12 Easy Steps to Dramatically Improve your LinkedIn Security and Privacy

Social media have become a substantial part of our everyday life, due to their ease of use and the multiple benefits that they offer to every user. More and more people turn to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course LinkedIn, in order to promote their business or catch up with friends and family, communicate for free and expand their social network.

Among all these social media platforms, security breaches are no strangers; especially when it comes to Facebook, there have been frequent incidents where security and privacy violations have been reported. The recent incident is quite annoying and has to do with the tracking of all visitors that is against EU legislation.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has always been regarded as a safe social media platform. There are no applications that someone can download for gaming and there are no photos that somebody should think twice before posting and sharing online. On the contrary, it has been created with a more professional orientation. Still, it’s not out of the world – this, not 100% safe either.

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This means that most (if not all) of the users that subscribe to LinkedIn have got a specific thing in mind and this is definitely not of malicious intent. Nevertheless, one cannot be too careful and therefore we should all remain vigilant and safeguard our privacy and anonymity online.

Below we are going to show you how you can empower your overall LinkedIn account security, simply by following some effective guidelines. However, first things first and we had better find out why we need LinkedIn security in the first place. So, let’s have a look!

Why You Need LinkedIn Security

It might seem easy to answer, but the truth is that sometimes people get baffled as to whether or not they should pay greater attention to their social media accounts. Since the threats are more than a few, behold the major problems that derive from flawed security and the reasons why you need to focus on enhancing your defensive line:

  • Prevention from Hackers: It goes without even saying that hackers and technology experts aim to penetrate social media accounts. There are many sensitive details that can be extracted by a LinkedIn account and this is why hackers seek to find a solid way to intrude your social media privacy.
  • Security against Identity Theft: Identity theft has been increasing rapidly and therefore you need thorough protection against such a concerning phenomenon. Otherwise, there are people who will want to take advantage of such security breaches.
  • Anti-Phishing Enhancement: Upon breaking into someone’s LinkedIn account, there are several other things that can be triggered. Phishing is one of the most severe consequences that have to do with compromising the security level of social media accounts.
  • Personal Information Concerns: Crackers and snoopers target your personal information, in order to better track down your habits or even intercept data that leads to monetary gain. With the proper security, though, such dangers can be diminished or even eliminated.

Now that we have learnt more on why you need LinkedIn security, it is time for us to move on to the next level; find out how you can secure your LinkedIn account without any difficulty or hesitation.

How to Secure Your LinkedIn Account?

We have gathered 12 easy and effective steps that will definitely make the most out of your LinkedIn privacy. You will find these steps to be really helpful and you will benefit greatly from their ease of use and efficiency. The steps include the following:

  1. Check Your Current LinkedIn Connections: Even if you are careful when accepting an invitation on your LinkedIn account, double checking has never hurt anyone. On the contrary, checking to see whether or not a connection is legit and valid can reveal some truly concerning issues. Read through the updates and personal information of your connections, in order to spot any red flags.
  2. Adjust Member Feed Visibility: If you reach Profile Settings at the top right spot on your screen under your picture, you will get the opportunity to adjust who will see your personal feed. In addition, you can choose who sees your connections and various other useful details. As a result, you will be able to become fully responsible regarding your privacy while on LinkedIn.
  3. Profile Views: At your personal page on LinkedIn, halfway down the screen and at your right, you can see who has viewed your profile. This can be truly helpful, especially if you only connect with people that you know. If you check through the profile views and see that somebody suspicious has been visiting your page, this is definitely something to contemplate on.
  4. Connections: Think twice before connecting with someone, as this can lead to severe trouble for you in the long run. The whole purpose of LinkedIn is to help people with common interests and paths crossed connect with each other. So, making friends and connecting with everyone that asks you to regardless of who they are not the safest way to go.
  5. Protection of Personal Info: Once more, it is crucial to understand that the web is not a risk-free environment. To say the least, you ought to be highly suspicious and not indulge in spur-of-the-moment decisions as to what you are going to include online. Whatever goes online is hard (if not impossible) to erase and undo altogether. As a consequence, we must be really careful in this department.
  6. Two-factor Authentication: LinkedIn privacy is certainly related to the quality of protection that you yourself have followed. Two-step authentication is a great weapon against threats that emerge on LinkedIn. Besides using a solid password, it is equally important to make use of another factor prior to entering your LinkedIn account.
  7. HTTPS Connection: HTTPS is a security protocol used for enhancing your overall online protection. With the use of HTTPS, you make sure that everything is encrypted and that nothing is jeopardized. If you wish to be certain of using encryption at all times, HTTPS Everywhere is a cool tool to use!
  8. Up-to-date Software: When you use the latest version of your preferred software, you instantly empower your protection layering and this applies to your LinkedIn account, as well. So, do not stay idle and do not ignore the updates that frequently appear on your screen – they do not take a lot of your time and instead they are precious additions that can save you a lot of time.
  9. Solid Passwords: It makes total sense that you should use a solid password on LinkedIn that is too hard to guess or crack. Rather than saving your password, it is advisable that you type it every time you connect to the social media platform and that you log out, when you finish. If you want to save your passwords, it’s better to make use of a secure password manager.
  10. Avoid Phishing Messages: Phishing has become a truly dangerous phenomenon with alarmingly increased frequency. So, you should keep your eyes open at all times and not click on everything you come across on the Internet. On the contrary, you should only trust reliable sources from the web.
  11. Strengthen Your Email: Your email account should be well protected for preventing any leak that can cause even greater problems to you. This is why you are strongly encouraged to use a different email address when engaging in e-banking or indulging in “suspicious” activities online. Your LinkedIn account should be linked to a safe and protected email.
  12. Antivirus of Quality: The last step that we ought to suggest to you for the best LinkedIn account security possible is of course the use of a trustworthy antivirus program. This will alert you on anything that requires extra attention, while it can delete or place in quarantine every threat that it detects.

As you can see, the steps that you had better follow online are not difficult or hard to comprehend. So, do not waste any more time! Strengthen the overall protection of yours on LinkedIn and on social media as a whole. Secure your LinkedIn account to the maximum and do not let anyone jeopardize your online user experience. Benefit from the advantages that social media platforms are able to offer to you, without risking anything in return! It is up to you to do so!

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