Jamie Oliver’s site still infected with Malware after a whole month

One of the most popular chefs worldwide is definitely Jamie Oliver. Unfortunately, recently it has been discovered that his official web site jamieoliver.com had been compromised by hackers. In fact, on 18 February 2015 it was discovered that his web page includes malware that might harm everyone who visits it.

The most amazing thing is that Jamie’s web page has managed over the last years to attract 10 million visitors every month. Visitors who are looking for his unique recipes, his amazing books, for the TV shows that he has participates and of course information about his restaurants. This means that all of these people who are visiting his site might have been affected with viruses, since the specific site have been hacked in December of 2014 and for two months no one noticed it. After that the team which works for the famous chef, published on February that they had restored the problem and that since then their site is safe and secure.

The Malwarebytes company after that discovered that the site is not safe as it has more malicious codes which are still embedded in its homepage. The senior security researcher of the Malwarebytes company, Jerome Segura wrote a post in a blog that says: “This is basically the same structure as we observed in the previous hack, which leads us to believe this is the same infection that was not completely removed or perhaps that a vulnerability with the server software or Content Management System (CMS) still exists. It is indeed quite common for a hacked server to retain malicious shells or backdoors that keep on re-infecting the site.”

Based on all the facts that were mentioned above, IBTimes UK grabbed the opportunity and has tried to contact the management team of Jamie Oliver in order to make a comment on the malware information that are spread all over the web.

The only thing that are forced to do, especially if you are a fan of Jamie Oliver’s web site is to just boost the online security system that you have chosen and you must always have in mind to keep it updated. You can also install on your computer free anti-exploit software that is able to stop hackers from harming you.

Apart from Jamie Oliver’s web site all site owners must always scan their web sites in order to protect their users from been hacked or infected with any sort of malware. As you can easily understand whether or not a site belongs to a famous celebrity, it can always be hacked from people who the only thing that they want to do is to harm you and steal some of your information in order to be benefit from them in the way that they want. If you are wondering of which free online malware and security scanners are the best you need to know, we have done some research and some of the most famous ones are the the Sucuri SiteCheckPenguin Scan (Archive.org Link)Virus Total and Quttera.

Do not lose any more of your valuable time and search now on the web for the web pages that you are visiting the most and learn about their security systems and of course update your security system as often as you can.

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