Jailbreaking your iPhone: What Is It and Will It Keep Your Phone Safe?

Getting to enjoy the abilities of your phone to the maximum is an appealing concept, to say the least. Especially when you have spent quite a large amount of money for grabbing hold of a precious little gadget, you only want the very best and jailbreaking is willing to cover your needs for absolute freedom. According to the stats, there are millions of iOS running Apple devices that have been jailbroken and this number increases on a daily basis. If you try to interpret this trend, you will clearly see that it is directly linked to the desire of Apple customers to get more than what they are allowed to reach out to.

Jailbreak risks do occur, though. So, people weigh both the advantages and dangers of such an action and then they go ahead with their decision. Some others act spontaneously and do not think of the consequences. We are Security Gladiators and we do not get the luxury of leaving things to chance! Now, we will try to shed light on the jailbreak iOS security aspects, based on information that is worth keeping in mind. So, let’s get started!

Process of Jailbreaking

Everything is crystal clear, as far as the process of jailbreaking is concerned. In specific, you download an application which is related to the software of the Apple device you have purchased. From then on, the application breaks the original iOS software that you have been using and allows you to alter it in any way you can think of.

The freedom offered through the jailbreaking process has been responsible for its actual name, as you can see. Software applications offering you the opportunity to jailbreak your iPhone, iPads and iPods include Cydia, Pangu and Evasi0n. When you use such a jailbreak app, you follow the guidelines and you complete the procedure on your own, without any complication whatsoever.

Why Jailbreak Your iOS Device

There is great debate as to why somebody would want to jeopardize his warranty, and choose to move forward with the ambiguous jailbroken phone safety level. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward for most users of iOS. Apple does not allow the users to take full advantage of the potential that each Apple gadget has got. As a result, there are tons of applications that you do not have the opportunity to download on Apple Store.

This in turn leads to compromising one’s needs and desires towards using a specific Apple device. Once the word spread out that there is an alternative route for people to walk on with the freedom provided by the jailbroken software, many people got excited and started learning more about how they would improve the performance and abilities of their device.

Dangers Emerging from Jailbreak

Of course, as highlighted above, there are quite a few risks that each Apple user has to take. Freedom always comes at a price, isn’t it right? In this case, the worst scenario is for you to need your warranty and not being able to use it. Indeed, once you jailbreak your iPhone, you are on your own in times of emergency! Your warranty is voided and therefore, you have to make sure that you understand the dangers behind this. Think of your iOS device as a computer with no antivirus installed. Although nobody can foresee the future, it is safe to say that a computer lacking the proper firewall and antivirus software is much more vulnerable to hackers and other malicious threats.

Is There Any Going Back?

Well, you ought to be prepared for the fact that your jailbroken iPhone security issues might be severe and prevent you from getting things the way they were before. This means that, once you have broken free from the limitations of Apple and your provider, you may never get the chance to recover your device and go back to its prior state. On the bright side, some people have tried and succeeded in getting the initial settings of their iPhone via connecting to iTunes. So, this is a possible solution to any problem that might come up along the way.

Bottom Line: Is Your Phone Safe?

From everything that has been pointed out above, nobody can tell for sure! Of course, deciding to free your iPhone and get the best out of the jailbroken free apps available for you seems appealing enough to try. On the other hand, there is always the danger of leaving something safe and replacing it with something that can hide negative consequences and future problems.

Every single case is different and there is no rule that applies to jailbreaking. The only thing that everyone agrees on is the acknowledgement that iPhones and other iOS devices that proceed with the jailbreaking are more prone to vulnerabilities. That alone should be deterrent or at least make you think twice, before being dazzled by the endless possibilities provided by the freeing procedure of jailbreak.

The final decision is up to you and you are the one who will either choose to settle for the apps that Apple offers (in exchange for your device’s safety in the long run) or dive deep into the dark waters of jailbreaking. We would love to hear from you and see what you value most, when it comes to your iPhones and other iOS running devices! So, don’t be shy and share your experiences with jailbreaking!

Top-right image by: Wikipedia (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jailbreak_(iOS)#mediaviewer/File:IPhone-Angriff.jpg)

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