Dropbox Releases New Update for Apple Users Featuring Touch ID Encryption

Dropbox has made quite a breakthrough with the latest update released for the Apple users everywhere. This new version 3.5 includes Touch ID Encryption, helping people unlock Dropbox with their fingerprint. The application has been designed for both iPhones and iPads, as well as iPod Touch devices. So, everyone seeking to upgrade the overall security level on the Apple device he uses will be able to do so rather quickly and without any problem whatsoever. The size of the app is just 53.7 MB and it is fully functional for those devices running on iOS 8, including thorough support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The timing of the app update is not at all coincidental, since this improvement comes just a week after the alleged hacking of Dropbox with the seven million accounts having been left at bay. Dropbox denies that the hacking has ever taken place involving the company, according to Forbes and the official statement at their blog. Nevertheless, the truth is that even rumours of such an incident can be a severe strike in the security’s esteem and the update is meant at boosting this esteem once more.

The important app update is available on iTunes and it additionally boasts of having fixed the preview bug that has been troubling RTF files on iOS 8. Dropbox has focused on optimizing the protection quality standards available for their users globally, with the innovative feature of Touch ID Encryption. After all, it is much more difficult to accomplish accessing a Dropbox account triggered by a fingerprint, rather than any password. With this extra feature enabled, online storage for Dropbox users is bound to become much stronger and more efficient.

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