How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Snoopers

In today’s digital era, everyone is dependent on their smart gadgets. The very fact that all our important data like emails, passwords, and others are primarily stored on our smartphones is enough reason to exercise a few mobile security steps to make sure your data and information do not get into the wrong hands. Here are a few tips and steps to help you secure your smartphone and other gadgets.

Trusted applications only

Have you ever noticed the amount of information any application that you are about to install asks permission for? Yes, this is how most applications are able to connect you with the rest of the world. But a lot of the components of these permission statements are not required for many applications and that’s one of the worst smartphone safety issues.

For example, why would Google Chrome need access to your phone’s camera? Similarly, there are many applications that require such permissions however you need to be sure that the app you are about to download comes from a trusted source.

Keep in mind effective smartphone safety facts, avoid downloading applications from random sources online and stick to the trusted ones like the Google Play Store or Apple Store so that you don’t end up downloading malicious software on your smartphone or other gadgets.

Don’t allow advertisers to track you

We all know that advertisers are always tracking our digital footprints. In fact, most of our cellular providers intentionally provide third parties with our locations and digital footprints.

Although it is fairly difficult to disable this connection, but you can, at least, manage to severe the one that allows advertisers to directly extract material and information about your location and online searches.

This can be done by changing the settings on your phone. Although this won’t completely secure your phone as you network provider will still have all the information but it will shield it to an extent.

Use trusted spy software

Installing spy software on your (or on anyone else’s like your spouse, kids and employees) phone will do you a lot of good when it comes to protecting phones and other gadgets information. However, it is important that you go for trusted spy software tools that will not violate your data.

There are many types of software on the market today therefore, it is recommended that you do a thorough investigation before deciding to settle on any one. mSpy and TheOneSpy are two very good spy software, if you need an honest recommendation.

One of the best features of spy applications is that it allows you to remotely access phone and wipe it clean in case your phone gets stolen or lost. This means you don’t have to worry about your data and information getting into the wrong hands.

Set difficult pins and passwords to secure your smartphone

Setting passwords and pins allows you to protect your gadgets about 0.5% however; Passwords and pins should always be complicated which will allow your gadgets at least 30-40% protection from outside sources.

Complicated passwords consist of a number of upper case letters, lower case letters, symbols and, numbers. By doing this you, will be making it hard for third parties to hack into your gadgets by using simple algorithm software programs that are easily available on the internet.

Avoid public WIFI networks

Wherever you can, you will always try to save up on your data plan and shift to a WIFI connection. However, a WIFI public hotspot is the perfect breeding ground for hackers and criminals that are always scanning the area to get into people’s bank accounts and other password safe profiles.

Therefore, it is always suggested to avoid checking into your bank accounts and online shopping carts in public WIFI areas that will allow easy access and gateway to hackers and criminals. If there is urgent need to do so, then it is always good to use a quality VPN like ExpressVPN as an encryption service.

Wipe your old gadgets clean

If you are planning to upgrade to a better and newer gadget then you must always make sure to wipe the older one clean before parting with it. Cleaning your gadget doesn’t mean deleting all your files because deleted stuff can be easily recovered by hackers. By cleaning your gadget, it is meant that that you clearly wipe out your complete internal memory. And this can only be done by factory resetting your phone.


When is it fairly simple for family and friends to snoop into your phone, imagine how easy it is for professional hackers to get into your gadgets and extract important information from it? Smartphone security risks are huge, no doubt about that. This is why it is very important that you protect all your gadgets (not just smartphones I’d say) from third parties (that means everybody else except you), as simple as that!

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  1. Yes very comforting advise, I give you one too.

    Switch off the phone and drop it in the river or a lake nearby.

    You are safe now.

    End of advise

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