Internet Explorer Possibly Taking its Final Breaths Due to Bugs, It’s up to Microsoft!

Internet Explorer allegedly replaced by new browser called Spartan, due to its inability to adjust to the new demands of the web without security bugs and discrepancies. 

Internet Explorer is most likely on the verge of extinction, due to the new browser of Microsoft, called “Spartan”. This will probably be launched with Windows 10 and will gradually replace IE, which has had too many bugs, too little progress and no extensions supported.

Internet Explorer has been an iconic browser for almost two decades, having launched back in 1995 and having been a great success of Microsoft in its hay days. However, due to the significant security breaches and the continuous bugs, the browser has been left to rot and its previous users went ahead in search of something more modern and reliable. Although back in the day almost everyone used IE as a default browser, now the percentage has dropped in an alarming rate, with Google Chrome being the number one option for over 1 out of 2 Internet users.

It seems that there is strong debate as to whether or not IE can be revived. Even though Microsoft does not wish to comment on the recent revelations, the truth is that there is great speculation and a new name has emerged; “Spartan” seems to be the response of Microsoft to the continuous decline of Internet Explorer.

Spartan will be a brand new browser that is meant to replace IE in the near future, potentially with the release of Windows 10. This browser will not resemble IE, rather than look like Chrome or Firefox. This should be a great move on behalf of Microsoft, as IE has been proven inadequate to follow the changes and the ongoing progress among browsers. It does not support extensions and this alone is a true injury in its credibility and trustworthiness.

Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet has published the story, claiming to have sources inside informing her of the new intentions of Microsoft. As for the future of IE, it looks like Spartan will not bury it right away. Instead, both the browsers will be included within Windows 10 (meaning Spartan and IE 11). What still keeps the latter going is the persistence of businesses to use the specific browser due to its stability and due to the custom apps that have already been created for it. However, this is not a strong enough reason to offer immortality to one of the most famous browsers to this date. More likely, a new alternative will be adopted and the IT departments of companies worldwide will be motivated to change their software.

Let’s see how powerful the Spartan is going to be in the global market, provided that it replaces Internet Explorer sooner or later!

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