Hacking Team got hit by cyber attack, 400GB of private data breached

Even hackers can get hacked. The Italian hacking and spyware tool provider offering surveillance software to organizations – mainly for law enforcement, has seemingly suffered a huge data breach over the weekend.

The lawful interruption equipment developed by the firm have been connected to many cases of privacy attack by experts and the mass media. Due to Hacking Teams’ tool Da Vinci, Reporters Without Borders has recorded the firm on its Rivals of the Internet index.

On Sunday, it created the impression that Hacking Team’s Twitter was also hacked. The pennant on the Twitter page had been altered to “Hacked Team”. Many posts with screenshots that are supposedly of the stolen information, which contained messages sent by Vincent Vincenzetti (Hacking Team’s CEO and author).

After evidently assuming control over its Twitter account, the authoritative innards of the Milan, Hacking Team was still open for the globe to download. All through Sunday evening, a progression of further tweets indicated a far reaching assault of the organization’s frameworks, uncovering some of its tools – and the other businesses – open for general public for examination.

The officials of the hacking team couldn’t be quickly connected for any reply on the incident.

As per statement by principle technologist of the American Civil Liberties Union, Christopher Soghoian, the amount of stolen data is somewhere 400GB.


The Hacking Team was frequently criticized by Soghoian, composed another tweet that the data, “dump includes an .xls spreadsheet listing every government client, when they first bought HT and revenue to date.”


That much and sort of data, if correct, could be massively damaging for the company, which has sought to protect its acts amid a range of allegations from critics over who purchases its tools and how it is utilized.

The firm (Hacking Team) has been in fire range from establishments just like University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. The firm developed a product, named Remote Control System, which allows a secret remote entry to any computer.

A study done by Citizen Lab in February 2014, revealed RCS looks to have been utilized by 21 countries including, Egypt, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Hungary, Korea, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman,, Nigeria, Poland, Panama, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, UAE and Thailand.

Citizen Lab noted, some of these nations, have doubtful human rights histories, and it is supposed that some administrations may have utilized Remote Control System to monitor the actions of human rights activists.

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