Gmail users hit by a software glitch, raising privacy concerns for the majority

Over the weekend Google forgot updating one of the key parts of its messaging software, as a result, Gmail users received safety alerts and warnings. The issue has raised privacy concerns for a large number of Gmail users.

Google admits that a large number of Gmail users were affected by the software glitch. Not just Gmail, people using other Google apps received the warnings and errors, too.

People reported the error in question via Twitter, demanding clarifications from the Google about what’s going wrong with their apps.

This problem actually started on 4th of April, people were hit by the Glitch when they tried sending messages using Gmail and other messages apps that Google runs. What seems to be the cause behind this glitch is, Google kind of neglected renewing its Gmail security certificate alongside other app services. The function of security certificate in question is to form a secure Internet connection between destination and sender – all to make sure that messages get sent without any fear of being spied upon.

Authority G2, is the in-house security department that Google owns and that’s the department responsible for administrating security certificates as well as other ‘secure’ software systems for the company. The problem was firstly posted on the status pages that Google runs for its email and apps services.

According to Google records, the issue had been fixed within the two hours of being reported but users around the world still are having some problems dealing with it. Below is the official Google statement about this Glitch, they said the following in status message:

“affecting a majority of users who were seeing error messages. Glitch could cause programs to act in “unexpected” ways, the status message adding up.”

Now what we all can hope is that it actually has been fixed completely now. And just to remind, this software Glitch has arrived just after a couple of days of Google ending support for breached security certificates from China. It’s worth noticing that CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) the Google’s decision, “unacceptable and unintelligible”.

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