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Apple to Launch iPhone 6 in China in October

Apple will finally launch iPhone 6 models in China, after weeks of unexplained delays. Apple had initially planned to launch iPhone 6 models in China [...]

All You Need Know About the ShellShock Bug

The shellshock bug has caused jitters in the security community this week. The bug which have been laying low for the last two decades, is a serious s [...]

Apple’s New Security Measures, to Keep Off Snoopy Agencies

US tech giant Apple is rolling out new security measures aimed at protecting customers’ private data from Law enforcement agencies and snoopy intellig [...]

WEDG Personal Cloud Sharing Device Currently Getting Funded At Indiegogo

Crowdfunding campaigns are considered to be a risky deal. Crowdfunding brings great number of benefits for startups, but it can also be easily manipul [...]

Wisconsin’s National Guard is Fighting Against Cybercrime

The Wisconsin National Guard has become highly concerned about cyber security. Reason for this were the latest series of attacks on individuals, gover [...]
Best iOS Security apps and software 2014

Best iOS Security apps and software 2014

Operational systems created by Apple have always been more secure than their counterparts in the respective industry niche. That’s also the case with [...]
1 59 60 61606 / 606 POSTS