Kaspersky Safe Kids Complete And Comprehensive Review With Screenshots

Kaspersky Safe Kids
Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of a parental control software. Read on to find out why.

Kaspersky isn’t much different from some other elite Antivirus software product providers.

By that, we mean that just like other elite antivirus software providers, for example Symantec, it too includes an entire parental control program right into its suite of online security products.

Readers would do well to note a couple of differences here.

This is the Safe Kids review.

As mentioned before, just like Symantec, Kaspersky has a parental program built right into its other security products.

Therefore, Kaspersky actually has two parental control products.

There is the standard Kaspersky Premium Security suite which includes parental control features.

And then there is the Safe Kids which is a standalone program.

We will focus on Safe Kids in this review.

Safe Kids is a product that focuses only on parental control features and options.

It doesn’t make use of any other Kaspersky security products like its antivirus.

Nope, it doesn’t have any connection to Kaspersky network protections either.

All those capabilities come as a part of a separate package which we won’t discuss here.

If you want to know more about those then perhaps you should search for Kaspersky Security suite rather than Safe Kids.

Safe Kids is perfect for people who already have the antivirus product from any elite antivirus product provider.

But want to have extensive parental control options.

Safe Kids provides you with that.

Now, keep in mind that Safe Kids is very extensive in terms of its features and options.

It exists totally outside the user’s regular security products and/or subscriptions.

So how safe is Safe Kids?

Does it have the necessary control network to stand its ground when it comes to complete internet filtering?

Well, you will have to read this Safe Kids review to find that out.



Like all modern security software products, Safe Kids has a very simple setup process.

It shouldn’t present you with any problems whatsoever.

All you really need to do here is to download the actual product after buying the subscription.

When you have done that Kaspersky will go ahead with full steam.

And before you know it, it will install the necessary components on your system in a flash.

You will have to probably perform three or fewer clicks in order to get the desktop version up and going.

The whole installation process should not take you more than five minutes.

And that time includes the time it takes to boot your computer machine.

After the installation process, you are free to dive in the product and do some exploring.

And some tinkering.

So first you have to set up the desktop application on your computer machine.

Then you have to log in to your My Kaspersky dashboard.

This is where the company keeps all the standard and advanced parental control options and settings.
You can also find some reports in here.

And most of all, you can handle all these options and reports from just a web browser.

The dashboard also allows users to remove or add their profiles.

Users can make two kinds of profiles.

Their own.

And their children’s.

The dashboard also has the features where the users can monitor any and all activity across any and all devices that they have installed Safe Kids on.

What About Installation on Android and/or iOS?

The installation process for both these platforms is also very simple and straightforward.

Standard stuff really.

But we have to mention the fact that we found the iOS setup more easy when compared to some of the other installation processes we have seen from other parental control security products.

How is that?

Well, for a start, the iOS installation process doesn’t require the user to set up and go through all the essential blocks.

These blocks include uninstalling web browsers that aren’t needed or disabling some inappropriate app permissions.

Safe Kids creates a new profile automatically for the kid/s who would use the device.

It does that by making use of a set of standard certificate settings.

This allows the iOS app to complete the job very quickly.

User Interface


The main interface has the original green with white theme.

Kaspersky also has a dash of the color red on one side.

This color scheme is pretty similar to other Kaspersky products.

More specifically, the parental control section of the company’s antivirus software application.

This is a clever way for Kaspersky to maintain and solidify its brand presence and identity.

The user interface also helps the parental control only product look awesome.

If we compare Safe Kids with other parental control software applications, then Safe Kids takes the prize for the best dashboard.

It is the most comprehensive one.

It also looks great to the eyes.

Moreover, Safe Kids doesn’t affect the performance of the user’s web browser that much.

This is very important as well.

Users can take advantage of a ton of settings such as time limits for particular devices and what not.

Users can also utilize other features such as location tracking map.

The app makes it very easy to navigate through the interface.

It’s just that the whole experience feels very seamless.

It is also a please to take a look at and is intuitive.

As mentioned before, the dashboard is the place that links to all other functions of the app.

The dashboard allows access to other active parental controls as well.

There are also options to handle each kid’s profile differently.

Moreover, users can also configure the software to collect a particular amount of information on each device and then report back via the service’s servers.

Safe Kids also does a great job of labeling everything clearly.

You don’t have to guess at anything.

All you have to do is to pay a little attention.

Safe Kids makes that task easy as well.


By using a comfortable layout.

The layout guides the user in a way that makes it easy for the user to sense the purpose of each function.

Moreover, it makes it easy for the user to understand the real-world applications of different functions.

Safe Kids dashboard also has neat and organized individual sections.

Two of these sections are Mobile and Device Use.

You can use this section of the dashboard to view options related to the relevant information that you want to know quickly.

