BulletVPN Review: The Complete Edition (With Pictures)

Is BulletVPN the newcomer the industry was waiting for? Read on to find out.

Even before people knew that internet service providers were looking to sell their data without user consent, the VPN market was flooded with players old and new.

In other words, the last thing the VPN market needs is another VPN service.

But does it hurt anyone if a newcomer takes charge and kicks the industry in the back for more innovation and creativity?

Is BulletVPN that player?

You’ll find out soon enough.

Reviewing a VPN service is not an easy task.

Even for individuals, it is quite a hassle to research VPN services in order to find out if they are worth it.

People want a good return on their investment.

Buying a VPN service is exactly like an investment.

It’s an investment in your privacy and anonymity.

Most people don’t know what a good VPN service looks like.

And hence waste their time researching VPN service providers that are not good.

To be fair to these people, it is quite difficult to know which VPN service provider one must subscribe to.

In this BulletVPN review, we’ll talk about some of the factors you should keep in mind while researching for a VPN service.

This BulletVPN review will also help you to understand the attributes you should look for in any VPN service provider, not just BulletVPN.

Do take note that just because a VPN service has everything a great VPN service should have, it doesn’t mean it is the right VPN service for you.

For now, we’ll focus solely on BulletVPN so that you may know if it matches your needs.

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BulletVPN Review- Price


The modern online user is a different beast altogether.

In other words, there are just so many kinds of users who are using the internet that it’s impossible for a VPN service provider to come up with one single “best” subscription package.

In order to appeal to the maximum number of online users, a good VPN service has to offer more than one package.

Preferably two or three packages, each catering to a different set of users.

Some users just want the cheapest possible package to get the minimum acceptable VPN protection.

While other users are totally paranoid about their privacy and security and hence need a package that provides the maximum amount of privacy.

And we haven’t even begun talking about all the different ways a VPN service provider could outrank better VPN service providers just on the basis of the variety of its packages.

Some VPN services offer huge discounts to users who commit to the VPN service for a long period of time.

Usually, that time period is around a year or more.

Other VPN services offer really short packages that last from a couple of hours to a few days in order to let users “test” out the service with all its features before they commit to the VPN service for the future.

BulletVPN Packages

The payment options available to potential users

In total BulletVPN offers three different subscription package that the company thinks are enough to cover the majority of the VPN user market.

Users can select any of the three packages according to their own needs and requirements.

And because BulletVPN offers such variety in its packages (we’ll talk about the quality of those packages a little later), it’s hard to think of a user who wouldn’t be able to find something “affordable” here.

By affordable, we don’t mean cheap.

What we mean is, given the features on offer, BulletVPN has made sure that it covers every type of user.

The first plan is a 1-month Subscription plan that costs users $10.98 per month.

As you can probably imagine, this isn’t exactly cheap.

There are many VPN service providers out there in the market that offer monthly packages as cheap as $4 or even $3 for their customers.

Seems like BulletVPN knows what its service is worth.

Regardless, the second package on offer is actually a six-month package which costs users $54.98 for six months.

You can do the math.

Or let us do it.

The six-month package will actually cost you around $9.16 per month.

That’s a slight improvement from the one month package but still doesn’t really hit the “cheap” level.

The third, and final, BulletVPN package is the 1-year package and users can sign up for that for around $89.98.

If you convert this price to a monthly basis, then it comes to around $7.50 per month.

The third package is the only package that we feel isn’t expensive.

Other VPN services such as ExpressVPN offer their yearly package for around $99.95, so a BulletVPN subscription is likely to save users around $10 per year.

Not a lot but every bit counts doesn’t it?

The rest of the packages are expensive when compared to some of the other VPN service providers in the industry.

Best Value Package

The best value package is obviously the third one since it costs the lowest.

Users can save up to $20.28 per year when compared to users who sign up for BulletVPN for just six months.

The savings are even greater if we compare the 1-year package with the 1-month package.

Potential users can expect discounts up to $41.78 when compared with the one-month plan.

If you are going to sign up for BulletVPN, it is quite clear that you should go with the one-year plan.

Hang On A Minute. Does BulletVPN Offer Some Kind Of Money-back Guarantee?

Because without a money-back guarantee, potential customers may think that the VPN company is either trying to hide something or simply isn’t confident about its product and services.

Besides, consumers by their nature, a prone to worrying after they have signed up for an online service.

VPN users are no different.

Any VPN service provider who is looking to increase its customer base would do well to realize that potential customers need to feel secure.

One way to provide that security, even before the actual product itself, is to offer money-back guarantees.

If a customer does use the money-back-guarantee option, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that the VPN product was bad or not sufficient.

It could mean that the user didn’t find the service as great as was expected.

Or the user simply did not enjoy some other aspect of the VPN product that had nothing to do with the quality of service.

