Digital Transformation in Europe is Top Priority for UK

Europe needs to establish a digital single market that allows all its citizens to reap the same benefits and access the same digital content across the Eurozone, according to UK and politician Vince Cable. All at once, Netflix is expanding its network and plans to reach 200 countries real soon.

British Politician John Vincent (Vince) Cable has called for a radical digital transformation across European countries, suggesting that it is unfair to have discrimination among the different parts of the continent. For instance, Netflix is easily accessible in the United Kingdom; still, Spain or Greece do not have the same option and therefore British citizens who leave their country and head towards the Mediterranean will find themselves unable to keep the same entertainment standards. There are limitations that apply to certain countries and Netflix either allows you to login to its services or displays a message that refers to the lack of access right within each country. The IP address of yours during your Internet connection leads to either one of these results, meaning whether or not you will enjoy Netflix in European soil.

Although Netflix is currently aiming to expand its network and plans to add more countries, which will gradually reach and overcome 200, the current situation remains problematic. The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, was enthusiastic and commented on the forthcoming changes in the countries where Netflix broadcasts: “Progress has been so strong that we now believe we can complete our global expansion over the next two years, while staying profitable, which is earlier than we expected.”

Vince Cable has stated at his recent speech:  “In today’s world of smartphones and Wi-Fi, consumers who have paid for a service rightly expect to be able to use it across borders in the EU. But at the moment we have a patchwork quilt of digital content and services – very good in some places but threadbare in others. That’s why I’m calling for the creation of a digital single market. Not only would this boost UK and Eurozone economies by €340 billion but it will make online prices fairer, enable startups to be formed within 24 hours, and help businesses sell throughout the EU.”

The monetary gain and the convenience boost that such a decision is going to have are certainly advantages that cannot be ignored. When paying for a specific service, geographic boundaries should not matter and especially within the same continent and the countries that are bounded through economic and cultural ties.

Europe is such a place and the claims of Vince Cable have thus found fertile ground to flourish. Indeed, Jean-Claude Juncker who is the President of European Commission has supported the concept of a single digital market and this has been among his priorities during his presidency.

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