The dashboard can also display the same information under the Summary page that is accessible via the main menu.

What Does The Summary Page Give You?

The summary page shows the user which sites their kids visited.

It gathers a ton of other information as well.

Moreover, it tells the user how many devices are currently in use.

The Summary page also displays any notification that may require the user to take some action.

There are also pop up notifications on this screen.

These update the user on activities and events that might have happened since the last time the user logged in.

Safe Kids Summary page also allows users to find any device’s current location.

Of course, the user first has to make sure that he/she has installed Safe Kids on the said device.

Safe Kids has a function called location finder.

And we’ll talk about this feature more in the subsequent sections.

The Notification Center

The new notification center also enhances navigation options.

This section of the software application allows users to see any activity that may have popped up.

It also shows the time when the activity did pop up.

The notification center also shows any and all flagged results.

To facilitate the user to take action, it links the flagged results to w window that further explains why the software application blocked a given website.

The same goes for the sites the application allowed as well.

After showing all the information we just described above Safe Kids follows that with detailed recommended settings for the user.

It bases its site recommendations on the each kid’s individual age.

Where do the site recommendations come from?

Well, these come from a real Ph.D. child psychologist.

According to official sources, these psychologists paid up with the company, Kaspersky, and help out parents who may need more assistance with regards to their child’s online viewing options.



Safe Kids comes with a premium membership package.

This package has a ton of features.

Let’s discuss some of the features that the user can take advantage of once the user has subscribed to Safe Kids on an annual basis.

  • Website and internet monitoring feature
  • Social network websites monitoring.
    The software only monitors VK and Facebook.
  • Device and app time limit management.
  • Notifications and location tracking if a kid goes further way than a predetermined area on a map.
  • Call history monitoring.
  • SMS monitoring
  • Web and mobile application monitoring.
    SMS and call history functions are only available for Android.
  • Push notifications for the parent’s phone.
  • Real-Time monitoring also available.

Right now some of you may be thinking that this is all standard stuff right?


But only on the surface.

The extent of all these features is truly something you have to experience to believe.

With Safe Kids, you can really control all types of devices.

And did we mention that you could also control access points?


It is features like these that set Safe Kids apart from other parental control security products.

Safe Kids has an extensive feature list that is for sure.


But so do some of its competitors.

Kaspersky Safe Kids keeps ahead of the pack by finding new ways to excel in all areas where the software product competes with other companies.

Don’t forget that you can always go to the official website of Kaspersky Safe Kids to read the complete list of features.

Kaspersky Safe Kids features have a fantastic design that is optimal as far as user-friendliness is concerned.

Kaspersky has given a lot of attention to minor details.

In other words, Kaspersky Safe Kids shows you every step on how to protect your kids online.

It shows you everything from how the app tracks data to the main dashboard which handles all the user’s settings.

Everything is just streamlined to maximize performance.

Hence, users will find that it is very simple for them to use this app, remove profiles, add profiles and configure other options at their leisure.

But everything with Kaspersky Safe Kids isn’t perfect though.

We have already mentioned that Kaspersky Safe Kids is a separate product from other Kaspersky security products.

Because of that, Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t have some particular detection capabilities.

This wouldn’t be a problem normally.

Except that previous version of Kaspersky Premium Security had these.

We’re talking about security features such as Keyword Detection.

This is a fantastic tool that works wonders.

Keyword Detection has a list of specific words.

If the child types those words anywhere on his/her monitored device, the app will send a warning message to the child as well as the parent.

It doesn’t matter if the child types the specific keywords on a web browser, an online game or a chat client.

Keyword Detection works with everything.

Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t have this option.

Hence, users will find it difficult to exactly pin down the amount of parental control blocks that may require.

They would only arrive at the perfect amount after a considerable use of the app.

The Mobile App


We mentioned this fact earlier as well that users will find installing both Android and iOS apps fairly easy.

At least easier than other applications.


Because of the setup itself.

It takes control and configures the optional Settings.

It also automatically ads new certificates.

Hence users don’t have to do it manually by configuring permissions for each app on the device.

The iOS version is slightly limited though.

But that is the norm in the industry for various reasons.

In other words, the iOS app has some hindrance in what it can’t and can do.

Both apps monitor web browsers really well.

Both have the feature of location tracking as well.

And both work flawlessly.

That is what our research on the app’s performance tells us.

The Android version is also the better version when it comes to customization.

To put it another way, the Android version of the app allows the Android device users to not only manage and control what type of apps the user can and can’t install and which websites the user can and can’t visit but also which websites the user can visit via the Chrome browser.

Moreover, users can also monitor all of their text messages.

These include outgoing and ingoing text messages.

The Android app also takes care of call logs along with the user’s location simultaneously.