As far as BulletVPN is concerned, the company really has got its foundations set on solid footings.

Does BulletVPN offer a money-back guarantee period?


Indeed BulletVPN does.

The VPN company offers a mammoth 30-day money-back guarantee to all new users.

That period is more than many other VPN service providers.

We have reviewed a ton of VPN services and hence can say from experience that there are VPN service providers in the market that offer money-back guarantees for less than a week.

BulletVPN isn’t one of those VPN services.

If you sign up for BulletVPN and don’t like the VPN service for any reason, then you can request a refund within 30 days.

BulletVPN, according to official sources, will comply with your request and give you your money back.

But do take note that in order to qualify for a full refund, you must register your claim inside the 30-day time limit.

As mentioned before, most of the VPN service providers offer anywhere from seven to fourteen days as their money-back guarantee period.

The fact that BulletVPN is willing to double the industry standard time limit is praiseworthy.

BulletVPN Review- Features


The VPN company is based in Estonia so that automatically gives it the edge over VPN service providers that are based in the USA and the UK.

Each BulletVPN user gets unlimited bandwidth.

This is great for users who want to download a lot of stuff from the internet.

All users can connect up to three simultaneous devices which is great if you want to use a single subscription plan for all of your devices.

The BulletVPN service activates as soon as you sign up for one of its packages.

BulletVPN has a global network of VPN servers and users are allowed to perform unlimited server switches.

Couple that with a zero-log policy and 24.7 customer support via several methods, and you have a VPN service that has all the standard features which are expected of a VPN service in this industry.

BulletVPN Review- User Interface And Installation


When it comes to any online service, it’s all about the modern user.

And the modern online user doesn’t have a lot of time.

If a VPN service provider wants to survive in the VPN industry then it has to come up with applications that are sleek and fast.

Moreover, the installation process has to be quick and painless.

More and more people are using the internet for their daily work and even more are coming to the realization that their privacy is exposed when they work online.

In other words, not all online users are computer savvy.

Some are just there to learn how to cook their meals on their own or just watch some movies.

If these type of users are forced to use a VPN application that isn’t easy to use, then they will probably not sign up.

And go with one of the other VPN service providers who may have taken care of their user interface to suit everyone’s needs.

The same goes for the installation process.

If a user can’t easily install the VPN app, no matter how good a VPN service may be, it is going to lose customers.

That’s just the reality of the VPN business today.

Customers have too little time to spare and that forces VPN service providers to innovate and find out the quickest possible methods in which they can get the user all setup with their VPN apps.

How Well Does BulletVPN Score?

BulletVPN apps are different.

They are different in the sense that you don’t have to know a lot about computers to use them properly.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Not to mention that BulletVPN apps for Windows and Android are minimal as far as their user-interface is concerned.

The BulletVPN app runs well on most of the devices that are available in the market.

Moreover, BulletVPN has dedicated apps for Mac, PC, Android and iPad and hence users should be able to set up the BUlletVPN app on each of his/her devices without any problems.

The setup process itself is very simple and requires just a couple of click, or taps depending on your device, to start.

If you want to use the BulletVPN application on your Android smartphone, then all that is required from you is a visit to the Google Play Store.

Log on to Google Play Store and download the official BulletVPN application for your Android smartphone.

When the Google Play Store has finished downloading the app, just hit install to protect your Android smartphone from hackers and other cyber criminals who are out to get your data and then sell it to the highest bidder.

After you have installed the BulletVPN app on your device, you must sign in to the application.

And that’s it.

Now, the only thing you need to do is connect to a VPN server of your choice.

There is a big CONNECT button in the center of the screen for both Android and Windows BulletVPN applications and a smaller button below that allows users to select their region.

Really, it cannot get any simpler than this.

If you bought a BulletVPN subscription because you wanted to watch the US version of Netflix, then BulletVPN was the right choice.


Because BulletVPN is compatible with Netflix.

With the BulletVPN app, you can unblock the US Netflix and then consume geo-restricted content on Netflix from any country in the world.

Some alternative options for you...

Our score: 9.8

From $3.49 per month

Our score: 9.5

From $3.95 per month

Our score: 9.1

From $6.49 per month

BulletVPN Compatibility

Even if a VPN service provider has great packages and even if it offers a ton of features and has a neat user interface, if it does not support a wide variety of devices and operating systems, it is of little use.

As mentioned earlier as well, more and more online companies are starting to figure out the modern user.

The modern online user doesn’t just access the internet via a single device.

In fact, most online users, even the ones living in third-world countries, use more than one device to access the internet.

If a VPN service does not support all major operating systems then the user will have to sign up for the same VPN service multiple time to protect all his/her devices.

Or the user will have to sign up for another VPN service to protect other devices.

