Watch NFL Game Pass Anywhere by Bypassing Blackouts

What’s the most watched content on TV for Americans? Well, the answer is right before your eyes and it is none other than the NFL Games! American Football has become increasingly popular over the years and this is why all people from the US have been trying to grab hold of a precious subscription, according to their specified needs for watching the games.

Whether you are a hard core fan of a specific team and go for a limited subscription to the matches of your own favorite team or you wish to enjoy the Sunday matches or you are in for the whole deal, there are plans that cover your needs to the fullest. If you are wondering how the NFL games perform by numbers, you just need to have a look at the statistics of last year. In fact, 205 million fans were tuned in and the outstanding 34 out of 35 most wanted shows of the year included NFL matches!

In order for you to overcome the restrictions of NFL streaming and get the opportunity to acquire the NFL Game Pass from anywhere in the world, there are several different methods that you ought to comply with. Below, we are going to display the most popular methods that you can use for succeeding in your goals. Feel free to look into them and get to decide which of these options truly works wonders for you. So, let’s get started!

How to Watch NFL Games Online Internationally

Without any further to do, let’s have a closer look at the three most popular methods that will allow you to bypass any blackouts, regardless of your actual location in the world. There are detailed instructions as to what you are expected to do in each case:


With the use of a Virtual Private Network, you will get the opportunity to mask your IP address and overcome any restrictions applied to NFL Game Pass. So, you will not appear as a US resident and therefore you will not have any trouble accessing the website and being offered the wonderful NFL content. Let’s see the steps you have to follow, shall we?

  • Subscribe to a VPN Service Provider: There are many VPN service providers that allow you to encrypt your personal information and change your IP address. It is up to you to find out the service provider that offers the perfect value for money, so as to get exactly what you want. Among the things you need to search for, there is the plethora of VPN server locations and the level of encryption used, the reliability and the overall feedback of the services and of course the cost and the customer support department.
  • Download and Install the Proper App: According to the device you wish to use, there is the proper app and the respective setup guide that you ought to install. Follow the guidelines and get ready to log in for initiating the VPN.
  • Choose a VPN Server: NFL Game Pass is forbidden to US residents and thus you have to find a VPN server that is not located in the United States. You can experiment with several servers, till you find the one that performs the best for you and your Internet connection.
  • You’re IN!


StrongDNS is a DNS service, which enables you to unblock the restrictions placed to a plethora of websites and channels internationally. The same goes for the opportunity to watch live NFL games online. You can go ahead with selecting the 7 day free trial of StrongDNS, in order for you to identify whether or not this service is suitable and lives up to your expectations. The steps that you have to comply with in the case of StrongDNS are the following.

  • Visit the Official Website of StrongDNS
  • Start the Free Trial
  • Setup the Service at Your Device (Works on Every Device)
  • Unblock NFL Game Pass
  • This is it!


The use of proxy is another approach on how to watch live NFL games online, aiming at the very same thing. Indeed, the proxy server will allow you to mask your true digital trace and consequently watch NFL everywhere in the world, including the US. The proxy service typically is free and simple to use, but it can sometimes stop working properly at times. In this case, you just need to find out a different proxy to tunnel your data through. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • You Find the Proxy Server You Wish to Use
  • You Place the URL of the Site You Want to Access
  • You Tunnel Your Data via the Proxy Server
  • You Gain Access to the Formerly Restricted Site

We have highlighted the best and most popular methods that lead to watching NFL Game Pass internationally. Whether you wish to enjoy live games or you are more interested in NFL Game Rewind, the best method of them all is indisputably that of the Virtual Private Network.

Using a VPN, you can change your IP address easily and without any delay and you can simultaneously encrypt all of your data and thus increase your online protection. At competitive price rates, you should consider trying out the VPN subscription that will help you out with your anonymity and at the same time offer you the chance to watch the games that you love the most, both live and repeatedly!

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