How to Ensure Reliable Malware Security

Malware is general malicious software, intending to compromise your data and infect your computer. Unless you are thoroughly protected, you cannot escape such threats that emerge and jeopardize your Internet experience as a whole. This is why you need to learn as many details as possible, when it comes to this alarmingly increasing phenomenon that is threatening to deteriorate your web surfing significantly.

Just a drop in the ocean, the recent mysterious Russian malware infected more than 100,000 WordPress sites out of the blue. Sophos Security reports for 2014 have outlined the substantial improvement in the overall quality of the malware, underlying that it is becoming smarter, shadier and stealthier.

In avoidance of ongoing incidents related to the emergence of malware on our computer, we need to be on alert and make sure that we take all the best malware protection precautions available within our reach. As the threats evolve, we have to be ready and evolve with them, enhancing our protection layering and ensuring that we are not left behind. This would be disastrous, since an unprotected device will be compromised for sure and it will lead to grave consequences. So, let’s start by finding out exactly what this malware means and which types of malware we should be most worried about!

Types of Malware

As we have highlighted above, malware stands short for malicious software and, as you can realize, there are several types of malware that you ought to pay attention to. Of course, the most frequent type of malware is none other than the virus. However, we can also come across Trojans and Ransomware, worms, spyware and zombies. Besides annoying you during your web surfing, the malware can also intercept personal information and result in even damaging your device irreparably.

Malware Security and Details

If you wish to shield your device and become a true specialist in malware security, there are several things that you can do. Apparently, it is of paramount importance to invest in the best antimalware protection that is available to date.

Whether you can afford solid anti-malware scanners and antivirus software regardless of the cost or you are interested in free versions of the malware protection options of the market, there are great solutions that will cover your every need to the fullest. So, behold the crucial details that you need to focus on in your attempt to keep all the malware threats at bay:

  • Updated Antivirus Software: As you can imagine, every single day can bring substantial changes to the global map of malware. This is why you are expected to update your antivirus security and maintain the up to date nature of the version of security that you use. Otherwise, the anti-malware protection would be insufficient and the obsolete features could be inadequate to offer thorough protection.
  • Updated OS: Similar to the antivirus and anti-malware security that needs to be up to date, there needs to be the proper updating in the OS of your device. In other words, you have to make sure that every single computer of yours runs on authenticated and updated versions of the most reliable OS of the market. This can help you out, in order to prevent malware from reaching your device and penetrating your anonymity.
  • Use of VPN: If you are serious about the level of security that you receive against malware and other threats, you ought to consider the option of subscribing to a VPN service provider. This means that you will get all the data of yours encrypted and therefore no malware will have the opportunity to trace you back and intercept vital pieces of information from your computer.
  • Other Forms of Encryption: Similar to VPN, there are other methods that one can use for getting all the data encrypted or at least having his/her IP address masked. Tor and SmartDNS, proxy servers and anonymous remailers can add to your overall protection online and leave all the dangers behind.
  • Avoidance of Public Wi-Fi: It goes without even saying that the publicly shared Wi-Fi Internet connections are more prone to malware than regular Internet connections. So, you are far better off without using Wi-Fi at places that you cannot control. If it is unavoidable to use such a connection, make sure to limit it to the functions that you cannot do without and always log off when you do not need it any more.
  • Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge: Knowledge is your ally and this is why you should aim at gathering vital pieces of information in the field of malware. Without knowing what you are dealing with, you can never expect to get the optimal solutions against the problems emerging.

Can We Ever be Thoroughly Protected?

Even if you follow the guidelines highlighted to you above in this article, you can never be too safe. It is true that malware is becoming stronger as we speak and therefore threats will always be present for you to confront with.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that we come up with the best solutions that will keep the known threats at bay and inform us as to how to be kept perfectly shielded over time. With the proper knowledge and with the advanced technology and the software that has been adjusted to the contemporary dangers of the web, you should feel free to enjoy your web surfing to the maximum!

Top-right Image: By Navarr Barnier via Flickr

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