That is not feasible.

Users who buy service online are impatient at best.

A good VPN service provider has to give the user what the user wants as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And part of the process of making the purchase painless for any user is for the VPN service provider to offer VPN services for all devices.

One size fits all is certainly true for the compatibility category of the VPN industry.

If a VPN service doesn’t follow that rule then it isn’t likely to survive for very long.

BulletVPN Device Support.

BulletVPN certainly knows what it’s doing and hence has got most of the VPN basics down pretty well.

The VPN company supports all of the major operating systems and mobile devices some of which are,

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad

BulletVPN Review- Security

BulletVPN-features (2)

The problem with offering a VPN service is that the people behind the VPN service have to make sure that their VPN product is exceptional in all categories.

With the amount of players in the industry, all vying for the top spot, a VPN service has to have a complete package.

It is not enough to offer just speed.

If a VPN service provider only focuses on the price, then it wouldn’t be long before customers find out that the reason that VPN service provider if offering a cheaper service is because it is of low quality.

Even if a VPN service provider is great in the majority of the categories but lags behind in a few others, it doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a successful VPN company.

VPN industry is tough.

And as they say, if you can’t handle the heat, you better stay out of the kitchen.

The main reason why post people sign up for VPN services is security.

If a VPN service has got all the features in the world and is great in every other category but security, it will flop as a business.

People don’t want cheap VPN services.

And they certainly don’t want VPN services that don’t have extra features or user-friendly interfaces.

What the people want is a VPN service that is cheap, user-friendly, fast and secure.

If anything, a VPN service provider must make sure that its product can do what it is supposed to do (provide online security) in the first place before moving on to the extras.

We can’t possibly overstate it, but customers buy VPN services to surf the internet with the knowledge that their privacy is secured.

Users also want marketing companies to stay away from them.

With a VPN service, they hope, they can stop government organizations along with advertisers from tracking them.

A VPN service has to make sure that its VPN product is able to deliver on that expectation.

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BulletVPN Security Features

To secure its customers, in terms of options, BulletVPN has left no stone unturned.

It may not have some of the more advanced security features such as double VPN, or VPN through Tor or a kill switch but it does get the job done.

BulletVPN, like all legit VPN services, hides your true location, protects your privacy and encrypts your internet traffic.

According to the company, BulletVPN has “top grade” encryption for all its users regardless of the package they sign up for.

What about VPN protocols?

BulletVPN offers five types of VPN protocols and users are free to use whichever they want.

These VPN protocols are perfect for ensuring that users can work their way through the online world without having to worry about their anonymity and privacy.

Users can choose from the following VPN protocols,

Almost all VPN services in the market offer the first four VPN protocol in the above-mentioned list.

Very few offer the fifth one.

Whether that makes BulletVPN a better VPN service is another question.

We don’t think that offering IKEv2 makes a VPN service a necessarily better one.

In fact, we think that the only VPN protocol that most online users should use is the OpenVPN protocol.

It is the safest and most reliable of all the VPN protocols.

So much so that is has become the defacto standard in the VPN industry.

IPSec and PPTP may have interesting names but they are not as secure as OpenVPN.

What About BulletVPN Log Policy?

Without a no-log policy, a VPN service might as well shut down.

Users want to secure themselves against government surveillance programs and ISPs.

If the VPN service provider is going to do the same thing as the ISPs then why should users sign up for a VPN service?

In other words, good VPN services must not keep logs on their users.

The best ones in the industry don’t keep any sort of logs.

But an acceptable level is for the VPN service provider to not keep any user logs.

Connections logs should be acceptable for most users since it helps the VPN service provider to troubleshoot problems and take care of other technical issues on their side.

The official position of BulletVPN on log policy is that the VPN company does not keep any logs.

This no-log policy is in effect all the time and not just certain periods of the year.

What this means is that no one will be able to tell what a specific user did on the internet while he/she was connected to a BulletVPN server.

No one will know where you went and what you did.

You can visit all the websites in the world without having to worry about someone recording it and then using it to serve you ads which will make you more inclined to buy stuff you really don’t need or want.

From our research, we have also found out that BulletVPN apps are pretty secure when it comes to protection against viruses and other security leaks.

You can test the BulletVPN app for yourself by running it through some antivirus programs that you may or may not have.

It isn’t likely to change the fact that BulletVPN applications, for all platforms, are safe to use for all users.

BulletVPN Review- Servers


Apart from security and speed, online users sign up for VPN services in order to unblock content that may be blocked in their country or region.

Users also utilize VPN services to customize their Google search results page.

For example, a user may live in India but may want to know the top results for antivirus programs in the USA.

If a product has gained popularity in the USA then surely it must be great right?

Well, the only way for that user to view results from the US while in India is through a VPN service.

