What to Look In Internet Security Freeware

You get your new computer and the first thing you do when you turn it on, is browse the Internet. It’s very common that you get some basic antivirus software, but have you ever considered is there something better out there. Internet security is becoming a huge issue with all the recent development in the mobile and online data storage industries. This article will help you learn how to choose the right Internet security freeware.

What is Internet Security?

Internet security is a term used to describe all elements that are a part of couple of processes that include browser security, data encryption and security, security of data that is sent through Internet protocols. In more simple terms, Internet security is focused on the security of all types of data that is shared on the Internet. Almost all internet users use free antivirus programs for this purpose, but not all of them know what is considered to be a quality Internet security freeware.

Reasons to Use Internet Security Suite

The main goal of every Internet security suit is to make sure that the information that you use on the Internet is not shared with third parties, and that your computer device doesn’t get infected with any type of malware. To ensure the safety of your information internet security freeware programs should successful implement encryption protocols and possess anti spyware, anti malware, anti virus, firewall and other elements.

Judging Criteria for Internet Security Freeware

Firewall – The firewall can be implemented as a part of a software or in the computer’s hardware, or even both. Its purpose is to block all unknown users that are trying to connect to your private network. Every Internet security freeware pack must have a firewall. Together with the antivirus scanner this is the most important feature of any security software.

Speed – You would not like to sacrifice bandwidth and computer speed for the sake of the security software you’re using. Great antivirus software should be able to perform silently in the background all the time, and inform you only about potential risks that may occur.

Overall Protection – You will get malware because you use Internet, which is not a very safe place for anybody. That’s why you need to be sure that the security software you’re using has all the necessary elements that will offer complete protection. The basic system pack must have an antivirus, firewall and system scan features.

Online Protection – Real time protection is one of the things that you must have. You wont have any use from an Internet security freeware that will notify you that you have visited an unsafe site two days before. You need that information while you’re online. We’ll say again that the antivirus scanner, firewall and anti malware protection are the most important parts of a good online protection.

Offline Protection – Viruses and malware are not active only while you’re connected to the Internet. Lots of unsecure websites use cookies to get the virus to your hardware and allow him to operate silently in the background. That’s why you need a quality system scanner as a part of the whole security pack.

Customer Support – Internet security is a time sensitive business. If you need to wait for ten days in order to get a response about a query regarding a virus that has infected your computer, you may end up with not having a computer at the end of these ten days. You need professional support that’s there for you. Not all Internet security freeware providers have quality customers support. You need to be careful with this one.

Other Features – It’s not all about security of data. Other features that you may find interesting include identity theft protection, parental protection, data backup, website blacklists, etc.


Finding a quality freeware Internet security pack can be a time consuming task that involves lots of research. We have already compiled a list filled with some of the best free antivirus software packs in the industry. We hope that this article helps you out when you start your antivirus search. If you’re already an experienced freeware seeker, don’t forget to leave a comment with some tricks or tips.

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