How to Disable Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a software platform running all animation options on websites, and that’s something even kids online know. Ever since 1996, it has been offering solutions to Internet users and this is the reason why it has been kept popular as software over the years. However, there have been significant problems regarding adobe security and this has cracked the overall image of Adobe Flash.

How to Disable Adobe FlashUp until now, companies of superb prestige have called for immediate actions and they have seemed to cease their support to Adobe Flash. Facebook has characterized Adobe Flash as insecure and Alex Stamos has suggested an end-of-life date for the program.

Default support for Adobe Flash from Google and Mozilla will be dropped, according to statements deriving from these companies. These are all indicative of the insecurity that this program causes to Internet users. It is even more disturbing to realize that you have got Adobe Flash running on your computer, even without your knowledge.

In this hostile environment, you would be better off without such a threatening program undermining your efforts for protection and thorough security layering. Although some websites support Adobe to this date and disabling it means that you will be missing out on some images, it is worth considering turning it on when you most need it and keeping it disabled for the rest of your web navigation.

Luckily enough, the websites are now turning into HTML 5 from Adobe Flash. So, in the near future there will not even be the necessity to proceed with the download of such programs. Without any further to do, let’s see how you can disable Adobe Flash on several browsers:

Disabling Adobe Flash on Google Chrome

You can type “chrome://plugins” on the address bar and get redirected to the plugins that are activated during your web surfing. As soon as you have been displayed all these plugins, you will see whether or not Flash Adobe runs on your computer. If it does, you can click on “Disable” and decide if you want to untick the box that states whether or not Adobe will continue on running always or on selected websites.

Disabling Adobe Flash on Firefox

On the address bar, you can type “about:addons”. From then on, you will see a list on your left. Click on “Plugins” and decide whether you want to check “Never Activate” or “Ask to Activate” at the bottom right side of your screen. According to your decision, you can either deactivate or choose to use or not use Flash on several websites.

Disabling Adobe Flash on Internet Explorer

At the top right side of the screen, you will see a cog. Click on that and then select “Manage Add-ons”. From then on, you will see Shockwave Flash Object. Once you click on that, you can select to Disable this add-on. This is it!

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash

It is true that some people will choose to get rid of Adobe Flash once and for all, rather than disable it and keep it on their computer. If you think so too, this is what you need to do:

  • Go to “Control Panel”
  • Select “Programs and Features” (or search the term)
  • Find “Adobe Flash Player”
  • Double click on the program
  • Uninstall

Safety should always come first and this is why you should not compromise your online security for anything. Weigh the pros and cons of Adobe Flash and make use of our detailed guidelines, in order to remain thoroughly protected on the Internet!

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