Plus, some websites have different editions for different countries.

A user may not want to know the gaming scene in Zimbabwe. The user may simply want to know what’s the latest in gaming.

For that purpose, again, a user will have to access the US or EU or UK version of the gaming site because there isn’t much in Zimbabwe when it comes to gaming.

Again, a VPN service is the only way to view your preferred version of a given website.

From the perspective of a VPN service provider, all that means is that they have to provide VPN servers that are numerous in quantity and spread out equally throughout the globe.

A company could just offer VPN server in the United States, and that may work for users who want to view the US version of Netflix and forget the rest of the world, but users will definitely not appreciate that.

And they will show their disapproval by not signing up for the VPN service in the first place.

Therefore, in order to qualify as a worthy VPN service provider, a VPN service has to offer a large number of VPN servers and have them in a large number of countries.

More servers mean that user can switch their IP address to their liking via the VPN service.

BulletVPN VPN Servers

BulletVPN certainly brings a lot to the table when it comes to VPN servers.

The VPN company has a decent number of VPN servers worldwide.

BulletVPN has servers in countries such as,

  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • India
  • US
  • Brazil

And many more.

But you may want to connect to a country that isn’t mentioned on the above list.

Well, in that case, we encourage you to go through the following list and search for your preferred country.

In Europe, BulletVPN has VPN servers in the following countries,

  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • România
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Moving to the Americas, BulletVPN offers VPN server locations in countries such as,

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Canada

Some viewers may like to consume African content and for them, BulletVPN offers servers in South Africa as well.

If you want to switch your apparent location to some place in Asia or Oceania then, with BulletVPN, you have the following options.

  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Korea
  • Australia

BulletVPN Review- Customer Support

The thing about VPN services and their products is that everything is done online.

There are no shops, business centers of rented spaces.

Everything that a VPN service provider has to do, has to be done online.

Needless to say, a VPN service’s website and its customer support is the only way it can interact with its customers.

In fact, the only change the VPN service will ever get to make an impression on a potential customer is when the customer visits the official website or contacts customer support either after or before he/she purchases the product.

Simply put, a comprehensive customer support system is the only way VPN services these days can surpass their rivals.

Because every VPN service is offering virtually the same thing.

Which is security and privacy.

The only way, a VPN service steal the march on its close competitors is through the customer support.

A customer support that is quick to respond and actually solve customer problems is going to have more business than the VPN service that disappears into the woods once the customer subscribes to one of its packages.

Add to that the fact that the average online user no longer has a computer science degree.

That means, that user will get into some trouble when setting up the VPN app or might have questions about another aspect of the VPN service.

A good customer support can come in and impress the user with not much effort.

The customer support team at BulletVPN is quite established in terms of the ways customers can reach it.

BulletVPN has a live chat system where users can talk to company representatives in a one-on-one conversation through chat.

The other way customers can interact with BulletVPN is through their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike many other VPN services, BulletVPN is pretty active on its social media profiles and regularly respond to customers who ask questions there.

Maybe contact through social media isn’t your thing.

If you want something more formal than BulletVPN has the traditional email for you.

You can also fill out a simple contact form on the official website of BulletVPN to ask your questions.

The Official Website

The official website for BulletVPN is modern and very easy to navigate through.

There is a dedicated page for FAQs and the support section area is more than complete with tutorials on how to setup the VPN app on every imaginable operating system and device.

We also like the fact that BulletVPN doesn’t try to different.

Just like all other great VPN service providers, it gives the most important information to the user as soon as the user logs to its official website.

Some VPN services have tried to take alternative approaches where they don’t advertise everything on a single page and the user has to work a lot in order to know even the most basic stuff about them.

That practice should be discouraged.

VPN service providers should be upfront about their features and business.

And they should be upfront about it quickly and without requiring the user to perform many clicks.

Should You Buy BulletVPN?

Why would you want to pay for a VPN service when there are tens of free VPN services out there in the market.

Here is the thing about free VPN services.

They are not reliable, safe or speedy to use.

There is also no way to tell if they sell your data or spy on you.

They may have appealing user interface n a nice sign-up process but after you download their application, you’ll waste a lot of time in configuring it.

Save your time and buy a VPN service rather than download one for free.

Your privacy is a serious matter.

Don’t leave it to VPN services that aren’t professional.

BulletVPN has some neat things for it when it comes to it being a solid VPN service option.

It offers a great variety of VPN servers and supports most operating system.

But the downsides are rather glaring.

BulletVPN does not have any extra features.

Modern features such as Kill Switch and double VPN are missing.

As with most other VPN services, there isn’t anything particularly wrong or bad about BulletVPN.

But it doesn’t have something remarkable either.

And because of that, BulletVPN cannot compete with industry giants such as IPVanish and ExpressVPN.

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