Internet Piracy via Sites Like EZTV Is Dying in This Country

The Pirate Bay, along with EZTV, is one of the biggest torrent sites in the world and is based in Sweden. However, interestingly enough, piracy is on the decline in Sweden.

The country has not only given birth to many torrenting websites but has also acted as a hotbed of copyright infringement in the form of illegal downloading in the past. 

It was only five years ago that authorities in Sweden released the people behind The Pirate Bay from prison.

an image of a keyboard with a piracy key on it

Last year, the Prosecutor’s Office in Sweden reported that it didn’t charge a single individual for illegal-streaming or file-sharing crimes in the whole year. TorrentFreak, a torrent news site, reported that Swedish law enforcement authorities recorded only 23 offenses in 2019. That was also the lowest number Sweden reported in the last decade or so.

TorrentFreak also reported that law enforcement authorities in the country went from handling dozens of cases over multiple years involving streaming, torrent site operations and DCC sharing to menial criminal prosecutions for the past couple of years. The main reason why that happened was that entertainment companies started to focus on techniques like ISP blocking instead of going after individual copyright infringement cases. 

The same has happened in Ireland where the Motion Picture Association blocked eight of the most popular streaming and torrenting sites including EZTV along with Putlocker and WatchFree.

These streaming sites had the ability to generate millions of site visits per month and, according to copyright groups, cost the entertainment industry billions of dollars every year


While banning sites like EZTV can, in theory, reduce piracy, the fact remains that people who are going to infringe on copyrights for one reason or another will find a way to stream content from sites like EZTV. As can be seen from what’s happened in Sweden, a better method is to use the technique of ISP blocking instead. 
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