Facebook’s European Union woes remain, FB’s privacy settings under scrutiny of watchdogs

The social media giant Facebook has turn out to be an old-timer of the fights battled over data security, net neutrality and internet privacy, and it doesn’t look similar social platforms will be able to escape from inspection anytime shortly.

US companies have turn out to be a target of watchdogs in the EU (European Union) quite frequently. Previously, Google was suspected of unfairly promoting specific products utilizing its search engine ranking. And now, Facebook joins the list of US firms to come under the European Union’s regulatory inspection. The Giant (Facebook) is just below the scanner of 5 data security regulators in area on the security settings.

The firm’s quick expansion and massive database of consumer information has raised important questions about the validity of Facebook’s practices, specifically when it comes to closing out competition. The European Union is growing progressively skeptical, as the Social Giant tries to keep its consumers in its network with the addition of extra features to its system, from chatting, promotion and to the payments.

The head of Facebook’s policy team, Richard Allan, said that with obvious certainty. “The primary regulation should come from where a company’s headquarters is located,” Richard Allan mentioned. “It doesn’t make sense that 28 regulators should make different interpretations of the same law.”

A former commissioner for federal data security from Germany, Peter Schaar, mentioned that Facebook couldn’t have selected a more slack country to establish the shop. “Of course Facebook would go to a country with the lowest levels of data protection,” said by Schaar. “It’s natural they would choose Ireland.”

Max Schrems a law student from Europe told the NYT (The New York Times), “This is about limiting what Facebook can do with Europeans’ data. How much should they be allowed to dig into the souls of their users? That’s what we’re fighting for.”

In the past 3 years, Facebook’s existence in Europe has almost twice, and as stated by eMarketer, the Facebook currently has more consumers in the area than in the American. With Facebook’s new acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp, several European regulatory companies are calling foul play. The WhatsApp and Facebook messenger combination seemed to make an online monopoly on internet and smartphone messaging, they said.

The Social Giant won that specific war, however it seems that the battle is still steeping.

Ali Raza Ali is a freelance journalist, having 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a Master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology for SecurityGladiators. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.
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