Sky TV Sue Seller of Kodi Devices For A Whopping $1 Million.

Sky does not appreciate Kodi box devices in New Zealand.

Let us not get into the details of how Kodi works and why it is, probably, for the good of humanity.

The fact is, copyright holders and broadcasting channels loathe the device we all know as Kodi box.

And for good reason.

They believe, Kodi devices cut into their revenues.

And since, then, they can’t pay enough money to the producers of copyrighted content that Kodi boxes devices enable people to watch without any charge, it hurts the industry.

Recently, Sky TV directors sued a guy who wanted to do business with them by selling them Kodi devices.

Of course, this man only offered Kodi devices that allowed people to watch pirated content without any charge.

So can you really blame Sky TV directors for suing the guy?


Maybe not.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Sky TV and all other broadcasting channels want to get rid of Kodi devices.

The Kodi box guy we are talking about here goes by the name of Krish Reddy.

This Kodi box guy mailed Sky TV directors with his Kodi box offer.

Apparently, Krish told them that his Kodi devices offered something better and something free.

And hence that made his Kodi box devices better than what Sky TV offered to its own customers.

As you would imagine, the company did not like the proposal.

And decided that it would sue Krish with a $1 million legal notice.

Now, keep in mind that even though the initial amount is $1 million, it could rise significantly higher as the story and the lawsuit progress.

Kodi Box Devices Are Conquering The World And Broadcasting Channels Are Fighting Back. When They Can.

Kodi box devices are here to say, according to Reddy

Kodi box devices have hit New Zealand as well.

But you wouldn’t know it even if you followed all Kodi box devices related news in the past year.

The reason for that is, Kodi box devices are relatively new in New Zealand.

Media reports have only started to report on the rise in the sale of Kodi box devices in the last couple of months.

As mentioned before, Kodi box devices are taking over the world much like Pokemon Go did a year back.

Kodi box devices are basically devices that allow users to watch copyrighted content.

In other words, if you are using Kodi box devices there is a good chance you are engaging in piracy.

And depending on where you live, this could prove damaging.

Regardless, Kodi box devices have swept vast regions of the planet.

The biggest reason for this phenomena is that Kodi box devices offer an unlimited amount of content.

And they offer that content for free.

All a user has to do is pay for the device.

And that is it.

Kodi box devices can offer any user with enough content that will last the user probably two lifetimes.

If not more.

This is a good time to mention that Kodi itself isn’t illegal.

It is a totally legal software.

In fact, some consider Kodi as the best open source media player in the world.

And because it is open source, people who know their tech can develop add-ons for it and boost its performance.

As well as its range of functioning.

In other words, Kodi has these Kodi add-ons.

These add-ons increase the amount of content Kodi can show to its users.

Kodi box devices are specific devices which come preconfigured with everything that a user may need to watch any type of content free of charge.

More specifically, Kodi box devices enable users to watch content such as,

  • Movies
  • Sports
  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Images
  • Audio files

And much more.

Back In November.

Remember the guy from the beginning of this post?


Krish Reddy.

This guy owned, or rather owns, My BOX NZ.

In November 2016, Krish claimed that he had everything ready to go against Sky TV.

And start to pull consumers away from Sky TV services to his own Kodi box devices.

Of course, Sky TV was going to respond back.

You can’t expect a company as big as Sky TV to just sit back and allow a Kodi box devices seller take over market share in its own backyard.

And that’s the whole situation.

A guy wants to sell his Kodi box devices and he wants to do that by cutting Sky TV’s market share.

As you can imagine, this news made it to all headlines in New Zealand.

Reddy also believes that Sky doesn’t really understand copyright law.

Krish, a twenty-seven-year-old Kodi box devices seller, told NZHerald in an interview that he thought of Kodi box devices as a great idea to enable people to watch free unlimited content.

And hence, his team decided to pursue such an outrageous idea.

But Krish’s Kodi box devices didn’t allow users to have access to all high-quality content.

Initially, Krish’s Kodi box devices only offered content from local sources.

Most of the local sources constituted free-to-air channels.

Shortly afterwards, Krish also added the ability with which users could stream premium HD content from sources such as Sky Sports and Sky movies.

People who want to become official subscribers to these services have to shell out a lot of money in order to do so.

So it made perfect sense that people started to buy Kodi box devices in large numbers.

Reddy also ran some advertising campaigns for his new “service”.

In one of the advertising messages, he said that people paid around $80 at the very minimum every month for Sky services.

On the other hand, Reddy advertised, they could pay the same amount and have access to premium content for life.

That sounds like an optimistic Kodi box devices seller.

And perhaps this is why Reddy showed so much confidence in his Kodi box devices and his advertisement campaign.

He claimed that his Kodi box devices gave people something no other device could.

But more importantly, Reddy seemed convinced that he did not offer anything that would allow people to break the law.

Back then Reddy told NZ Herald that he did not see any reason for Sky to contact him.

But, he said, if they did contact him or if Sky felt he did not something illegal then he would cooperate.

