Hamas Hacked the Computer Network of IDF

In yet another twist to the never ending Gaza war, Hamas released a video showing a hack at the computer network of Israeli Defense force. Hamas also boasted of killing two Israeli soldiers during the operation.

In a show might, a recently leaked video by Hamas shows that the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group, hacked into the computer network of Israeli Defense Force (IDF). The video by Hamas is more of a retaliation to a Last week’s leaked video by IDF shows a sting operation against Hamas.

The video entitled “Video Obtained From the Hacking of Military Computers of the Zionist Enemy by the Al-Qassam Brigades,” first appeared on Saturday night on Al-Aqsa news.

“On July 19, an operation was performed to penetrate behind enemy lines during Operation Protective Edge,” read the Arabic caption on the screen. “Our fighters were ambushed for six hours in enemy territory, until they reached the set goal: three jeeps. During an attack two jeeps were hit, and we killed several IDF soldiers.”

The video was allegedly filmed on July during Operation Protective edge, a fierce summer war between Israel Defense Forces and Hamas fighter is Gaza. It shows two Hamas fighters returning to Gaza carrying two M-16 riffles obtained from dead IDF soldiers. Hamas further boasted that all its fighters returned safely to Gaza.

Hamas killed two IDF soldiers following an ambush at an army patrol. The fallen soldiers were motz Greenberg, 45, a major (res.) from Hod Hasharon, and Sgt. Adar Barsano, 20, from Nahariya.

IDF declined to confirm the authenticity of the circulating video, however the Israeli military acknowledged that “Some of the content distributed by Hamas is recognized by the military,” said IDF on Saturday night. “There is no inquiry [into the issue]. We are investigating whether it was leaked from a classified network.”

The alleged video leaks comes amid a growing concern about cyber-security in the Israeli military camp. IDF had earlier revealed plans to strength its cyber defense division following cyberattacks from Iranian state backed hackers. Israeli security Agency also established an elite cyber defense unit to deal with aggression on Israeli cyberspace.

Hamas and IDF have been on a long territorial tussle over Gaza strip and West bank regions where Hamas intends to establish an independent Islamic state, free from Israel occupation. Hamas is widely opposed by western countries including US, UK and the European Union, who labelled it as a Terrorist outfit. However, the group enjoys wide support from Palestinians, Iran, Russia, Turkey and Arabic nations.

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