Internet Security To Protect Manufacturers

Connected manufacturing is the future, but is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The change in consumer demands and the emergence of smart technologies have radically transformed the process of manufacturing.

It is not just about making physical products anymore.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to increase efficiency and visibility at every single stage of the production process, which has led to the era of connected manufacturing.

What Connected Manufacturing Offers

Businesses across the globe are eager to adapt connected manufacturing practices to streamline their business processes, increase visibility across the supply chain, optimize supply and demand, predict and solve potentially disruptive problems, and increase the bottom line.

In other words, connected manufacturing is the future, and the future is here now.

Internet Security Threats in Connected Manufacturing

With smart technologies, however, arrive smart problems.

As manufacturing becomes increasingly automated and smart thanks to the IoT, the threat of cyber attacks also looms large.

As a manufacturer, you not only have to worry about the physical production process, but also the technology that governs the process.

Internet security has always been a concern for businesses, but it was mostly restricted to the IT department until now.

The possibility of someone stealing your data is worrying enough, but with connected manufacturing, hackers and cyber criminals could mess up your entire production process.

This is why industrial internet security has become one of the top priorities of manufacturers today.

Internet Security Solutions for Connected Manufacturing

Experts recommend that you should incorporate security solutions right at the outset, rather than adding them at the end stage of the process as an afterthought.

In other words, you should design security in, rather than do patchwork later.

Safeguarding Data

Safeguarding Data
You need to employ internet security measures to safeguard data.

Your topmost priority should be protecting sensitive data – right from trade secrets to production technologies – against internet security threats. You can protect this data by using software programs with multiple layers of encryption.

Restricting user access to data is also important to make sure users do not have access to data that they are not authorized to see.

You can do it by giving users password-protected access to data. It will ensure that users at a particular level can only access data that they are authorized to see by entering a password.

Following Industry Best Practices

The vulnerability of your data in the cloud is also something you need prepare for as a manufacturer. Reputed cloud storage providers usually make sure the data is protected at the physical, network, and application levels to protect against internet security threats like hacking.

On the other end, however, your employees and business associates can access and store your data on their personal devices like smartphones and tablets. It is at this end that your data is most vulnerable to cyber attacks.

While you cannot prevent users from accessing the data using their own devices, you can educate them on industry best practices regarding the same. You can also restrict the number and the type of devices and applications that can be used to access the data. It will reduce the risk of internet security threats to your data significantly.

Employing the Best Cyber Security Services

You can also employ the services of cyber security solutions providers for end-to-end data protection.

They can prevent internet security attacks by securing all the endpoints and network gateways and protect your data against hacking attacks. In case of a security breach, they can detect and remediate the problem faster than you otherwise can.

Whether you plan to have your own team or hire the services of third-party solution providers, the expertise of cyber security specialists is something you require to safeguard your operations against internet security threats.

Lastly, it is important to remember that you cannot 100% safeguard against online security breaches. No matter how good your online security system is, you can never afford to be complacent, particularly considering the fact that hackers and cyber criminals have grown incredibly sophisticated and are constantly evolving their attacking methods.

So, it is always good to have a well thought out response plan that you can execute in case of an unfortunate internet security attack. However, with the best industry practices and sufficient safeguards, you can certainly prevent, detect, and address cyber security problems to a great extent.

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