect

The last step will grant you a different IP address. In this way, you will get a new 72-minute limit that you will be instantly able to renew (every single time you run out of time).

Which Is the Safest Method to Use?

These are the methods that we have gathered for you, in order to unblock the limitation annoying you about Megavideo. Nevertheless, they are not the same and they do not come with the same level of protection. After having checked them out, you can see both the advantages and disadvantages of either one of these methods and conclude as to which one you should make use of.

As for the safest method, this is the use of a VPN acount. Besides being a trustworthy solution that works every time and on every device, it helps you conceal your true digital identity. As a result, your data is encrypted and you do not have any fear of having your personal information intercepted. So, along with the enjoyment you get from lifting any limitation from Megavideo movies on the net, you also get full anonymity and absolute online freedom.

Feel free to share with us which method you like best and which one you have found to be less reliable or effective. In addition, share any thoughts or comments on our tutorial and let us know of any other piece of advice you may have on the subject. It is always a challenge to come up with great, efficient and convenient suggestions that can facilitate or even optimize your Internet experience. Good luck and enjoy unlimited video streaming every single time!

Ali Qamar Ali Qamar is a seasoned blogger and loves keeping a keen eye on the future of tech. He is a geek. He is a privacy enthusiast and advocate. He is crazy (and competent) about internet security, digital finance, and technology. Ali is the founder of PrivacySavvy and an aspiring entrepreneur.
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