With that said, it is also true that at the time of writing this review, users could only manage and edit a blocked contact list on the platform.

In other words, they can’t really read the content of their messages that they want to block.

What does that mean for the end user?

That means, if you have installed Kaspersky Safe Kids on your kid’s device and your kid received a call or a text message from a stranger or an unknown number, then the app would either ping you with the contact information, or it will block the entire correspondence.

The actual action will, of course, depend on how the user has set his/her personal settings.

So configure those with care.


We have already talked about it at the top, Kaspersky Safe Kids is the best parental control software product when it comes to performance.

Of course, that only holds true for the software applications that we have researched.

Our research shows that if you try to push a website that isn’t on the list of allowed websites, then the app will block it.

It could also show the user warning messages.

But the actual action will vary depending on the user and kid profile.

In other words, it depends on where the user tries to access these sites from.

The app will change the way it blocks a website.

Its scales go from young child to teenager.

Expect Kaspersky Safe Kids to pop up a notification on the connected monitoring device as well as email.

Kaspersky Safe Kids allows users to modify how they want the app to handle potentially harmful websites and/or content.

Users can select from a general list of categories.

This list includes categories such as,

  • Nudity
  • Alcohol

All the categories on the list have three basic handler variants.

These are as follows,

  • Block
  • Warn
  • Allow


Kaspersky Safe Kids Is More Than Just A Blocking App.

This is the message that we want to give you via this Kaspersky Safe Kids review.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is great when it comes to the performance of its monitoring tools.

But that’s not the whole equation.

There is more.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids dashboard itself isn’t a slouch when it comes to performance.

And we have already mentioned the fact how easy it is to use either of the two functions.

This is the reason why Kaspersky Safe Kids has cemented its place as the best parental control software products that you are likely to find anywhere today.

If the user wants to control and manage the amount of time his/her child spends accessing a specific website or application on the connected computer, then they can simply use a slider to adjust and alter how long the child can use that app or website for.

They can also configure it on a day-to-day basis.

What About Reporting Features?

This is another area where Kaspersky Safe Kids comes up with all aces.

With Kaspersky Safe Kids you can view the exact amount of time your child has spent on a given application.

This parental control product also allows the parent to view a detailed list of the online websites that their children may have visited.

Moreover, Kaspersky Safe Kids also shows them the Facebook posts their children have made.

And the people their children have texted.

Kaspersky Safe Kids takes care of every last morsel of online information that it can track and access via the dashboard.

Some parents would want to keep their kids within a certain area or location.

This is where the new Where is my child? feature comes in.

It is actually a section labeled Safe Kids.

Kaspersky Safe Kids will actually send parents a text in an instant if it detects that the child had actually stepped out of a predetermined and pre-designated area or safe zone.

Think of the Safe Kids section as a puzzle.

And Kaspersky Safe Kids completely solves it by fitting together all the pieces in a way that makes the Kaspersky Safe Kids software program a real joy to handle and use.

Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t give you false positives.

And our research shows that it doesn’t let threats go undetected.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is perhaps the only parental control software product that has a 100 percent accuracy rating of all its functions.

We don’t know of another parental control software product that can claim anything similar.

Customer Support

Kaspersky Safe Kids comes with customer support features which are both immensely helpful and easy to use.

It is the complete package, is what we want to say.

And you don’t get that too often in the modern day online world.

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers all users three types of contact options.

They can use,

  • Live Chat
  • Over the phone feature
  • Email

Let’s talk about the phone support option first.

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers phone support on all days of the week.

Its working hours are from 7 am to 11 pm EST.

The company can connect you to its support representative fairly quickly.

Our research shows, in around three to four minutes.

And you won’t have to hold for long before someone connects with you.

But what if you had a technical issue and wanted customer support for that?

Well, there is that as well.

Sometimes you just can’t configure a product on your operating system (read: Windows).

For those times you need a good customer support department.

Expect the Kaspersky Safe Kids representative to solve your problems.

Or at least give you a couple of different solutions to solve your problem.

Chances are that one of the solutions would work flawlessly.

Kaspersky Safe Kids representatives will also follow up your issue with a comprehensive email message.

This email message would detail everything that the user would need to go if the user ran into the same problem at another time.

Let’s talk about another feature that many may have missed.

Its the small “?” symbols or icons.

These border all the settings that appear in Kaspersky Safe Kids dashboard.

Most of the time such symbols basically act as links that users should take a look at when trying to modify restriction settings.

Normally, these would only show users a bland FAQ page.

This page would show users the use of the “setting” in question.

Kaspersky Safe Kids does something different.

It does the normal stuff and then it includes an entire list of recommendations and advice on how the user should manage and handle a particular type of content for their child.

Kaspersky Safe Kids FAQ page breaks up its advice by age.

