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Unblock Facebook with a VPN from Anywhere

It’s simply amazing how Facebook has managed to revolutionize our social lives, from how we share ideas, make new friendship and organize our daily lives in less than a decade.  With over 1billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook is the single most powerful social networking site in the world today. With it, comes an ocean of new ideologies both good and bad that shake up the moral fabric of our societies.

Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to loosen up to this new borderless world where ideas are shared in a flip of a second. As a result, access to Facebook is blocked in more reserved societies such as China, Iran, Egypt, Syrian and Tajikistan. Worse still, access to Facebook is blocked at School, work or in specific places such as public Libraries.  While some reasons to block Facebook access may be genuine, other are just lame excuses given by censoring authorities.

Is it possible to unblock Facebook? Absolutely yes! There are many ways to unblock Facebook such as using proxies, DNS server, browser extensions and VPNs. But before picking on an appropriate method you must know at which level access to Facebook is blocked. For instance, if Facebook is blocked at school or by your employer, it would be easy to unblock using proxies, or simply change the DNS server from your browser’s settings. On the contrary, a proxy won’t get you far when Facebook is blocked by the government or a more powerful censoring authority. In this article, we discuss how to use a Virtual private network to unblock Facebook from anywhere, and which the best facebook VPN is.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network establishes the secure tunnel over a non-secured public network such as the internet. This allows you to connect to the internet as if you were connected to a private network using an Ethernet cable. It is a popular work-place tool used by organizations worldwide to allow their employees to securely connect with the company’s Intranet outside their workstation.

The high level of encryption offered by VPNs protects you from cyber threats besides, as well as allows you unlimited access to geo-restricted sites such as Netflix and Hulu (to name a couple).  Additionally, connecting to a VPN is a brilliant way to bypass internet restriction in different countries (as discussed in our previous articles). A VPN achieves this by masking your Device IP address and routing your internet traffic through a VPN server in a foreign location.

 Why do I need a VPN for Facebook?

  • To unblock it at school– Most schools block access to Facebook either during class hours or in specific places such as the library, either to cut bills or force students to focus in class. Usually, blocking Facebook at school is done at a proxy server level. In this case, using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic such that school proxy server can’t tell bits from Facebook or those from Wikipedia.
  • To unblock it at work– Many employers block access to social networking sites at the work-place, to minimize on time wastage and improve productivity. Unless you work in an IT company chances are that your employer blocks Facebook at a proxy server level. In this case, all you need is VPN to scramble your internet traffic using a VPN server.
  • To unblock it anywhere worldwide– A VPN comes in handy when Facebook access is restricted by the government. Connecting to VPN masks your device IP address and routes your traffic via a foreign VPN server so that it look like you are accessing Facebook from another country where it is allowed.
  • To protect your identity online– Although a VPN doesn’t promise total web anonymity, it makes it nearly impossible for anyone to tell your real geographical location or pinpoint your device IP address. To the cyber police, traffic appears to come from a disguised foreign location but not from your PC.
  • To stay secure on the Facebook– Facebook has always been a good phishing ground for online scammers. A majority of Facebook users don’t know the dangers of posting Incriminating information in social networks. In this case, a VPN encrypts most of your traffic rendering it useless to online fraudsters. Read more on how to stay safe on the web alongside your family.
  • To bypass online Censorship–  Like we discussed in our previous article focused on methods to bypass Europe censorship, a VPN is the most secure way to bypass internet restriction in China, Iran and in European countries such as Almeria (practically, in any country worldwide).

Which are the best VPNs for Facebook?

Frankly, you have a decent number choices when it comes to free VPNs to unblock Facebook. But picking the best VPN will partly depend on why Facebook is blocked, and partly by who is blocking Facebook access.  If Facebook is only blocked at work or in school and is generally available in the country, then any free VPN provider would enable you to bypass such a restriction but BE WARNED, almost all free VPN’s are scamming you in some way, some of them even steal your bandwidth and sell it. If the government is blocking Facebook access in your country or you don’t want to be vulnerable to free VPN’s scamming you, then you probably need a more reliable premium VPN services such as IPVanish or Overplay.

Before deciding on your VPN provider consider a few factors. First, choose a VPN provider with a good amount of VPN servers in strategic locations worldwide, this will allow you to access other geo-restricted sites at no extra cost. Secondly, check on VPN provider’s privacy policy. Preferably, choose a VPN provider who does not keep logs or spy on your web activities. Lastly, ensure your VPN provider supports strong encryption protocols such as Layer two tunneling protocol. A good VPN provider should also not have a long history of collaborating with the censoring authorities.

IPVanish VPN

In terms of speed, reliability, and security, is the VPN service provider leading the market. It has a wide geographical coverage with over 500 VPN servers in more than 60 countries. IPVanish has one of the most user-friendly software apps, which is easy to switch the server locations and has awesome customer support. Click here to read complete IPVanish Review. To get IPVanish, click here, sign up (and get our own special 57% discount) download/install the VPN client software and go ahead with unblocking Facebook.

Pros: Advantages of picking this VPN provider in a nutshell

  • It is fast and affordable.
  • Has many servers in strategic locations.
  • Helps Maintain anonymity of the Web.
  • Has ZERO logs. (It does not track users activities)
  • Special SecurityGladiators discount.

Cons: Things we’d want to alert you on

  • Doesn’t work with Netflix-

Overplay VPN (Discontinued)

Important Update:

Overplay is closing its services down very soon. So it is best for users to find another VPN service provider. Click here to have a look at the top VPN service providers in the market right now.

Overplay VPN is yet another brilliant VPN to unblock Facebook from anywhere. It has over 400 servers in 40+ countries, great customer support and one of the simplest to use VPN client software. Overplay VPN offers a strong 256-bit encryption and supports your iOS/Android phone for no extra charges. Read the full in-depth Overply Review here.  To get Overplay VPN , , create an Account, download the client software and enjoy Facebook.

Pros: Advantages of picking this VPN provider in a nutshell

  • Excellent download speeds.
  • User-friendly VPN client Software.
  • Strong encryptions.

Cons: Things we’d want to alert you on

  • A bit more expensive.
  • Keeps logs

Which VPN should I Choose for Facebook?

In terms of affordability, fast download speeds, wide coverage, and Strong Encryption, go for IPVanish VPN. It offers a strong 256-bit encryption that guarantees your safety on unsecured networks. IPVanish VPN is the best in the market and one of the cheapest when purchased through our discount link while also offering peer-2-peer sharing. Overplay is the choice you would want to go for if you also wanted a SmartDNS as it is included in the VPN package at no extra cost.

In a nutshell, connecting to a VPN is the best method to unblock Facebook compared to using DNS redirection or proxy servers which are vulnerable to manipulations. In this article, we’ve discussed why you need to use a VPN and what the best available VPNs on the market are.

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