New Hack now Allows Gameboy Enthusiasts Play Games on Nintendo 3Ds

Don’t give up on your old GameBoy games, just yet. There now is a brand new and exciting hack to run old GameBoy games on the Nintendo 3DS.

For any gamer the world over, nothing is probably more disheartening than having some old favorite games tucked away, knowing that one will never be able to enjoy them again because they simply do not run on the new game consoles.

The sweet spot for any gamer with a liking for the old GameBoy games is finding a new console which has all the cool acceleration features such as nice graphics, fast processing and easy controls on which to play the old games. Gamers imagine what the experience of playing an old game in what can only be described as a new way would feel like.

Well, here come the moment. The gods of gaming have looked up at gamers in favor and now there is a hack that allows gamers to side-load their obsolete game ROMs onto new hardware such as the Nintendo 3DS. So how does this work?

In order to understand how the whole thing comes together, one has to understand how the whole Nintendo and GameBoy conflict comes along. The problem is that Nintendo allows users to play old games on the new console but they have to be purchased from the Nintendo E-store. The big issue is that the Nintendo store only has a few of the old games; the library is too small for a truly enthusiastic gamer.

Now, if Nintendo really does allow some old games to run on its hardware, then it means that the hardware indeed has the capability to support the old games but for some reason Nintendo just won’t allow it. This position is supported by Kyle Orland from Ars Technica who says “While the slow drip of official e-Shop releases adds incidental features like digital instruction booklets, it appears there’s no technical reason that Nintendo couldn’t throw its entire legacy library onto the service for legitimate download.”

With the knowledge that indeed there is not huge technical incompatibility YouTube personality KazoWAR seems to have found a hack to get the GameBoy games playing on Nintendo 3DS. To do this, the user first has to head to Nintendo’s e-Shop and buy a legitimate GameBoy game from them. The game to be purchased has to be less than 1MB in size. The user will then load an old GameBoy ROM for a game that he or she wishes to play in an SD card. The user will then download a small code whose link can be found from KazoWAR’s YouTube and run it. The code will trick the Nintendo 3DS software into running the old game’s ROM and that’s it.

The only issue that the user will have is saving the progress. The game will not save the progress in the game itself but a user can save progress on the Virtual Console’s save state feature.

That said, the newest Nintendo consoles released in Japan appear to have this weakness patched, and therefore cannot play old GameBoy games.

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