He ended his remark by saying that as things stood he didn’t have many concerns.

Things Moved Ahead

As mentioned before, who would not want to buy a Kodi devices that enables unlimited content for just $80?

This offer sounds ridiculously sublime to people who believe that Kris didn’t do anything illegal.

So what happens when you bring a product that sounds so great?

Well, we know now.

Krish Reddy’s Kodi devices business prospered.

More specifically, it took off like a rocket.

Krish recently himself admitted that he had sold around 8000 Kodi devices.

This leads us to the obvious question.

What happens when you do something that is probably illegal and attracts a lot of success?

That’s right.

People start to come after you.

And that’s what Sky did then the company ran out of all its patience.

Sky sent a letter to Krish Reddy via the company’s lawyers.

Sky, a pay-for-your-TV company, told Reddy that his Kodi devices breached the company’s copyright law.

Moreover, the company also informed Reddy that his Kodi devices also violated the Fair Trading Act.

How Did Reddy React To Sky Legal Letter?

As expected, Reddy branded Sky TV as a playground bully.

He said that the TV giant did not understand the law properly.

And that he did not break any law whatsoever.

Reddy also said that speaking from a purely legal perspective, what his company did was completely within the country’s law.

He said that his company advertised Sky television broadcasting channels.

His company also made it clear that their Kodi devices allowed users to access Sky streams via their website and other social media platforms.

He also said that users could access all these streams via his Kodi devices.

Moreover, Reddy said, Sky had already made the content available, and hence his Kodi devices didn’t break the law because he didn’t just go out there in the open and brought the content.

In other words, Reddy said, he did not engage in any copyright infringing behavior.

He reiterated the fact that Sky had already made the content available.

And hence, if someone had figured out a way to use Kodi devices to search for that Sky content, then it didn’t constitute as breaking the law.

What Others Reported?

A media report from Stuff said that as an initial compensation, Sky had demanded Reddy’s business, My Box, to pay Sky around NZD $1.4 million.

That amount roughly translates to US $1 million.

Stuff also reported that this initial amount could rise by several millions of dollars especially given the fact that a court judgment could take a lot of time.

Reddy told Stuff that Sky had given his company until September 24th of this year to submit its response.

He also said that his company would not just sit there and take kindly such behavior from Sky.

Moreover, Reddy told Stuff, that he didn’t know many people who could say that once they fought a giant multimillion dollar TV giant like Sky and this gave him motivation.

From what we have heard from Reddy in his interviews, it is clear that Reddy is ready to fight and determined to stay strong.

In the early part of this year, he told reporters that his dad always taught him as a small child that he should seek out the big bad ugly guy for a good fight.

He said that through his dad’s advice this scenario had played out just fine where he had started to prepare himself to go against one of the biggest broadcasters on earth.

He told reporters that Sky didn’t understand the situation.

According to Reddy Sky’s point of view that the company owns the copyrights to its content and his company, My Box, destroyed the consumer market by giving users Sky’s content without any charge did not make sense.


Because, according to Reddy, this is what the world knew as business.

He said that he had something that Sky did not have.

He had something better.

And now that Sky can’t bear the fact that his company is pulling its market share, the company is trying to kill the competition.

If Reddy Existed In Europe

Reddy says he is willing to fight Sky till the end. His lawyers would probably say something else.

If someone wants to see what happens to guys like Reddy, then one has to go all the way from New Zealand to Europe.

Europe is perhaps the only place on earth where these kind of legal cases have already taken place.

And in large numbers.

Guys like Reddy have tested the law in these countries, sometimes even at the highest levels.

And they have found out that if they make comments like Reddy has, then they are ought to get in trouble.

Any good advice to Reddy should include something about not making ill remarks about the whole situation.

Moreover, such remarks are bound to give his lawyer, a defending lawyer, at least a high temperature if not more.

Interestingly enough, Reddy seems like he doesn’t really care what the media or the lawyers make of his comments about the whole situation.

How do we know that?

Well, just recently, Reddy sent an email to around 50,000 people.

In the bulk email message, he advertised his Kodi devices as better alternatives to Sky.

Here is the weirdest part though:

Around 50 of these bulk email messages, found directors and TV staff members who worked at Sky.

According to Reddy, this incident probably caused Sky to take action against him.

Sky And My Box

The truth of the matter is that Sky would have probably prepared its legal battle against Reddy even before the bulk email message.

The likely reason for that is Reddy’s blatant advertising of his Kodi devices.

But the fact that Reddy advertised directly to the staff members of Sky, almost ensured that Sky would sue Reddy’s company My Box.

One thing is for certain:

Sky looks all set to take this case to its conclusion point and get a ruling that goes against people who sell Kodi devices.

If they manage to take out Reddy, a relatively big player, then this would set a good example for the rest of Kodi devices sellers.

Sky spokeswoman Kirsty Way said that the company is now searching for people who are selling these Kodi devices.

She also said that currently, Sky wanted to take out the big fight first.


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