It also displays some useful phrases and/or conversation starters that parents can make use of with their kids to explain why their kids can’t consume or see a particular kind of content at the kids’ age.

These features aren’t normal.

Kaspersky Safe Kids goes beyond the line of duty.

And this is what elevates Kaspersky Safe Kids from being just an app or parental control product.

The experience is great and the application itself is solid.

Kaspersky Safe Kids isn’t just another app or a piece of software.

It is truly a product that wants to help the user integrate decent web browsing habits into their family’s day-to-day life.



Kaspersky offers all users two different packages.

In other words, two different parental control options.

Each of these packages come with their own set of features.

And pricing plans.

The first is Kaspersky Parental Control.

This is just a single component of the complete Kaspersky Antivirus Protection Suite.

What does that mean for the end user?

That means the user won’t have the opportunity to make use of this service if the user doesn’t have the subscription to the entire package.

Lucky for all users, Kaspersky is generous enough to offer a 30-day risk-free trial offer for all the company’s products and package.

Our point of view is that users should use this risk-free trial to evaluate all Kaspersky products before buying them.

And remember, it isn’t just about if the software works.

You have to use these free trials to figure out if the software works for you.

Whether it fits your needs and requirements.

If we are talking about a product as a whole then the company’s parental control option along with every other service that comes with Kaspersky Protection Suite will cost you around $59.99 per year.


The subscription will list just one year.

Then there is the Kaspersky Safe Kids.

This is by far the cheaper option.

It is also more flexible.

Especially if you just want to have a way to enjoy perfect parental controls.

And not much else.

As we have mentioned before, you do have the opportunity to try out Kaspersky’s 30-day free trial.

That way you can dip your toes a little bit to test the waters and see if Kaspersky Safe Kids is the right product for you.

With that said, you must know that some of the best versions of Kaspersky Safe Kids will not be available on the trial version.

You will have to pay Kaspersky to use them.

Hence there is really no option to experience the full Kaspersky Safe Kids without biting the bullet and paying for a yearly subscription package.

With the free trial, you will only have features to monitor the websites your kids visit.

Along with any application they may use.

And of course, the amount of time your kids have spent on each website and app each day.

The free trial comes with other features as well.

You have the option of using the,

  • Social network monitoring
  • Real-Time notification
  • Location tracking

But you will have to pay $14.99 per year for these options.

Another benefit of going for this mid-priced plan is that you can cover an unlimited number of devices and profiles with just one membership package.

As we said before, if we compare Kaspersky Safe Kids with some of the other options that are available in the market today, then Kaspersky Safe Kids is by far the best especially when it comes to value for your money or bang for your buck.

In short, there isn’t any parental control software product that can match Kaspersky Safe Kids in 2017.


The official Kaspersky Safe Kids is the best parental control suite that you can buy right now.

And there are tons of reason for why is that so.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is very easy to install, setup and then use.

All its functions come with 100 % accuracy ratings as far as our performance research goes.

Moreover, it is cheap if you buy the annual membership.

Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t have some key features that Kaspersky had before such as Keyword detection.

Moreover, the advice it gives you in the product’s settings configuration section isn’t the most useful advice you will find on the internet.

Apart from that, Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t have any major flaws.

It is, in fact, difficult to criticize this product much given what other options we have in the market today.

Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t get much wrong when it comes to parental control.

In other words, Kaspersky has put so much work into the product that we feel it is a must-have for all parents who want to monitor their kids’ internet activities.

Most of all, it doesn’t break your bank.

Still, we know there will be users who would feel on the fence about whether they should go with a third-party parental control software product or not.

Well, we would tell you that Kaspersky Safe Kids is the best option you and your family have right now.

It covers everything from the front to the back.

And then it adds a bit of extra on the side.

All in all, a great parental control product.


  • UI is extremely well designed
  • Easy installation process
  • 100 % function accuracy
  • Great value for money
  • Working social networking monitoring tools


  • Keyword detection is absent

Bottom Line

Safe Kids is perhaps the best parental control security product that you can buy today and it isn’t just because of its exquisite design.

It is the complete package.


Zohair A. Zohair is currently a content crafter at Security Gladiators and has been involved in the technology industry for more than a decade. He is an engineer by training and, naturally, likes to help people solve their tech related problems. When he is not writing, he can usually be found practicing his free-kicks in the ground beside his house.

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  1. The Safe Kids app works fairly well except for one glaring problem. It can’t manage the Google application (Google, Hey Google, ‘Google App’) on Android phones. The kids use the Google app to search for and view other websites, Youtube, TicToc, etc, thereby bypassing the Kaspersky configured restrictions. The suggested workaround from Kaspersky support is to disable Google on the phone (the kids just re-enable it). I will not be renewing my KSK subscription.

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