Jaguar to monitor its drivers’ heart rate, breathing and brainwaves with NASA tech

The thought seem to be incredibly futuristic, but Jaguar aims at detecting health status, monitor brainwaves and all in all predict its drivers’ actions. For making their cars much more safer and smarter, guys at Jaguar Land Rover are working on quite a few projects and these are just the elements of those.

Jaguar Land Rover launched two projects being pothole and cyclist alerts just recently, and if you are wondering how many are coming further on the way, the simple answer is “several”. The luxury cars and sports company announced in a news blog that it’s working on quite a few technologies, including “Sixth Sense” which could judge drivers’ health condition and aid prevent accidents. A technology being derived from NASA tech called “Mind Sense”, is on the list as well, which seems to be the most intriguing one.

The technology genuinely was developed by NASA in an attempt to improve the concentration skills of pilots. Mind Sense gets to read brain waves of a person using the sensors being embedded in steering wheel. A computer software amplifies and filters brain waves and then an on-board computer assess if the pilot is alert enough for commandeering thousands of pounds heavy vehicle. In case, the person deem to fall asleep or is daydreaming, a warning sound could be issued by computer or steering wheel will vibrate.

As we said, brain monitoring tech is most incredible among all of the projects. But aside from the reliability issues, the problem is that most of the brainwave monitors existing currently are involved in headsets but Jaguar is trying to achieve it via censors embed in steering wheel. Only NASA’s high tech will be able to help on this.

Jaguar is willing to insert the alert system form of vibration either in steering wheel or pedals firstly, but the company says, in case that doesn’t work – they will move to warning sounds and icons. This tech development within Jaguar Land Rover will certainly help today, but the company imagines it to be a blessing for the future when they’re going to sell self-driving Jaguars. As the car might have to give the controls to its driver at a certain point, it could be essential to make sure that the driver in it is alert and ready at that time.

In fact, the concern we discussed above made Jaguar stretch its interest in regards to monitoring health of drivers via their breathing and heart rate. A medical grade sensor has been tested for this purpose, which could be embedded into seat and will be able to monitor breathing and overall health rate through vibrations. It’s being believed that car will be capable enough to detect any serious or sudden illness, and who knows if car could automatically drive the driver to a nearby hospital when they integrate the system into the self-driving cars in future.

Another incredible part of this particular project is, Jaguar Land Rover even thrives to give its cars an ability to detect if the driver is little stressed and then automatically put some smooth and mood lightening music on for helping them chill out.

The luxury automaker giant don’t even want its fancy infotainment system to distract you, and for that Jaguar is upgrading its infotainment system as such that it could predict what a driver is wanting to press even before they reach it. Actually, a mid-air touch screen display prototype has already been developed by the company that tracks your hands using cameras. Ultrasonic feedback is going to be added in the future for tricking your brain to think that screen has already been touched.

Finally, “haptic accelerator pedal tech” is also being developed by the company that could vibrate or pulse in an attempt to alert the driver when they get closer another car with potential danger of a bang with it or were crossing the speed limit.

Now, to be realistic, some of these projects seem to be coming out only after a decent number of years but the announcement that Jaguar has been making pretty much clears the intent that they’re working under the shed to bring advance tech into car industry. While this all is fascinating and suggests the vehicles that many among us have been just imagining to drive down the road one day.

But it’s history that technology advancements in any field come with security issues as the cyber world has gotten darker than ever, and let it be self-driving cars as a whole or a handful of advance tech features – nothing is of exception. As for example, hackers could simply target recorded health data or even try to hack Jaguar’s monitoring system. No doubt, companies are making move emphasizing on security when thinking about the technology enhancements – so we hope, it turns out to be great and hack-proof technology headway in autos.

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