Australian Hobart international airport website hacked by ISIS

Today (Monday April 13, 2015) an Australian AirPort website was attacked by extremist group of hackers dubbed ISIS, also known as IS or Islamic State. The website went temporarily offline, luckily for folks there, flight operations and Hobert airport wasn’t threatened. The police of Tasmania are monitoring the activities and investigating the Hobert International Airport when the site was hijacked by ISIS.

The messages that was posted on the website are identical as these messages was posted on thousands of sites which were hacked since previous 2014.

A statement of the police was, “The group claiming responsibility for the hacking appear to non-discriminately target organizations who use web hosts such as the one used by Hobart International Airport.”

Officials were informed that the Hobart International’s website had been spoilt on the morning at Sunday, and the rest of the website shutdown on Monday.

The police also added that, “The police of Tasmania have been investigating and monitoring all of the activities at the International Airport grounds, and no evidence of the suspicious activates on the website has been there.”

The IT service providers was reviewed the security of the Airport’s website said by the airport’s operators. Airport users are recommended to visit the airline websites for the flight schedule.

The message which can be read on the Airport’s website is, “We’re sorry, the Hobart Airport website is not currently operating. We are working to get it back up and running as soon as possible.”

Probably, all this happened because Australian government is taking part in the US-Led alliance in the contradiction of ISIS in Iraq and has progressively been declaring the alert over radicalized people, with about 90 alleged the be overcome the ISIS groups in Syria and Iraq.

Alex Younger (Britain’s new spy chief) had warned the Australian government last month about “technology arms race” with its rivals. He added that, “The bad news is the same technology in opposition hands, an opposition often unconstrained by consideration of ethics and law, allows them to see what we are doing and to put our people and agents at risk.”

“I am particularly proud of the way in which our work with the military developed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Put bluntly, work done by SIS and GCHQ saved many British and coalition lives,” stated by Alex Younger.

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