European Commission Might be a Prime Target of NSA, Hints Suspicious Computer Malware

Security experts from Kaspersky Lab have compared the NSA-developed Qwerty with the program used to target European Commission, named Regin. They have found them to be identical in structure and therefore there is eloquent proof of both of them originating from the same source.

NSA has been spying on people and has been aiming to control the Internet in the near future, based on the continuous revelations of Edward Snowden on the matter. Eloquent proof of trying to diminish its rivals has been the acknowledgement of remarkable similarities to the spying program used in attacks against European Commission and the program developed by NSA for the same purposes.

If this acknowledgement is valid, then there is no doubt as to the malicious intent of NSA toward overcoming the obstacles placed by other countries and facilitating the path of the US to prevail. The specific claim has been made by Spiegel and exposes the identical nature of both “Regin” (which is the weapon used for the attacks in the EU) and “Qwerty” (which is the program developed in the United State by the National Security Agency).

The documents that have been leaked by Edward Snowden include the code of “Qwerty” and this is why there has been strict comparison with “Regin”. The similarities have been identified by Kaspersky Lab and refer to Regin module 50251. At a blog spot, they analyze the similarities and they conclude as follows: “Our analysis of the QWERTY malware published by Der Spiegel indicates it is a plugin designed to work part of the Regin platform.

The QWERTY keylogger doesn’t function as a stand-alone module, it relies on kernel hooking functions which are provided by the Regin module 50225.  Considering the extreme complexity of the Regin platform and little chance that it can be duplicated by somebody without having access to its sourcecodes, we conclude the QWERTY malware developers and the Regin developers are the same or working together.”

There is direct correlation between Regin and Stuxnet, in terms of power and effectiveness. Stuxnet has been created by the United States and Israel and has been used to sabotage the nuclear activity of Iran. Of course, Regin does not serve such a purpose (at least not yet) and it has been linked with cyberespionage. The incidents of European Commission being injured by the effectiveness and malicious intent of Regin include the attack to Belgacom (which originated from the British equivalent of NSA, GCHQ) and the infected USB found on Angela Merkel’s staff in 2011. Apparently, these have not been the sole cases of security breaches and efforts to harm and possibly eavesdrop at EU based targets.

You can find more information about the suspicions of NSA targeting the European Commission at the video below:

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