Facebook is dealing with more aware users online, dropping original sharing

Many people have started digesting the privacy hazards behind the use of Facebook, as it seems. Nowadays, Facebook users are not that enthusiastic about sharing their sensitive information with others. A few years ago, there was no such thing as thinking twice, before posting on Facebook.

So, even if this sounds harmless and unimportant at first, you will see that it is not. Original sharing has decreased on Facebook by 21 per cent, and this fact shows a great deal about the attitude of users towards such a means of social interaction.

It is not rare a phenomenon for couples that are getting married to request from the guests not to post anything on Facebook. This would have sounded awkward to ask a few years back, right? But now it is a completely understandable request.

First of all, sharing something that does not involve you directly is a sort of violation of privacy. Also, it is not such an attractive spectacle to see everyone recording the moment the wife-to-be is walking down the aisle!

Although the people of Facebook are trying to diminish the importance of original sharing decrease, it does show a pattern. It demonstrates the fact that Facebook users are beginning to act critically and consider all the consequences related to their actions.

There used to be cases of people losing their jobs over postings on Facebook. Others have been judged cruelly and have even been cyberbullied, due to status updates or embarrassing photos. Since your digital footprint is forever, you need to be able and control what is posted about you.

Of course, there is an even greater danger that Facebook users should take into consideration. More specifically, Edward Snowden has shown people the fact that the governments will do anything to gather sensitive information on you. They will snoop on your email accounts, and they will look you up on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Why make their life even easier and display everything about you online?

Younger people have been turning to other alternatives, making Facebook a less attractive option for kids and teens. It is true that younger users value their privacy more, and this is perfectly understandable. In fact, who would want to expose himself on social media, when knowing that parents and other adults are watching? Due to the lack of privacy and the vague distinction between private and public on Facebook, alternatives like Snapchat have started looking more appealing.

Facebook will need to address such changes in the mindset of users, if the social media giant wants to be kept on the top.

Ali Qamar Ali Qamar is a seasoned blogger and loves keeping a keen eye on the future of tech. He is a geek. He is a privacy enthusiast and advocate. He is crazy (and competent) about internet security, digital finance, and technology. Ali is the founder of PrivacySavvy and an aspiring entrepreneur.

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  1. Excellent article, showing the continuum of society and maybe the message is starting to sink in. Ultimately, it’s their privacy and now people are starting to think first rather than act in haste, rather than repent at leisure!

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