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How To Get ESPN+ on LG Smart TV

Smart TV sets usually come with preloaded apps that can be used to stream content, play games and browse the internet, among other things. One of the most popular smart TV apps is ESPN+. However, if you buy an LG Smart TV set and bring it home, plug it in and search for the ESPN+ app, you won’t find anything.

Unfortunately, LG Smart TVs don’t support the ESPN+ app by default. But before you return your LG Smart TV and buy one from another brand, know that there are some indirect methods you can use to watch ESPN+ on your LG Smart TV.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of them. 

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Buy a Streaming Device

If you buy a good streaming stick like a or an , you can get ESPN+ on your LG Smart TV with ease.

While this is a viable option, not everyone wants to use a streaming device with their smart TV since smart TVs are supposed to be standalone streaming devices. Luckily, there are a couple of other options you can try. 

Use The Web Browser

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If you don’t want to use a streaming device to watch ESPN+, the next best thing is to use the built-in WebOS TV app on your LG Smart TV. Get started by launching the web browser and going to the ESPN website. Then log in with your subscription credentials and get all your ESPN+ content on your LG Smart TV. 

Note that your streaming experience may be slightly slower in the sense that things will take a bit of time to properly load. However, if you allow the video to load sufficiently and then enable full-screen mode, you should be able to stream content with zero lag.

Pro Tip:

For a smoother ESPN+ streaming experience on your LG Smart TV, you can use an ethernet connection instead of WiFi. If you have a fast enough internet connection, you shouldn’t have problems streaming 4K content, especially with an ethernet cable.

Use Your Laptop

You can also use your laptop to install and stream content through the ESPN app. You’ll be able to watch it on your TV by using an HDMI cable to connect to your LG Smart TV.

While this isn’t the best option to use as it requires an extra cord and a laptop, it will work and will allow you to watch all the ESPN+ content you want.


LG Smart TVs only support the apps in their content store which doesn’t include ESPN+. While having to buy a streaming stick after you buy a smart TV isn’t a great option, it’s currently the most efficient way of getting ESPN+ on an LG Smart TV. The picture quality you’ll get from the methods discussed above will be excellent provided you have a fast internet connection.

Until LG starts supporting the ESPN+ app, there’s really no way to watch ESPN+ content on an LG Smart TV without using one of the methods we discussed.

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