Infosec week in review: NSA mass surveillance ruled illegal, DOJ exposing its secret spying programs

Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxed start of the week, here Security Gladiators go with providing you a recap of most interesting security news from last week. Below, we go with the overview and link to each of the top headline:

US Department of Justice lifting Veil on its secret mobile spying programs
The US Department of Justice has allegedly decided to reveal more data about US secret mobile phone tracking gadgets, and about their usage. The DOJ (Department of Justice) has also done a thorough review on exactly how US law enforcement agencies make use of this spying technology.

24 Hour Shutdown Threat to Torrent Websites
MPA (The Motion Picture Association), has specifically reached top torrents service providers including Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz and many more popular ones. The MPA has issued them a warning of 24 hours to shut down under threat of conceivable legitimate activity.

Google is Planning to Boost up Android Privacy Controls
An awesome news for Android users who have been bugging Google to accomplish more to help ensure their security. Google is ready to provider more privacy controls to Android users.

Federal Court of America ruled NSA mass phone surveillance as illegal
A government petitions court has ordered the NSA’s mass collection of huge number of United States’ telephone records is illegitimate. The system was uncovered by Edward Snowden, National Security Agency informant; the ACLU appealed its claim construct to mainly on Snowden’s disclosures.

Lenovo patches vulnerabilities: Researchers find ‘massive security risk’
World’s best computer manufacturer Lenovo has been caught operating a “gigantic security hazard” on the grounds that blemishes in its online item update service permitting attackers to put malware onto its clients’ computers through a MiTM (man-in-the-center) hack. Users are exposed to hacking, and are advised to update their system immediately.

Facebook introducing two new features for boosting users’ privacy
Facebook has reported to improve its security by revealing two new features in the upcoming months. The social media giant has declared on their official blog that Facebook takeoff of 2 new features named Anonymous Login and Facebook Login that will empower its consumers to have a complete control over their private data. The organization said the step will fortify its platform by reinforcing its consumer’s privacy. Facebook is effectively attempting to build user engagement by giving a more customized experience.

Top/Featured Image: By Center for Scientific Review – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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