Instagram two-factor authentication is going to be here, finally

In an attempt to protect its users from hackers and cyber attackers, Instagram finally seem to have signaled the launch of most desired security feature — two-factor authentication.

It sounds really cool to be able to secure your selfies on Instagram, right? You more likely are going to be able to do so! Instagram will now let you confirm your mobile number with your Instagram account. From then on, every time you want to log in to your account, you will get an SMS with a verification code. The verification code is needed to complete the login procedure, reported by TechCrunch.

Instagram Finally Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication to Fight AttackersAlthough it is a good step by Instagram, however, it is fair to criticize the firm for taking the measures slowly. Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), introduced the feature of 2-factor verification more than five years ago.

Josh Constine from TechCrunch said, a tipster at Instagram states you will soon be able to confirm your account with a mobile number and utilize it to verify your identity every single time you log in to Instagram.

A spokesman from Instagram has also upheld the update with The Verge. When you have confirmed your number, and try to connect to the Instagram app, you will also be sent an SMS with a verification code needed to log in to your account. 2-factor verification is one of the best methods to secure Instagram account from hackers/attackers, so it is about time Instagram at last added the feature.

Instagram’s most recent update is being come out in stages just to ensure that it’s simple to use and free of bugs. The 2-factor verification is also optional and can be switched off manually via the settings available in your account.

The 2-factor verification procedure has turned out quite commonplace in the modern age. There are many social media platforms that are offering this feature to it secure its users. The most famous users, which are exclusive targets such as the ones who use Instagram at School (for example), will surely breathe a sigh of relief with the Instagram including the much-needed privacy feature.

None of the officials from Instagram pass a statement on when the users will actually get the update. However, more likely, the 2-steps verification update should be rolling out very soon.

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